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DIY Hand Web. Lasted One Day!

*Back Round Information: I am 14 years old and the only piercings I have are my ear lobe and eyebrow. (See piercing experience: "First, But Not Last Facial Piercing"). They were both pierced professionally. I will also be getting my lower nape pierced in 3 weeks time. One day, while researching piercings on BME I came across surface and unusual. I found this section intriguing. I saw the hand webs and fantasized about having one. At the time all I had was a boring old ear lobe piercing (which I have since stretched to 14g/1.6mm). I had never even considered ... read more

Alternative to sub-clavicle

It all started when I saw Jordan Article about Sub Clavicle piercing. I knew on a side that there was no way I'd dare to heal such a piercing since some people had them for 2 years, and it was still not healed... and I don't have the patience, nor the determination to withstand such extended period of time! But on the other hand, it was looking so awesome, so strange... so appealing! I had the opportunity to speak about it with Efix, and it was obvious off the bat that he wouldn't do such piercing. Because of the problems ... read more

Vertical madison (surface bar)

It was a morning like a lot of others. I was preparing for my first college of the year that was due the next week, and my mind wandered. I'd been thinking about a madison piercing for a while already. Since I did not want to spend the entire day musing over the social aspects of medieval plays, I rang 'my' piercing shop to see if there would be someone available that afternoon. Affirmative! I took the next train to Amsterdam, and from there to Alkmaar. When I got off the train I got nervous. Very nervous. I even considered ... read more

Sternum Piercing

I decided to get a surface piercing as a treat to myself, after getting some good exam results back in April. Although I wasn't quite sure what I wanted, I was considering getting "vampire bite" style bars through the top of one of my breasts but was aware that as with many surface piercings, what you can actually get done safely does vary person to person. I had had great success with a nape piercing that is a metal bar, as opposed to PFTE, and at the time was almost a year old (still going strong now!) I didn't want ... read more

My shiny new STERNUM piercing!

I've had a want to get my sternum pierced for quite some time now. It started out when I saw a girl at Six Flags Magic Mountain with one, and it was pretty much an instant attraction. Not that my boobs don't get enough attention or anything, but I thought it would definitely be a cute addition to that area of my body. Which is usually how I feel about most piercings. That they make me feel pretty. But yeah, that's how my interest in sternum piercings began. So now it's about a year-and-a-half after my initial discovery, and I'm ... read more

My Nape Experience

About three months ago I went and got my first Surface Piercing. I had been contemplating getting my Nape Pierced for quite awhile. The only thing that ever stopped me were my parents. Anyway they said yes. I had been researching Nape Piercings for a long time before I decided to get it done. What bar to get, aftercare, rejection, migration the whole lot. None of that phased me, if it rejects, I can get it done again I drove down to the city with my cousin Emma, to get my Nape pierced. We went to the most reputable piercing ... read more

sorry? a sternum?

Beginning my life as a student came as a major shock for me. I originate from London, which many of you will know is a huge city, always busy with a huge mix of cultures and atmospheres. I failed to reach the grades needed to attend the University of my first choice, which was Bournemouth, and ended up at UCLAN or the University of Central Lancashire to those of you that are not quite in the know. The main campus is situated in Preston, quite a small town about an hour away from Manchester and about 20 minutes away from ... read more

Five-pointed surface star--lower back

One of my best experiences was my set of surface piercings. This particular set was not my first, but a great experience all together. Nick is a good friend and he has done all but my navel piercing–including basic body parts, genital, and body play. One afternoon, I was just hanging out with Nick and we decided to try some more surface piercings. We had already done one very low on my stomach and it was looking good in the healing process. So we talked and decided to do a star shape on my lower back. I relaxed while he ... read more

sub-clavicle piercings

So for a couple years now I'd been fascinated with the sub-clavicle piercings. Frequently feeling my collarbones and pinching behind, and all that, increasingly more as time went on. A couple months ago I got so that I had to get it done. Next of course was to find a piercer who'd actually do the piercing. I read the 'why not how to' BME article about it and saw all the pictures I could manage to fine, which wasn't much.. Including the pictures of the one guy who appeared to be in horrible horrible pain during the procedure. I did ... read more

My First Needle Piercing

I've been addicted to piercings ever since my first set of ear piercings three years ago. It's a sort of ritual - every year end I have to have a set done, usually before exams. After 6 holes in my ears though I wanted to find a new place to pierce. I'm reluctant to do anything to my face (yet), and while tongue piercings are attractive, three years of suffering through braces in high school has left me quite unwilling to live with foreign objects in my mouth again. A bit research on BMEzine the past few weeks led me ... read more

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