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Sternum piercing/infection/healing

'll start this by saying that I'm a Registered Nurse with nineteen prior piercings. I debated for about 2 months after seeing a photo of a sternum piercing to get mine done. I'd never had an infection from a piercing, and I wondered how a surface piercing so close to my heart would heal. I was in a new city due to being a travel nurse so I went to the most reputable piercing/tattoo shop. Luckily it was just up the street from my house. Brandon and another worker from the shop greeted me promptly when I entered. Brandon immediately ... read more

New Scaffold....

Well, as we all seem to start off. I got the 'itch'. Oh yes, you know the one I'm talking about..... I got up one Saturday morning, and decided, I wanted another piercing (O.K, maybe I'd been thinking about it for a few days before)....... Hmmmm, decisions, decisions....oh what to have next?? There are so many that I'm wanting at the moment... I had been looking on BME, and decided I wanted something else done on my ear. I decided on a scaffold (industrial bar in the U.S). I like the look of them, they're gorgeous, and quite unusual here ... read more

My surface piercing

I think I'll start by introducing myself, my name is Paige and I'm 15 years old. I'll go ahead and admit now that I shouldn't do my own piercings. I strongly urge anyone that reads this to go to a professional that knows what they're doing!! Anyway one day I got the "itch". Anyone that has any piercing knows what I mean. One's never enough is it? Oh well, anyway, I signed on to BME (thanks for all the information guys!!). The first thing that caught my eye was the surface piercing page. So I clicked on it. I went ... read more

My Sternum(Cleavage) Piercing-amazing!

I have been searching online for my next piercing for the past few months and I came across the Sternum piercing. I loved how it looked and I get a rush just thinking about it. I spent almost every night for a few weeks collecting info on the piercing. There are a few procedures that sounded kind of nasty to me. Some involved a razor and others involved clamps. The clamps didn't really bother me much, so I decided as long as my piercer didnt use razors, I was good. About 4 days ago, my brother and I went down ... read more

My shining cleavage

To begin, I'd like to give you a little background, as a bit of a warning. If you're thinking of getting anything pierced, make sure you research the piercing itself and the intended studio. Never get a piercing done somewhere just because it's cheap, because when it comes to piercings, you really do get what you pay for. On the 17th of June, I decided I'd get my sternum pierced. I'd looked at photos on BME and decided that it was time I got it done. Throughout all my looking and admiring, I never actually thought about the jewellery, I ... read more

Is that a piercing in your neck?!

I have been very interested in piercing since the age of 9. I begged my parents to let me get my ears pierced for my 10th birthday. Since then I have been adding to my collection. After getting the common helix piercings and nostril, I wanted something that was semi-unique. Something you don't see every day. I did a lot of surfing on BME and came across a beautiful piercing that I feel in love with. It was the nape. I knew I wanted it!! Due to many things such as an uptight employer and nerves, I put the piercing ... read more

actually yes, I DO have my ass pierced

So walking around with 22 piercings as many people reading this will understand, grab's people's attention and usually spawns a lot of nonsensical questions. One of the questions I seem to be asked the most is if I happen to have my ______ pierced. The answer is always yes, until they turn smart-assed and question if I have my ass pierced, to which I used to reply no. Until a few days ago I'd never even had the though cross my mind, but on Friday morning at about 3am I started thinking about it for some reason. I realized that ... read more

Wrist Piercing - the new me!

I kinda always thought of myself as conservative until I decided I wanted to get my wrist pierced. I don't know what it was that attracted me to it, but I was compelled to get it done. I have always dressed a little more "normal" than really creative, but I always wanted to get something that was out of character - a conversation piece maybe. I enjoy the idea that you may know someone, but not entirely know them as well. I went to Tommy T's Body Piercing in Huntington Beach 'cause a couple of my friends had piercings done ... read more

The Attack of Mechaboobs - Story of a Sternum Bar

I got it! I got the itch again. That itch to do something to myself (pull your minds out of the gutters) - the itch to pierce something. I'd lingered over the surface bar galleries on BME for the past two days, rediscovering the appeal of sternum bars. Daydreaming about how exotic those gleaming little pieces of metal would look between the vee of my bikini top. Thinking about how relatively easy the piercing would be to aquire and then hide from disapproving eyes. I called up Cody - my favorite piercing buddy. Starr wanted to tag along as well. ... read more

So far, so GREAT!

I had 3 piercings at the time(tongue, lip, prince albert) and wanted something a little more different from my trendy piercings. So after many nights of surfing the net (much thanks to BME!), I came across surface piercings. When I first saw them I thought to myself, OUCH! But for some reason I was drawn into them. I did not really like the idea of a barbell through my skin but after a little more research I came across Surface Bar piercings. Surface Bars are staple shaped barbells that have internally threaded bead(or disk) caps on each end that peeks ... read more

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