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Surface Clavicles

Surface Clavicles For the last few months I have had the craving for a new mod. I had originally been thinking about getting my sternum pierced, so started looking around BME to try and get some information. That's when I saw a picture of some matching surface clavicles. Right from the start I thought these were one of the more interesting piercings I had ever seen and it was just what I wanted. After two weeks of searching / agonising over the pain, I finally worked up the nerve to get it done. Over the past year I have had ... read more

Eerste piercing

Als je geïnteresseerd bent in tattoos, dan is het onvermijdelijk dat je ook piercings te zien krijgt. Ik vond ze soms wel redelijk staan, maar er zelf ééntje nemen, nou nee, daar vond ik ze niet mooi genoeg voor. Dat veranderde toen ik in een tijdschrift een foto zag van een rug vol met surface piercings. Was dat mogelijk??? Blijkbaar. Vanaf dat moment bleef de gedachte zelf ook ooit zoiets te laten doen me door het hoofd spelen. Ik ging informatie zoeken over dit type piercings. Wat telkens terugkwam in die informatie was het risico op afstoten van de piercing. ... read more

Nape Piercing - A Year On

I got my first piercing by a woman with cigarette-stained hands when I was thirteen. She took a blunt pierce of metal and shoved it through my ear using a piercing gun. I was, at that stage, too young to be pierced in a professional studio, so I kept getting pierced that way for a few years after that. I was, however, a pretty active member of three outdoor adventure clubs and so I was regularly sailing, canoeing and rock climbing. Because of this, my choice of modifications was limited to what I could heal while wearing a helmet several ... read more

Corset, Re-visited.

Me and my corset... AGAIN! Ok so last time you heard from me I'd had my corset pierced and had had one removed and was going to find out about another. I did have the second ring removed. The other three were healing perfectly, a week late I had that first ring re-pierced! All was going well, we were going to re-pierce the second in a weeks time but then me being stupid, I got my self into a car accident (I wasn't driving) and all that hard work, all the planning was gone in an instant, I had to ... read more

My wrist piercing trip.

Ok, well about one year ago on new years eve I was with a friend who was getting her eyebrow pierced. I didn't intend to get anything pierced when I went in but while inside I cracked and decided I finally wanted to get my wrist pierced. I'd been reading about surface piercings for a while and decided that I wanted to do something original and unique. I started talking to the piercer who began to explain to me that it would most likely not heal. She told me that it would not be permanent but if I really wanted ... read more

Calf piercings - here to stay!

Prelude It was a week after I'd gotten my madison. I was talking to a friend about that, and she asked what I would be getting next. I hadn't really given it much thought yet, but I replied with a few ideas anyways. Clavicles, probably. Microdermal at finger, possibly. Industrial for my right ear, maybe. In an afterthought I added surfaces 'here' while tapping my calves. She laughed a bit, told me I was nutz, and conversation went elsewhere. Eventually, we said goodbye. On my way home I could not stop mulling over that damned next piercing. Initially, the calf ... read more

Wrist Surface Anchor

Before reading this, you might like to check out the BME article on surface anchors here: http://www.bmezine.com/news/pubring/20061106.html At the least look at the picture of the shape of the jewelry and my description of the insertion will make much more sense. The Long Wait I have toyed with the idea of surface anchors (though I initially had no term for it) long before I had ever heard of anyone actually trying it. The possibility entered my mind while working on a Habitat for Humanity house. I was holding a nail gun and thinking that should an accident occur resulting in ... read more

Nape Piercing – Delving Deeper into Modification

I don't know about you, but for myself I find it exceedingly more helpful to read submissions that have been written a semi-long period of time after the actual procedure had taken place. In this way, I am sometimes confronted with such phenomena as healing problems, revelations, tips or tricks etc. As much as I prefer reading experiences that are NOT written a few days after the fact, I feel it is important for me to write this now, while the memory is still fresh. I promise to update in a year or so when I can reflect intelligently upon ... read more


First off, let me say that I am no stranger to piercings. Aside from my ears, I have had four sternum piercings, a nose ring, tongue ring, one madison, four navel rings, two hip piercings, and now my nape. I currently only have 11 still in. Hot Rod Body Piercing has pierced about 10 of them. They are the only place I'll go to now. Having recently had my hips pierced (with tygon - highly recommend it!), I thought I'd pretty much exhausted all piercable options that would allow me to still get a job after looming graduation. I don't ... read more

My Wrist-Piercing Experience

I've never been a fan of surface piercings. While as a kid I loved the idea of having multiple piercings, my mum hated facial piercings and I don't hate my mum at all, so I kept away and focussed on my ears and the less visible ones. Surface piercings never hugely appealed though, and indeed I found them pretty pointless and ugly. All that changed seven weeks ago when I found myself pondering what had happened to my childhood love of piercings – I used to get new ear piercings nearly every month, though neglect meant I removed a great ... read more

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