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El perfecto Cleavage surface

Hola, mi nombre es Javiera y quisiera contarles como resulto mi experiencia al realizarme un Cleavage surface . Soy de Viña del Mar, Chile y tengo 22 años. Creo que la primera vez que lo vi, fue en mi prima, quien tenía recién hecho. Lo vi, e inmediatamente me enamore y quería tener el mismo. Por lo que me decidí buscar información al respecto. Es así como fui viendo que otras personas lo tenían, pero que los resultados con el tiempo, en ellos no eran buenos. Antes de perforarme, lo pensé mucho, ya que había visto muchas personas a las ... read more

My awesome new clavicles- pain, blood, and infection free!

Hi, I'm "Not Shannon", and for the past couple months I've been convinced that I have wanted a second piercing. After stretching my ears in January and getting my belly done in August, the need for more mod has taken over. At first I was thinking about a tongue or septum, but after much conversation with my boyfriend we decided that it wouldn't be in either of our best interests. I wanted something neat, something unusual, and something that would make a statement without being too obvious if I needed to be "respectable". Upon seeing clavicles, I fell completely in ... read more

Microdermal Mayhem

I remember the day I decided microdermals had a place on my body. I couldn't resist these little pieces of jewellery; so inventive in placement and so versatile. With hundreds of ends I could attach I had no trouble imagining how I could make mine unique. The day finally came. I chose to have three placed vertically on my sternum. JesseV carefully measured and marked for placement. Then while I lay comfortably he used a 1.5mm dermal punch to create the hole, and then made a pocket for the jewellery. Holding the skin between his fingers the jewellery popped right ... read more

The joy of impulse

I had always wanted my nape pierced but I never thought I'd have the guts to do it. I find them very sexy and they can be easy to hide. One of my friend randomly got hers done and I started wanting it done very badly. I started getting that piercing itch and I had gotten money early for Christmas. I started debating what I'd want to get done. I was thinking of going with my third lobes but I decided against it. If I got my lobes done it would have been about $80 and I figured if I ... read more

"If you ever come home looking like that, I'll kill you" [hip surface bar piercings]

First off, I guess I should give a rough background to my piercings. I am 16 years old and currently have 19 piercings. I got my first proper mod [aside from lobes] when I was 14, my navel, which grew out and which I got repierced at 15. I also have 5 lobe piercings in each ear [first hole in left ear stretched to 10mm, first in right to 12mm], a high snug piercing, my nostril, my tongue, snakebites, my nipple [self done using an autoclaved cannula needle] and now, two hip surface staple bar piercings which I love to ... read more

Symmetrie (pols surface)

Dit is een vertaling van dit verhaal: http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/11-surface/A60802/srfsymme.html *** Eigenlijk meteen nadat ik m'n rechter pols had laten piercen wist ik al dat m'n linker er ook aan zou moeten geloven. Wat me er van weerhield 'm gelijk met de rechter te laten doen was de nieuwigheid. De piercing door m'n rechter pols was m'n eerste, en ik stond half op m'n benen te trillen toen-ie erin zat. Ook wilde ik eerst zien hoe het allemaal zou genezen voordat ik ook m'n andere pols aan de naald zou onderwerpen. Na ongeveer een maand kwam er geen wondvocht meer uit piercing ... read more

How I ended up in an emergency room

I exaggerated a little about the "emergency room," but I was in a hospital nonetheless. We just didn't want to deal with paying for a big expensive ambulance or anything. Basically here is what happened. This was my first ever piercing on anywhere on my body other than my ears. I'm still only sixteen, and in Illinois I need parent's permission to get anything done. So, being a stupid impatient kid, I decided to go get pierced by a friend of a friend. This "piercer" basically ran a sort of business out back in his and his mother's hair salon, ... read more

Surface piercings make me happy

Since coming back to iam and looking around at people's pages I decided that I needed to get something new. I had settled on a tongue web, but working in a call centre I figured that spending hours and hours talking with a fresh piercing probably wasn't the best idea. I'd had a surface piercing over my sternum a while ago which I didn't have the best experience with. It was pierced with Teflon, off-centre and ended up with keloids and the beginnings of rejection just before I gave up and took it out. This was probably as much my ... read more

Hey, I have balls! (In my neck)

In early 2006 I got a job at a popular retail chain, who has a strict tattoo and piercing policy. Essentially, it's NO. However, I only had three in each ear, all lower ear. Simple wal-mart brand home gun process on three, sewing needle, regular earrings, and lots of rubbing alcohol on the other three. Yes, I know that these were all bad ideas, but fortunately I've never had a problem with any of them. Luck is on my side. I've wandered a bit, my apologies. I was not happy with the idea of stopping at my ears, so I ... read more

Strikjes! Of

Wat vooraf ging: Ongeveer een week nadat ik m'n madison had gehaald, zat ik bij en met een vriendin te kletsen. Ons gespreksonderwerp laat zich raden: piercings. De vriendin vroeg wat ik verder nog ging laten doen. Ik had er nog niet echt over nagedacht, maar had ideeën te over. Surfaces langs m'n sleutelbeenderen leken me op dat moment de volgende stap. Of een industrial, ook leuk. Of een microdermal in m'n duim. Of...nou ja, surfaces hiero. En met 'hiero' klopte ik op m'n kuiten. Vriendin lachen. Ze heeft al veel plannetjes van mij moeten aanhoren, haha. Maar goed, daarna ... read more

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