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Triple Whammy!

Surface bars... where did my fascination with them start? I'm not 100% sure, but I think it may have had something to do with seeing some done on a friend by Symppa. I liked the way they looked, liked the idea of it, but they were quite rare at the time, and it was hard to find anyone in Ireland to do them, so it kind of slipped to the back of my mind I guess. Fast forward a couple of years to a conversation with a friend who's an apprentice. Being the adventurous soul I am, I quickly offered ... read more

Symmetrie (pols surface)

Dit is een vertaling van dit verhaal: http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/11-surface/A60802/srfsymme.html *** Eigenlijk meteen nadat ik m'n rechter pols had laten piercen wist ik al dat m'n linker er ook aan zou moeten geloven. Wat me er van weerhield 'm gelijk met de rechter te laten doen was de nieuwigheid. De piercing door m'n rechter pols was m'n eerste, en ik stond half op m'n benen te trillen toen-ie erin zat. Ook wilde ik eerst zien hoe het allemaal zou genezen voordat ik ook m'n andere pols aan de naald zou onderwerpen. Na ongeveer een maand kwam er geen wondvocht meer uit piercing ... read more

How I ended up in an emergency room

I exaggerated a little about the "emergency room," but I was in a hospital nonetheless. We just didn't want to deal with paying for a big expensive ambulance or anything. Basically here is what happened. This was my first ever piercing on anywhere on my body other than my ears. I'm still only sixteen, and in Illinois I need parent's permission to get anything done. So, being a stupid impatient kid, I decided to go get pierced by a friend of a friend. This "piercer" basically ran a sort of business out back in his and his mother's hair salon, ... read more

Surface piercings make me happy

Since coming back to iam and looking around at people's pages I decided that I needed to get something new. I had settled on a tongue web, but working in a call centre I figured that spending hours and hours talking with a fresh piercing probably wasn't the best idea. I'd had a surface piercing over my sternum a while ago which I didn't have the best experience with. It was pierced with Teflon, off-centre and ended up with keloids and the beginnings of rejection just before I gave up and took it out. This was probably as much my ... read more

Hey, I have balls! (In my neck)

In early 2006 I got a job at a popular retail chain, who has a strict tattoo and piercing policy. Essentially, it's NO. However, I only had three in each ear, all lower ear. Simple wal-mart brand home gun process on three, sewing needle, regular earrings, and lots of rubbing alcohol on the other three. Yes, I know that these were all bad ideas, but fortunately I've never had a problem with any of them. Luck is on my side. I've wandered a bit, my apologies. I was not happy with the idea of stopping at my ears, so I ... read more

Strikjes! Of

Wat vooraf ging: Ongeveer een week nadat ik m'n madison had gehaald, zat ik bij en met een vriendin te kletsen. Ons gespreksonderwerp laat zich raden: piercings. De vriendin vroeg wat ik verder nog ging laten doen. Ik had er nog niet echt over nagedacht, maar had ideeën te over. Surfaces langs m'n sleutelbeenderen leken me op dat moment de volgende stap. Of een industrial, ook leuk. Of een microdermal in m'n duim. Of...nou ja, surfaces hiero. En met 'hiero' klopte ik op m'n kuiten. Vriendin lachen. Ze heeft al veel plannetjes van mij moeten aanhoren, haha. Maar goed, daarna ... read more

Has your necklace broken?

I suppose this piercing was a spur of the moment thing, I had looked at pictures of this piercing before and thought "wow that's pretty" but nothing serious. Last night I got that itch, the one of wanting something more, I had been debating whether to get my ears pierced again on Friday but my heart wasn't totally into it. I scanned BME pictures like a deranged woman, on the search of something I did not know, but it had to be unique. After my corset I couldn't go back to a normal piercing. So I turned up on Friday ... read more

Sternum Experience, from one military brat to another

My parents always try to figure out who was "responsible" for my piercing obsession. My father blames my mom for getting my ears pierced when I was three years old, and for getting my nostril when I was sixteen. My mom blames my dad for piercing my helix (at home) when I was 14. It's a never-ending battle, really. But with my sternum, there was nobody to blame but myself. I'd wanted one ever since I saw a picture on BMEZINE.com back in February 2006. I thought they were so beautiful, but I knew my parents would never agree to ... read more

Bye bye cleavage piercing-and a warning against them

So my favourite piercing is now gone,and while I am sad I am SO RELIEVED to have that horrible thing out of me! It all started last December, when I wanted to get my first surface piercing. I already have several facial piercings and my nipples,so wasn't worried about the pain or anything. After seeing a cleavage piercing on BME,I decided that was what I wanted as my favourite body part is my boobs-anything that draws more attention there can't be bad!! The mistake I made was getting a fairly new surface piercer to do them-he was had done corsetry,wrist,finger ... read more

Sternum piercing

I had my mind set on getting my sternum pierced for quite a while now. Originally, it started out as a nose piercing, but my work does not allow any visible piercings. Not a big loss I thought. I continued my search for that perfect something. I went through hips, nape, collarbones, corsets you name it, until I finally saw something that struck me: Sternum, I thought to myself. I mean it's unique cute and looks safe. Anyway, I have contacted my friend who is experienced in the area and she is well acquainted with numerous tattoo artists and piercers ... read more

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