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My first surface piercing, my Nape

Yesterday my friend Joy asked me to go with her to get the balls changed on her surface bar, because she felt like they were too heavy and weighing down on her skin. She had just got her clavicle pierced a week before. It'd been a month or so since my last piercing so I decided I'd get something done since we were going to be in the shop anyways. I thought about it all day, debating what I wanted to get pierced. I already have my tongue and Monroe pierced, so I decided against another facial piercing, seeing as ... read more

My beautiful sternum

Getting my sternum pierced was something I worked very hard for. My mother has never really understood why I love modifications so much, and in fact refers to anyone who is heavily modified as a 'freak', and believes that they should be locked up. At the beginning of last year, I had two piercings that had been rejected (my own stupid fault, but I won't go into that right now) and so I was on the look-out for a new piercing to get. I knew that it couldn't be a facial piercing, because my mother would never agree, and because ... read more

My beautiful new nape

I have wanted my nape pierced for 3 years, I first discovered the piercing on BME when I was looking to get something new done, I had already got 2 cartilage piercing, navel, nose and a beautiful tattoo on my shoulder which I was still in love with even though it had been done for over a year. I couldn't work out whether to have another piercing or carry on with the tattoo project on my back that I was planning. I really wanted a blue moon on the opposite shoulder and three stars at the bottom of my spine ... read more

Madison Microdermal

To start with, I should probably give a bit of background to this. I used to work on the checkouts at a supermarket, around the time when I first became interesting in piercings and other body modifications. One day while I was working a girl came in with a Madison piercing, and I immediately fell in love with it. Being the nosy person I am I started chatting to her about it, and that night looked it up on BME for some more info. To my supreme disappointment I discovered it had an unbelievably low success rate, and I REALLY ... read more

For The Love Of The Pain

So a few month ago I wrote a little tidbit about a set of rib surface bars my friend did on me. They ended up in his portfolio and have done extremely well in getting him some more experience, I mean everyone has to start somewhere right. I was very happy to have been his pincushion. Haha. Anyways, this experience is a bit of an extension on that, we ended up putting two more surface piercings into my ribs, but in a slightly different area. As I said a four step "ladder" on either side of my ribcage would have ... read more

To surface or not to surface...

There was actually no question in my mind of whether or not I wanted a nape piercing. I hadn't planned, exactly, to do it on my 18th birthday, but it just sort of worked out that way. I went into HTC because they are clean, and familiar (I have been in several times before to admire their large body jewelry collection) and because I knew where it was actually located. (I have problems with getting lost.) Anywho, I knew I had the money, and I was going to call before going in, but I decided it would be worth the ... read more

corset piercings, the new yoga!

Corset piercings have always interested me, I have always wanted one because I have found them visually exciting and I have a deep love for corsets and any other clothes that might have a corset effect on them, for instance some pencil skirts of mine and also a few gothic dresses. I just find there is something very endearing about the look of laced up clothing and I wanted to continue this love affair onto my skin. On the day I had arranged to be pierced I went shopping for some jewelry. I wanted some kind of surface bars that ... read more

The "bolt" in the back of my neck...

January 29, 2007: The date of my first "real" piercing. Up until that day, only my ears and navel had been pierced. (Since everyone and their mother seem to have a navel piercing nowadays, it doesn't seem to count!) For some time now, I have been perusing the images and experiences on BME, trying to decide what fit me best. I didn't want a piercing that I would see coming and going, so-to-speak. After much debate (and some Photoshop experiments!) I finally decided on a nape piercing. I found them to be elegant and uncommon enough to not see one ... read more

nape piercing that grew out too quickly

So December 05 I had finally decided I was getting my nape pierced and knew where I would get it done. Down the road from my college was a tattoo studio called artistic tattooing and I really trusted them there. They had done a few piercings for me previously and their aftercare was awesome. I had spoken to the guys about nape piercings and they actually tried to put me off the idea due a to a bad experience had with surface piercings by one of them. I was grateful for the advice but didn't listen. On the day I ... read more

My precious Nape Piercing

So, let me start out by telling you about myself. I am 18 years old, and i have always loved the look of piercings. They are something unique that can set you apart from others, and they are a great conversation piece. I have 2 other piercings besides the one I will be talking about, and my ears. I have the lower part of my bellybutton, and a horizontal hood. I have also had my nipples pierced but I took them out because an inexperienced piercer made one crooked. This experience is not with that piercer. I wouldnt trust her ... read more

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