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close to my heart

Every time I contemplate getting a new piercing or tattoo, I always compulsively give blood. The waiting time between new additions and being eligible to give again always seems so long and giving blood is very important to me. Until the regulations are changed and it is no longer a year's wait, I literally have to plan to give blood a few days before I go in for a new mod. This time was no different. I just turned 18 and had a major desire to get pierced. Something about being able to sign for myself and choose what I ... read more

A New Found Addiction

The first time that I had ever gotten a piercing was when I was five years old, then I went on a piercing hiatus for about 13 years. When I was going through my angst ridden teenage years I always complained to my mom about getting a lip piercing, and now that I look back on it I am quite happy that she always said no. I have always liked my clavicles for some weird reason, but I never knew that you could get them pierced until recently. One day a few months back a friend of mine told me ... read more

Adventures of a Nape Piercing

When I first considered a nape piercing, one of my friends (now a piercer's apprentice) had the guts to actually go out and get it done. It looked fantastic and I knew that I had to have it. The only thing stopping me was a slightly scarring nipple-piercing experience. The pain of that had made me a little needle shy. I even talked to my piercer repeatedly about the type of pain I was in for with the nape piercing and what kind of a pain scale we were talking about. Never even having considered pain as a factor for ... read more

The beautiful bar in my chest that was not meant to be.

I am sure there comes a point in the modded person's life where they start to look at the more unusual piercings and even start to look at piercings which may not 'live forever' but will look amazingly beautiful for a short while and decide to opt for those too. In my life with modifications I decided I too would look into these types of piercing and perhaps get one myself. I looked through the array of surface piercing pictures on BMEZINE and having seen sternum piercing in my friends too I set my heart on this. I got in ... read more

Qu'as-tu entre les seins !???

Bonjour! Pour commencer ce texte, je dois vous dire que mes référances sur la douleure est plus ou moin fiable puisque ma tolérance a la douleur est plutôt élever. Depuis l'age de 13 ans, je me fais percer. J'ai commencer par le nombril, puis le sourcil les mois on passés puis j'étais rendu a mes seins, ma langue, mes oreilles , ma lèvre, mon nez bref j'en avais déja 14 vers l'age de 16 ans donc je suis une habituer. Il y a quelques semaines j'en ai eu marre des piercings commun. En scrutant sur bme j'ai découvert a quel ... read more

Personal Right of Passage- Nape Piercing

The summer in between high school and college was a very eventful time of my life. I decided to move out of the house and for the first time in my life I supported myself on my own. The feeling was very liberating and I gained a lot of trust in myself and found strength that I didn't know I had. So when the summer came winding down I wanted something to remember it by. Up until my nape, piercings have been kept to my ear with both lobes double pierced and a small rook on my right ear that ... read more

Je pense que j'ai perdue connaissance !

Moi je suis le genre de fille qui aime les piercings qui sortent de l'ordinaire. Alors un jour comme ça je suis aller faire mon tour chez mon perceur habituel et tandis que je regardais des revues de modification je me suis dit: "Tiens Aujourd'hui je me fait percer". Comme je vit dans une petite ville ici les gens osent pas se faire percer n'importe. Alors souvent je suis la première a essayer des trucs flashy je vous donne un exemple j'ai été une des première a me faire percer le smiley, le web, la tempe et la langue en ... read more

In Home Health Care

"The Seventh Hole" My story starts with the news that my boyfriend's older sister was flying in from California for a weekend to visit her family. She is as interesting a person as I have ever met in my life, and as pierced and tattooed! What makes this visit even more awesome is that she works in a piercing studio where she lives and is excellent at what she does. The girl split her own tongue and does all her own piercings herself!! That takes some guts! So as soon as I found out she was coming, and so near ... read more

I am a soldier

My name is Jessica Harmony Henline I am twenty-years-old and live presently in Vincennes, Indiana, attending Vincennes University as a Business Administration Major. My roommate and Best friend, Jeremy Allen, is the piercing artist at Evolution Studios. Since I have met Jeremy I have acquired seventeen new piercing. While going through his apprentice I tried to help him the only way I knew how, being his pincushion. Now eleven holes later I didn't think there was too much more the could do with my ears, and I cant have facial piercing because of work, it was hard enough getting away ... read more

From Heaven to Hell in 12 Weeks (Chest Bars)

When it comes to choosing which piercings I want, I'm always somewhat impulsive. My first piercing (a P.A) was the result of me seeing some pictures and thinking “If I still want that in the morning, I'll go and get one” and things have never really changed. However, I've never been quite so enthusiastic about piercings as when it comes to surface work. I've had a few different ones, such as a standard nape, a MadMax nape by Samppa, as well as a vertical shaft surface bar (on the underside, running in the direction of head-balls). The problem is my ... read more

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