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My Lovely Little Hip Microdermals

The first time I had seen hip piercings was when I was 13. Needless to say, I immediately fell in love with the piercing, but had strict parents, so even asking for them was completely out of the question. So I settled on admiring them, and after about a year, I stopped thinking about them for the most part. However, five years later, my little obsession had resurfaced. By the time I was 17, I’d had my bellybutton pierced and my lobes stretched to 1/2”, and at 18, I’d found myself dying for another piercing. My boyfriend, who surprisingly liked ... read more

$80 to put in, $80 to take out

This is the story of my two lovely chest microdermals, from their birth to shortly before their death. It was one of those days where you just get an itch for yet another piercing. Even though I had waiting at least the healing time between piercings, my navel had only been done for a couple weeks and was crooked despite two attempts, but the second was straighter than the first. The only reason this matters is because the piercer, Jason, who had done my navel was having a sale on his services to generate revenue to move to a new ... read more

The Staple That Walked

This is a retrospective story that details the life and death of my amazing flesh staple. I'd wanted a piercing for a long time. Years. But had not been able to get one until I turned 18. I'd done my research and eventually settled for what my friends and family would later call, "the most disgusting and freaky thing they had ever seen." I got a flesh staple just to the left of my shin on my left leg. Fucking awesome. My experience with this was quite difficult. I'd found a highly reputable piercer - *PLUG* The Piercing Urge in ... read more

Sternum Microdermal

I'd been interested in microdermals for a while before I finally got one. I love their flexibility and permanance and I think they are really pretty. I originally wanted one on my face but I changed my mind when I realised I could have a pretty prominent scar if I decided to remove it - which I knew I'd have to do eventually as the career I'm interested in don't take too kindly to obvious body mods. I put the idea aside and ended up getting a nape piercing and a tattoo before my dermal desires resurfaced. The more research ... read more

Now my chest is even shinier! Sternum microdermal...

I've been thinking about getting a microdermal for a while, particularly after my two failed nape piercings. I did the research, looked at pictures, read experiences, and then figured out my finances -- yeah, it wasn't going to happen. I forgot about it for a while. It was around a year before I thought about it again. After finishing a novel for National Novel Writing Month and finishing a term at school, I decided a reward was in order -- despite Christmas, my finances had an extra $100 I could live without, so I stopped by Strange City after my ... read more

Collarbone Microdermals

I've been interested in the body modification world for years now, I've always enjoyed getting piercings. I've had quite a few piercings before getting these, mostly minor ones. I've had my lip done three times, but the other piercer placed it wrong and it migrated to the point that I just took it out. I've also had my smiley pierced a few times along with four earlobe piercings with one set gaged to 2. Along with my cartilage twice. Overall I believe im thoroughly addicted to getting pierced, and I have plans for a whole set of about eight Micros. ... read more

Hip Microdermal!

Ok, so to start off with, I'll give yall a brief history of my piercings: 2 tragus piercings, 2 rooks, 1 snug, 1 standard navel, and I've retired 2 lower navel piercings due to rejection. So after my 2 rejected navel piercings I really wanted a surface piercing but didn't want to deal with the threat of rejection again so I started looking on BME to find something new and unique. I stumbled upon the interview with Ben from House of Color and fell in love with the look of microdermal anchors. Plus the neat look, they were BRAND new ... read more

Min nya kärlek är en dermal anchor!

Jag har alltid tyckt om sådant som skiljer sig en aning från mändgen, som sticker ut. Det är två år sedan min senaste piercing, så jag började bli sugen på något nytt. Men när jag gick igenom vad jag kan tänkas vilja ha kände jag att inget intresserade mig. Mest för att alla redan har sådana. Av en tillfällighet fick jag syn på dermal anchors. Mitt första intryck var att det här var lite för avancerat för min del. Men eftersom jag blev så fascinerad började jag läsa på och jag läste allt jag kom över. Hittade även ett antal ... read more

Experimenting with clavicles

This past year was my first at college in Salem, Oregon, and I had recently discovered the piercing shop. I spent most of my time surfing the net for unusual-yet-tasteful piercings, because I wanted to stand out but in a classy way. One day I learned about sub-clavicle piercings and immediately ran to the piercing shop to inquire about them. They told me that they didn't do this because of the high danger risk of shoving metal under a bone in such a vital area of the body, and instead told me about a new thing called "pocketing" or "dermal ... read more

Microdermal de l'enfer.

Bonjour chers lecteurs. Pour commencer je vais me décrire un peu. Je suis dans la début vingtaine et j'ai toujours adorée la Modification Corporelle sous tout ses angles. Les perçages me fascinent depuis que je peux me souvenir, ensuite ce fut les tatouages, quelques années plus tard c'était des rituels plus extrêmes, Scarification, Pulling, Suspension et tout ce qui englobe ses catégories. Je suis fière porteuse de plus ou moins soixante-dix heures de tatouage, vingt-huit perçages, une scarification et mon plus nouveau atout; un Hood Split . Aujourd'hui, je décide d'écrire une expérience en français voyant tout les chers membres ... read more

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