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Life and death of my cleavage microdermal

Several months ago, I went to my shop of choice for a tattoo, and was asked if I would be willing to participate in a class where a guest piercer would come in, and teach the current piercer at the shop how to do microdermals. I was all for it, since I had been contemplating getting my cleavage done but was unsure. For the opportunity to help out a friend I agreed. The plan was that the guest piercer, Steve, would do the first one, and then Jimbo, the resident shop piercer would attempt the second one. The time came ... read more

"eghhhh! That’s gross!” -- My surface wrist piercing

Hello BME community! I'm Meg and I'm delighted to share my experience of my wrist surface piercing with you. I have been interested in body mods/piercing since my mum had her navel pierced when I was about 9 and within a week of her having her navel done I insisted to get my ears pierced for my birthday – and you know what the addiction is like – it went from there. I was doing some research on a new piercing and wasn't sure what to get, Until I found the 'surface piercing' section on BME – and immediately fell ... read more

Clavical Microdermals

My fascination with body modification has previously lead me to two off center tongue piercings, a DIY septum, various other piercings around the body, scarification and more. Now, I have discovered microdermals. Their low rejection rate with proper care and originality gained my interest quickly. After researching care, procedure, success and reading many stories I was ready. I was off to the shop to set up an appointment with my piercer who has previously done my double off center tongue (venom's), double monroe's (retired) and tragus,I decided on getting four microdermals, two under each clavicle. I let him know how ... read more

Sternum Microdermals, Lovely and Painful

I jumped into an obsession with piercing feet first, pretty early on, after stumbling across BME. My first was a monroe the day after my fifteenth birthday, done by Sailor Cher at Fountain of Youth Tattoo in St. Augustine, FL. She went on to do my nostril and eyebrow. Eventually, they had to be taken out or were lost, and while I was sad, I felt like I needed to leave them out for the direction my life was taking. I didn't have the money to re-do them, had already had a disastrous self-piercing incident, and my look was slowly ... read more

my self pierced hips

This is how my experience of piercing my own hips. This is in no way an instruction manual on how to do it. I do not plan on keeping them I forever, I will no doubt be taking them out next month. I would incourage anyone who does want to pierce them selves to do it safely and with sterile equiptment, or not at all. But in the end, its totally your choice, you never know how it/they will turn out in the end. Alright, so here's how my story went. So it all started out one night, my brothers ... read more

Spur of the moment nape piercing

I decided a week or so ago that I wanted to have my tongue web and sternum pierced. So yesterday I walked to the piercing studio down the road from my college to see if I could get my tongue web pierced. I was really disappointed when I saw the sign saying it was shut until the 6th of november. But I wasn't too worried because I was planning to go to Pro Body Piercing today anyway to have my sternum piercing done. I got out of college early today and I was a little bit nervous as I got ... read more

painless nape

I've always been fascinated with body modifications, surface piercings especially catch my eye. I have my tongue, navel and snake bites done so far and I still want many more piercings. My parents were both opposed to it, saying that it would look trashy. Though after a lot of persuading and improvement of my grades, my dad finally agreed to take me. We planned to go that day, which was unfortunately a holiday (Columbus day) and the piercer wasn't working till that Thursday. So we decided to go Thursday right after school, seeing as I didn't want to wait any ... read more

How do those stay in there? The story of my microdermals

A couple of months ago, i was avoiding doing work and browsing BME. I came across photos of microdermals and was immediately intrigued. I had never seen or heard of microdermals before, but I pretty much decided it was something I wanted to try. I continued looking at pictures, reading experiences and doing a massive search of any information I could find. I'm always a bit skeptical about new kinds of piercings, so I like to be as informed as possible before I mess around with my body. Anyway, after a ton of internet research and talking to people, I ... read more

First Ever Piercing

Since I was 14 the piercing I had my eye on was my nape. After seeing a guy with one while out and about and looking through hundreds of pictures, stories, risks and asking lots of question by the time i was 15 and a half I had decided if there was a piercing to start with, the nape was for me. I had done A LOT, and I mean a lot of research into the best method to receive a nape piercing that would last as long as possible without migrating or being totally rejected. I read a few ... read more

Surface sous le nombril

Bonjour, au début je n'étais pas pour les piercing mais au bout d'un petit moment une envie soudaine et persistante est arrivée. Je ne sais pas où mais j'avais vu un piercing de surface sous le nombril et il ma tenté, du coup j'ai prit des renseignements sur ce piercing combien il coute, si il y a des risques. Et c'est après avoir lu plusieurs expériences et vu quelques photos, que je pris la décision d'aller chez un pierceur. Le choix du pierceur et crucial il faut bien choisir, ne pas aller dans un endroit pas net, pas propre, pas ... read more

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