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My new but scary nape piercing

I had been talking about getting a nape piercing. I wanted to get it done because it's rare for an African American female to have this done. Especially in Kansas City. The plan was to get the piercing, and then get a glow in the dark tattoo of my son's eyes over it. Once the piercing was done healing I was going to get a glow in the dark ring for the piercing. Well after months and months of talking about getting it done I finally went to do it. On March 24th my cousin and I went to Freaks ... read more

"Is that a bar in your arm?"

Like just about all of my other piercings, I'd been interested in surface piercings, especially wrist/forearm piercing for months and both the aesthetics and probably the "rarity" [well, at least the rarity of properly done surface piercings] appealed to me the most. I think part of wanting to get the piercing done also was to have a bit more control of myself because I knew I'd have something to keep my mind occupied for the next 3 months with cleaning and looking after the thing. I'll say this now that I don't get pierced just to take my mind off ... read more

Does my bum look big in this?

Last night I was restless. I had strange dreams, some disturbing and some swirly and beautiful. But one dream I had stayed in my mind and was the first thing I remembered when I awoke. It always bothers me when that happens. It's like I have had an idea in my sleep and I wake up feeling like I have to somehow re-enact the dream, to make it real. I can't really explain it, maybe I am just strange, who knows? The dream that I couldn't get out of my head as clambered out of bed was a dream in ... read more

close to my heart

Every time I contemplate getting a new piercing or tattoo, I always compulsively give blood. The waiting time between new additions and being eligible to give again always seems so long and giving blood is very important to me. Until the regulations are changed and it is no longer a year's wait, I literally have to plan to give blood a few days before I go in for a new mod. This time was no different. I just turned 18 and had a major desire to get pierced. Something about being able to sign for myself and choose what I ... read more

A New Found Addiction

The first time that I had ever gotten a piercing was when I was five years old, then I went on a piercing hiatus for about 13 years. When I was going through my angst ridden teenage years I always complained to my mom about getting a lip piercing, and now that I look back on it I am quite happy that she always said no. I have always liked my clavicles for some weird reason, but I never knew that you could get them pierced until recently. One day a few months back a friend of mine told me ... read more

Adventures of a Nape Piercing

When I first considered a nape piercing, one of my friends (now a piercer's apprentice) had the guts to actually go out and get it done. It looked fantastic and I knew that I had to have it. The only thing stopping me was a slightly scarring nipple-piercing experience. The pain of that had made me a little needle shy. I even talked to my piercer repeatedly about the type of pain I was in for with the nape piercing and what kind of a pain scale we were talking about. Never even having considered pain as a factor for ... read more

Sternum Piercing

I decided to get a surface piercing as a treat to myself, after getting some good exam results back in April. Although I wasn't quite sure what I wanted, I was considering getting "vampire bite" style bars through the top of one of my breasts but was aware that as with many surface piercings, what you can actually get done safely does vary person to person. I had had great success with a nape piercing that is a metal bar, as opposed to PFTE, and at the time was almost a year old (still going strong now!) I didn't want ... read more

My shiny new STERNUM piercing!

I've had a want to get my sternum pierced for quite some time now. It started out when I saw a girl at Six Flags Magic Mountain with one, and it was pretty much an instant attraction. Not that my boobs don't get enough attention or anything, but I thought it would definitely be a cute addition to that area of my body. Which is usually how I feel about most piercings. That they make me feel pretty. But yeah, that's how my interest in sternum piercings began. So now it's about a year-and-a-half after my initial discovery, and I'm ... read more

My Nape Experience

About three months ago I went and got my first Surface Piercing. I had been contemplating getting my Nape Pierced for quite awhile. The only thing that ever stopped me were my parents. Anyway they said yes. I had been researching Nape Piercings for a long time before I decided to get it done. What bar to get, aftercare, rejection, migration the whole lot. None of that phased me, if it rejects, I can get it done again I drove down to the city with my cousin Emma, to get my Nape pierced. We went to the most reputable piercing ... read more

Je pense que j'ai perdue connaissance !

Moi je suis le genre de fille qui aime les piercings qui sortent de l'ordinaire. Alors un jour comme ça je suis aller faire mon tour chez mon perceur habituel et tandis que je regardais des revues de modification je me suis dit: "Tiens Aujourd'hui je me fait percer". Comme je vit dans une petite ville ici les gens osent pas se faire percer n'importe. Alors souvent je suis la première a essayer des trucs flashy je vous donne un exemple j'ai été une des première a me faire percer le smiley, le web, la tempe et la langue en ... read more

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