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10 surface piercings in one day- so much fun

For a long time, I had been thinking about adding to my piercings. I had 6g's in my lobes, I had one side of my lip done, and I had taken out a couple of other pieces. But I really wanted to do something a little unusual. I had met Shawn at the Queen Mary Tattoo Expo in Long Beach, and I was really impressed with the play piercing set he did with another model for the show. I had also been talking with a photographer that I work with regularly about doing some more unusual piercings for a series ... read more

You know that's gonna hurt, right?

I don't know why I have always found nape piercings to be so attractive. From the first time I saw one (screwing around on the BME Wiki) I wanted one. For some reason, I considered the placement to be very feminine and sexy, as well as being a less common piercing. A friend I mentioned it to called them "Frankenstein piercing" and said they looked disgusting. She had disapproved of my stretched tongue, too, however, and so I didn't worry too much about her opinion. I did, however, wait a while before actually getting it, hesitant to get a more ... read more

WRIST PIERCING goes slightly wrong

I've always been a big fan of surface piercings, much to my mothers dismay (she isn't keen), you can imagine her face when I came home with a wrist piercing. The piercing was done by Debbie, in Stamford UK. I had been contemplating it for a little over a month, I knew it was not going to last long, 6 months at the longest, it was more for the reaction from other people, I like to be a little different and seen as odd, so a wrist piercing was perfect. I watched the piercing happen, the clamp didn't hurt at ... read more

The journey of my hip surface piercing

While browsing BME I found a picture of a hip surface piercing and instantly fell in love. I knew I had to have it. So I waited a few months and somehow convinced my parents and on May 13 (my 17th birthday) I went to Punktured in Brisbane to get my 9th piercing. The guys there were great and friendly , my parents signed the forms (though Dad wasn't too supportive of me putting a piercing through my hip) and out I went to the studio. Simon marked me up, I checked it and we were ready to go. I ... read more

My sexy new sternum piercing

This all started when I got my first full time pay check. I knew I needed to blow it. I had got my tongue done a few weeks ago and I got obsessed with piercings. My past experience with piercings has been good. My first real piercings, obviously not counting my ears i got when I was 5, were my nose, belly button and both nipples all at once. It was so much fun!! There was very little pain. I went to Kitchener to get them done with my friend Amanda. Then a year later my tongue. With me was ... read more

my favourite piercing

I was in bed one night considering getting a surface piercing on my forearm when i suddenly decided to get the nape of my neck done instead. I I've seen it on a few random people before, but no one I know has it and i've always thought it looked pretty awesome. A forearm surface piercing would be more visible, and may have caused me problems with dress codes at work etc, but with a nape piercing, I could easily hide it by wearing my hair down. Over the next few days I decided i really really wanted a bar ... read more

My cleavage is perfect.

Ok, so I am actually referring to my vertical sternum piercing, but I got your attention, didn't I? My story starts right here on BME. I was browsing through the photos of the unusual piercings when I cam across the most beautiful picture of a girl with a vertical surface piercing. I knew that I had to have it. I began to read experiences, the encyclopedia, and the QOD. I wanted to get any and all information that was out there. The more I read, the more I wanted this piercing because it was rare, and it was difficult to ... read more

Collarbone Surface Piercing - retired

I fell in love with the surface piercing galleries last summer. They looked so different and neat. I loved the idea of little beads of metal looking like they're just sitting on your skin. The aesthetic is really appealing. I knew I wanted more piercings, but facial ones were out and I wasn't really ready to go below the neckline at that time. I checked out the piercing studio in Kingston, Blackstar, and the counter staff said that the entire thing, with jewelry changes etc, would cost at least $180 and that 80% of the time, it rejected within 6 ... read more

A Story of Love and Loss

So about a year ago I decided to get a sternum surface piercing. I did all the research and felt I was well prepared to undertake this type of piercing. The piercer felt that tygon would be the best option, and I had read many positive things about that material. I decided that instead of the more standard up and down I wanted side to side, I liked the look of it better. The piercing went fine and although quite sore it looked lovely. It was a long week ahead, as it was quite painful and it was not easy ... read more

Madison Microdermal

To start with, I should probably give a bit of background to this. I used to work on the checkouts at a supermarket, around the time when I first became interesting in piercings and other body modifications. One day while I was working a girl came in with a Madison piercing, and I immediately fell in love with it. Being the nosy person I am I started chatting to her about it, and that night looked it up on BME for some more info. To my supreme disappointment I discovered it had an unbelievably low success rate, and I REALLY ... read more

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