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Madison Oh Madison how you affect me.

When I was in High school I always admired piercing. I was so generic with my taste back then and was into piercings like eyebrows, and earrings; just simple piercings. In grade 10 my best friend at the time had a Madison, and I thought it was the coolest thing. However I didn't want to get it done, because I didn't want to steal it from her. She told me I could, but I didn't. My parents thought I was crazy for wanting piercing, I suppose it's not there generation, but it's ours. Nowadays piercings are really mainstream, and I ... read more

Sternum piercing

I had my mind set on getting my sternum pierced for quite a while now. Originally, it started out as a nose piercing, but my work does not allow any visible piercings. Not a big loss I thought. I continued my search for that perfect something. I went through hips, nape, collarbones, corsets you name it, until I finally saw something that struck me: Sternum, I thought to myself. I mean it's unique cute and looks safe. Anyway, I have contacted my friend who is experienced in the area and she is well acquainted with numerous tattoo artists and piercers ... read more

Best birthday present

Right, it all started a few months ago. It was nearly my birthday and it's a tradition for me to treat myself to a new piercing on this day every year. Granted I get a few throughout the year, but I like to get one especially on my birthday. So I started deciding what I wanted to get done. I already had a few piercings, ten at this point I think. But it's hard for me to get new ones because my parents are totally against the idea of modifications. In their words they're a stupid idea and I'll regret ... read more

Nape Piercing

I got my nape pierced a little less than a year ago, in January 2006. It was the second semester of my study abroad in Florence, Italy. Nape piercings intrigued me. It is fairly uncommon and stays hidden if you have long hair. This element of surprise has always drawn me to certain piercings (I like body art, but I definitely do not look like the type). I also remember my first encounter with the nape piercing. At the time I lived in Tokyo, Japan and every summer there are festivals to which many people wear yukata (it is like ... read more

An awesome nape piercing

I had been craving a new piercing and I really wanted a surface, so after some thought I chose for my second piecing to do my nape (the back of my neck). I had my tongue done already and my tattoos were still in the drawling phase by my tattoo artist. So I decided it was time for my first surface! I knew my piercing artist is very good and he had done several and actually has his done too. I talked to him about it before and he knew I was interested so he was pretty excited when I ... read more

My hand webbing

The first time I saw a picture of hand webbing I fell in love with it and really wanted it done. I read up a lot on it... most via BME. I didn't know anyone else who had ever had a hand piercing. After reading up a bit on it I finally decided to go and get it done even though there is a high rejection rate. Because I didn't have a job, it wouldn't really be a huge issue. I use 2 different piercers due to the fact the one I usually go to doesn't do many surface piercings ... read more

Abdominal Surface Art

I had had my tattoo (symbol for infinity) for a few months now, and had always wanted a surface piercing; they look unusual and really sexy. Tuesday 9th Jan. '07 - I visited Tattoo UK to get some tapers to stretch my lobes up a little, and found myself looking at the price list for piercings. I asked whether I could get one done through/under the infinity symbol on my abdomen, and I was told I could! If I was to have it done, the jewellery would be PTFE which pleased me as I tend to be a sensitive soul ... read more

my first microdermal experience

So, a preface to the microdermals. I had gotten my sternum pierced with a surface staple previously by Jamie at Saint Sabrina's. Try as I might, this surface bar began to migrate and was always just a little bit red and pissed off. Near the end of its existence, it started bleeding again. This was the point that I decided that as much as I loved it, it had to go. Now the sad thing about this sort of experience is that I wasn't ready to retire my piercing. It was part of my self image and I was very ... read more

My awesome new clavicles- pain, blood, and infection free!

Hi, I'm "Not Shannon", and for the past couple months I've been convinced that I have wanted a second piercing. After stretching my ears in January and getting my belly done in August, the need for more mod has taken over. At first I was thinking about a tongue or septum, but after much conversation with my boyfriend we decided that it wouldn't be in either of our best interests. I wanted something neat, something unusual, and something that would make a statement without being too obvious if I needed to be "respectable". Upon seeing clavicles, I fell completely in ... read more

Microdermal Mayhem

I remember the day I decided microdermals had a place on my body. I couldn't resist these little pieces of jewellery; so inventive in placement and so versatile. With hundreds of ends I could attach I had no trouble imagining how I could make mine unique. The day finally came. I chose to have three placed vertically on my sternum. JesseV carefully measured and marked for placement. Then while I lay comfortably he used a 1.5mm dermal punch to create the hole, and then made a pocket for the jewellery. Holding the skin between his fingers the jewellery popped right ... read more

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