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Corset, Re-visited.

Me and my corset... AGAIN! Ok so last time you heard from me I'd had my corset pierced and had had one removed and was going to find out about another. I did have the second ring removed. The other three were healing perfectly, a week late I had that first ring re-pierced! All was going well, we were going to re-pierce the second in a weeks time but then me being stupid, I got my self into a car accident (I wasn't driving) and all that hard work, all the planning was gone in an instant, I had to ... read more

My wrist piercing trip.

Ok, well about one year ago on new years eve I was with a friend who was getting her eyebrow pierced. I didn't intend to get anything pierced when I went in but while inside I cracked and decided I finally wanted to get my wrist pierced. I'd been reading about surface piercings for a while and decided that I wanted to do something original and unique. I started talking to the piercer who began to explain to me that it would most likely not heal. She told me that it would not be permanent but if I really wanted ... read more

Calf piercings - here to stay!

Prelude It was a week after I'd gotten my madison. I was talking to a friend about that, and she asked what I would be getting next. I hadn't really given it much thought yet, but I replied with a few ideas anyways. Clavicles, probably. Microdermal at finger, possibly. Industrial for my right ear, maybe. In an afterthought I added surfaces 'here' while tapping my calves. She laughed a bit, told me I was nutz, and conversation went elsewhere. Eventually, we said goodbye. On my way home I could not stop mulling over that damned next piercing. Initially, the calf ... read more

My surface piercing

I decided I wanted a new piercing. Not sure exactly what to get I started to search the net and found the one I wanted it was a surface piercing just below the navel pierced horizontally. I thought it would look hot considering I already have my navel pierced. Although I had heard about the high rate of surface piercing growing out so I did some research on the net and decided it was worth a chance. I decided to get it done where I had all of my piercings done, I met with my piercer and discussed what I ... read more

my gorgeous wrist piercing

For a few months I have been contemplating a wrist piercing. At first I wanted two on my left wrist, then I wanted one on each wrist and then I wanted just one on my left wrist. After constantly changing my mind over and over, I decided that I should get one on the left wrist and if I want to, I will get another one later. I woke up at 7 that morning, hungry and excited. I made myself some breakfast and showered (My mum thought I was going to be at school so I had to leave the ... read more

My first surface piercing

Ah birthday time. Time for ah especial right of passage. I took my best friend Mykhull downtown for support and for eyeballing rights of course. I went with Stainless Studios (Toronto) I got a Madison surface piercing with an 8g barbell for its classy looks. I wish I could remember the piercer's name. I do remember she was nice, clean, fast, funny and kind of looked like Betty Boop. Let's call her Ms.Boop. Ms. Boop gave me two choices. "Needle or scalpel sweetie"... I think I said "Ummm??" ... "Alright listen here sweetie the scalpel really hurts I make three ... read more

my double stomach surface piercing

For the past few months I have been craving to get three surface piercings about my navel but I never really had the opportunity or money until yesterday. The trade unions, which include teachers, went on strike yesterday so I thought "why not go today?" So I woke up on Thursday morning, showered, got dressed, did all the usual things I do and walked to the station. It took me about an hour and half to get to the studio and it was a fairly smooth journey. I didn't have to wait too long for the trains and I also ... read more

Mon cleavage ! Wow !

J'ai connu les Bods Mods lorsque cela à commencé à être à la mode. Je me suis donc fais percer le nez, le nombril, le rook, la conque, le frein de la lèvre (smiley), un hélix puis j'ai eu un micro piercing dans le cou. Il est inutile de préciser que même si j'ai commencé à me percer sous l'influence d'une mode assez spéciale (se faire une plaie est une mode ?!)je suis maintenant très interressée par un autre aspect des Bods Mods. J'avais depuis un an plusieurs projets mais je n'arrivais pas à me concentrer sur UN piercing en ... read more

Mijn verticale madison

Als dit verhaal je bekend voorkomt dan klopt dat: http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/11-surface/A61009/srfverti.html Ik heb het vertaald, en er nog een stuk achteraan geschreven omdat ik nu twee maanden verder ben met de genezing. +++++ Vrijdag. De laatste dag van weer een standaard week. Ik zit al bijna de hele ochtend een college over Middeleeuws toneel voor te bereiden en ik kan m'n hoofd er maar niet bij houden. M'n gedachten zijn aan de zwerf, en komen steeds uit bij een madison piercing. Dat is een surface piercing die gezet wordt in het kuiltje tussen je sleutelbeenderen. Ik liep al een tijdje te ... read more

Vertical madison (surface bar) - 2

This is a follow-up on this piece: http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/11-surface/A61009/srfverti.html It describes me getting my madison piercing, and the first 3 weeks of healing. Since writing it, 2 months have passed, so I figured I would write an update. In the following, I am going to assume you have read part one. So we are at day 29 of healing, and I've decided that no, I really can't be ignoring the troubles my madison has anymore. The redness around the holes hasn't left for days, has gotten more intense, and the whole area has started to hurt. Time for some action. I ... read more

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