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You want to know what sucks? Allergic Reactions

Hihi.:) Let me explain how this idea came to mind first. My whole piercing Infatuation began in 8th grade [I was 13 at the time] because my best friend had gotten her belly button pierced. I loved it, and asked her if it hurt, etc. (the whole 9 yards. haahaa) I had asked both my parents at the same time if I could get my belly button pierced. Well guess what the answer was? yep, it was the ever-so-common NO. And I was upset, but dropped the topic for a while. At school, we had just come back from Christmas ... read more

Clavical Microdermals

My fascination with body modification has previously lead me to two off center tongue piercings, a DIY septum, various other piercings around the body, scarification and more. Now, I have discovered microdermals. Their low rejection rate with proper care and originality gained my interest quickly. After researching care, procedure, success and reading many stories I was ready. I was off to the shop to set up an appointment with my piercer who has previously done my double off center tongue (venom's), double monroe's (retired) and tragus,I decided on getting four microdermals, two under each clavicle. I let him know how ... read more

My amazing medusaaa!

So I had known for a year or so I wanted some kind of oral piercing, and I knew my mom wouldn't let me get my tongue pierced, so I had to choose a lip piercing. At first, I was really into just a classic off-center piercing, on the right side. After I thought about it more, I decided I wanted a bit of a classier, less edgy location. I thought about it and became dead-set on getting a monroe. They are so pretty and classy, yet still edgy. After a couple of months of knowing I wanted a monroe, ... read more

Finally my tongue

I've wanted my tongue pierced on and off since i was ten or so. It all started with my brother getting his tongue done, I seen it and thought it was the coolest thing in the world. My mom is all against piercings and tattoo's so of course she lectured me on how bad it was. But at seventeen I talked her into letting me get my belly button pierced. After that I knew there was no way she was going to let me get another piercing. I turned 18 a week ago, a day before my birthday I went ... read more

Nose Goes

About three months ago, I started working at Artifact Tattoo in Santa Clarita CA. The shop had just been bought up by new owners, and they were more than happy to let me join their team as the piercing apprentice. I was obviously stoked for the offer, but after a while, I began to feel like I should (seeing as I hadn't a visible piercing) start to look the part. I started to accumulate piercing after piercing (including Industrial, septum, bellybutton, nipples, and vertical hood), and was able to handle all of them with the greatest of ease (including taking ... read more


In my family, any kind of piercing (besides standard ear) was looked down upon. Needless to say, I couldn't get my belly button pierced until I could sign for it myself. And that is exactly what I did. My birthday is December 31st, so it's a pretty busy day. I had a lot of plans for my birthday; go out to eat with my family, get my nails done, leave with my boyfriend for the tattoo parlour, then stay in a hotel with him to watch the ball drop. After the morning was over, I went with a friend and ... read more

"Does it go all the way through?"

I fell in love with body modification when I was around fourteen.Before that, I never quite understood why anyone would want piercings or tattoos.I was also terribly afraid of needles.I didn't even get my ears pierced until I was in sixth grade.For those reasons, I never thought I would have anything else pierced.That's changed, because I now have eight holes, including my first lobe piercings.And yes, those were done with a gun at Walmart.In my defense, I didn't know that guns weren't the best piercing tools, at the time.Anyways, let's get to the story of my first piercing that was ... read more

Third time is a charm!

I've been into getting body modifications for several years now, beginning with my right cartilage and moving into three tattoos, two septum piercings, a multitude of other ear piercings, nostril, lip, and hips. I decided to get my nipples done after seeing a friend's nipple piercings a couple of months ago and falling in love with them. I had read several experiences on BMEzine and had accepted the fact that it was probably going to be my most painful piercing, but I wanted to get it done so badly! About a month or so ago I decided to go to ... read more

My Long Awaited Nostril Piercing =^.^=

Before I start, I shouldn't have to mention that my parents (especially my Dad) are totally against the whole idea of piercings and tattoos. Aren't all parents? Teehee. So I finally got around to ringing up the most popular piercing studio in our area to book my nose piercing. Unfortunately, their piercer was sick that day, so I booked it for the following weekend, and yeah, I was pretty bummed out :( I didn't really want to wait that long, so I rang Divine, a shop that I often visited which was in The Hutt, close to where the other ... read more

Shopping around is always good!

The other day I went out in search of a good shop to get my inner conch punched here locally in Humboldt, California. I stopped at four shops around town and out of town, none of which would do the piercing because it is illegal here in California to use punch's. So I continued my search and finally found Primal Decor, the best shop in town. Here I ended up deciding on getting two anti-eyebrows since the punch was out of the question. The shop was clean, well organized, a member of the APP, and all sterilization techniques were well ... read more

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