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Sternum Microdermals, Lovely and Painful

I jumped into an obsession with piercing feet first, pretty early on, after stumbling across BME. My first was a monroe the day after my fifteenth birthday, done by Sailor Cher at Fountain of Youth Tattoo in St. Augustine, FL. She went on to do my nostril and eyebrow. Eventually, they had to be taken out or were lost, and while I was sad, I felt like I needed to leave them out for the direction my life was taking. I didn't have the money to re-do them, had already had a disastrous self-piercing incident, and my look was slowly ... read more

A piercing to remind me that I'm still young and rebellious...

Turning 25 felt like moving into the next chapter of my life. I had already finished my studies, worked too much in jobs that I loved but had to move on. I left the city I spent the most beautiful years of my life and moved to another. I also got a "very real" job as a journalist in a mainstream news broadcaster. Things looked perfect, all besides the fact that I had a job that is exhausting and sucks away all my creativity. In my new working environment I looked different from the very start. People stared at my ... read more

My Journey to 1/2" !

In October of 2008, I headed downtown one day with a friend to get my septum pierced. While there, before paying for my fresh piercing, I noticed each employee had stretched earlobes. I had seen and heard of this before, but never until then had I been so attracted to the idea. When I got home, I did some e-research on the concept of stretching earlobes ad became quite stretch-savvy on the matter. I figured if I stretched my first set of holes, I could always use my second and third sets for regular earrings. Still, I was a bit ... read more

my corset piercing

So I'm a piercing junkie, always been. For some reason, ever since I was a tiny tot, I've just been fascinated with body art. I started getting pierced when I was 15. My navel was my first piercing ever. After that, I just got hooked. I've pierced just about everything; my septum, sternum, lip, monroe, smiley, ears, hips, collar bones- you name it, I probably had it pierced at some point. So when I was about 17, I decided I wanted a corset piercing. On my right side to be exact, around my rib area. My idea was that it ... read more

Lucky Thirteen

So last Sunday i woke up to the sight of the sun shining through the blinds and my boyfriend's awesome new tattoo (he assures me his chest is now 'finished' although if tattoos are anything like piercings i doubt he ever will be 'finished'). It felt like a new-piercing day for sure, don't ask me how I know, you just do, don't you....? Anyway, first, we had to find a good studio I felt I could trust. Previously I had always used the tried and tested method of nipping across to Ground Control to pay Tails a visit, but since ... read more

Life and death of my cleavage microdermal

Several months ago, I went to my shop of choice for a tattoo, and was asked if I would be willing to participate in a class where a guest piercer would come in, and teach the current piercer at the shop how to do microdermals. I was all for it, since I had been contemplating getting my cleavage done but was unsure. For the opportunity to help out a friend I agreed. The plan was that the guest piercer, Steve, would do the first one, and then Jimbo, the resident shop piercer would attempt the second one. The time came ... read more

The long painfull road of my tongue.

Out of all piercings, the tongue is definatly my ultimate favourite. Even when I was allowed to get my first piercing, I was anoyed, because I was only allowed to get my navel done. But I suppose at that age, beggars can't be choosers. When I was fifteen, I came up with a plan I thaught just couldn't fail. After countless arguments with my Dad over not letting me get my tongue pierced, I gave him an ultimatum. Leave me get my tongue pierced or every Sunday I will pierce my ears myself until you let me. 'Fine' he said, ... read more

Ear Stretching, ahoy!

I initially had my ears pierced in 5th grade, doubles in 6th, and cartilage in 9th. Unfortunately, my cartilage was done with a gun at Claire's(I know, I know. Don't start yapping.) and it never really healed properly. It was extremely sensitive all the time and my ear just didn't look good with any earring in it. So, after a long time of 'just dealing with it,' I finally took it out. Well, now I thought my ears were just boring, so I got the bright idea to start stretching my left ear (the one that had the cartilage piercing). ... read more

"eghhhh! That’s gross!” -- My surface wrist piercing

Hello BME community! I'm Meg and I'm delighted to share my experience of my wrist surface piercing with you. I have been interested in body mods/piercing since my mum had her navel pierced when I was about 9 and within a week of her having her navel done I insisted to get my ears pierced for my birthday – and you know what the addiction is like – it went from there. I was doing some research on a new piercing and wasn't sure what to get, Until I found the 'surface piercing' section on BME – and immediately fell ... read more

I can't eat for HOW long!?

Everyone loves a tongue piercing right? It's nice and discreet, unlikely to snag on anything (unless you're doing something really strange) and it gets the ladies wondering. Or maybe that last one's wishful thinking. I dithered quite some time about getting the piercing, basically because the prospect of going up to a week without proper food really put me off. In the end though I decided to take the plunge at a local piercing place, possibly because they were offering any non-genital piercing for the low, low price of £15. And not just because I'm giving them this awesome plug. ... read more

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