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my double stomach surface piercing

For the past few months I have been craving to get three surface piercings about my navel but I never really had the opportunity or money until yesterday. The trade unions, which include teachers, went on strike yesterday so I thought "why not go today?" So I woke up on Thursday morning, showered, got dressed, did all the usual things I do and walked to the station. It took me about an hour and half to get to the studio and it was a fairly smooth journey. I didn't have to wait too long for the trains and I also ... read more

Mon cleavage ! Wow !

J'ai connu les Bods Mods lorsque cela à commencé à être à la mode. Je me suis donc fais percer le nez, le nombril, le rook, la conque, le frein de la lèvre (smiley), un hélix puis j'ai eu un micro piercing dans le cou. Il est inutile de préciser que même si j'ai commencé à me percer sous l'influence d'une mode assez spéciale (se faire une plaie est une mode ?!)je suis maintenant très interressée par un autre aspect des Bods Mods. J'avais depuis un an plusieurs projets mais je n'arrivais pas à me concentrer sur UN piercing en ... read more

Mijn verticale madison

Als dit verhaal je bekend voorkomt dan klopt dat: http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/11-surface/A61009/srfverti.html Ik heb het vertaald, en er nog een stuk achteraan geschreven omdat ik nu twee maanden verder ben met de genezing. +++++ Vrijdag. De laatste dag van weer een standaard week. Ik zit al bijna de hele ochtend een college over Middeleeuws toneel voor te bereiden en ik kan m'n hoofd er maar niet bij houden. M'n gedachten zijn aan de zwerf, en komen steeds uit bij een madison piercing. Dat is een surface piercing die gezet wordt in het kuiltje tussen je sleutelbeenderen. Ik liep al een tijdje te ... read more

Vertical madison (surface bar) - 2

This is a follow-up on this piece: http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/11-surface/A61009/srfverti.html It describes me getting my madison piercing, and the first 3 weeks of healing. Since writing it, 2 months have passed, so I figured I would write an update. In the following, I am going to assume you have read part one. So we are at day 29 of healing, and I've decided that no, I really can't be ignoring the troubles my madison has anymore. The redness around the holes hasn't left for days, has gotten more intense, and the whole area has started to hurt. Time for some action. I ... read more

I was a dermal anchor guinea pig

Every time I step into Venus Modern Body Arts, it's a dubious mission. More often than not, even if I'm just visiting Marilyn, I walk out with a new hole somewhere on my person or, at the very least, new jewelry. This time (which was just last night), I'd been having one of those days. You know the type. Aggravating...frustrating...the kind where a little steam desperately needs to be let out. Just the right time for a new piercing. I had, however, no idea of what I wanted or even THAT I wanted anything. I was poking around with the ... read more

Vertical Sternum/Cleavage Piercing

It started with just calling my best friend up. I told her I wanted to get something pierced. So while we were on our way to Shiva's I decided I wanted to pierce my Sternum. The area in between my boobs. So we showed up and I told the peircer what I wanted, he pulled out a barbell measured my chest and bent the bar. He charged me 70 bucks. I went into the room and took off my shirt. I lied on my back and he marked me where he would punch the holes in. Carrie my best friend ... read more

Failed D.I.Y hand-web

Ok, basically I'm a 14 year old piercing addict. I have 5 lobes, 1 stretched to 10mm (and getting bigger) and 1 cartilage. All but 2 were done behind my parent's backs because they are totally against piercings ( yay...=[ ). I want ALOT more, but I have to live with just 6 until I'm 16. Last week, due to complete and utter boredness, I shoved some giant safety pins through my arm. I had some fun twisting them about and putting earrings in the holes. When I showed my best mate the scars the next day, she said why ... read more

Surface Clavicles

Surface Clavicles For the last few months I have had the craving for a new mod. I had originally been thinking about getting my sternum pierced, so started looking around BME to try and get some information. That's when I saw a picture of some matching surface clavicles. Right from the start I thought these were one of the more interesting piercings I had ever seen and it was just what I wanted. After two weeks of searching / agonising over the pain, I finally worked up the nerve to get it done. Over the past year I have had ... read more

Eerste piercing

Als je geïnteresseerd bent in tattoos, dan is het onvermijdelijk dat je ook piercings te zien krijgt. Ik vond ze soms wel redelijk staan, maar er zelf ééntje nemen, nou nee, daar vond ik ze niet mooi genoeg voor. Dat veranderde toen ik in een tijdschrift een foto zag van een rug vol met surface piercings. Was dat mogelijk??? Blijkbaar. Vanaf dat moment bleef de gedachte zelf ook ooit zoiets te laten doen me door het hoofd spelen. Ik ging informatie zoeken over dit type piercings. Wat telkens terugkwam in die informatie was het risico op afstoten van de piercing. ... read more

Nape Piercing - A Year On

I got my first piercing by a woman with cigarette-stained hands when I was thirteen. She took a blunt pierce of metal and shoved it through my ear using a piercing gun. I was, at that stage, too young to be pierced in a professional studio, so I kept getting pierced that way for a few years after that. I was, however, a pretty active member of three outdoor adventure clubs and so I was regularly sailing, canoeing and rock climbing. Because of this, my choice of modifications was limited to what I could heal while wearing a helmet several ... read more

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