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my favourite piercing

I was in bed one night considering getting a surface piercing on my forearm when i suddenly decided to get the nape of my neck done instead. I I've seen it on a few random people before, but no one I know has it and i've always thought it looked pretty awesome. A forearm surface piercing would be more visible, and may have caused me problems with dress codes at work etc, but with a nape piercing, I could easily hide it by wearing my hair down. Over the next few days I decided i really really wanted a bar ... read more

My cleavage is perfect.

Ok, so I am actually referring to my vertical sternum piercing, but I got your attention, didn't I? My story starts right here on BME. I was browsing through the photos of the unusual piercings when I cam across the most beautiful picture of a girl with a vertical surface piercing. I knew that I had to have it. I began to read experiences, the encyclopedia, and the QOD. I wanted to get any and all information that was out there. The more I read, the more I wanted this piercing because it was rare, and it was difficult to ... read more

Collarbone Surface Piercing - retired

I fell in love with the surface piercing galleries last summer. They looked so different and neat. I loved the idea of little beads of metal looking like they're just sitting on your skin. The aesthetic is really appealing. I knew I wanted more piercings, but facial ones were out and I wasn't really ready to go below the neckline at that time. I checked out the piercing studio in Kingston, Blackstar, and the counter staff said that the entire thing, with jewelry changes etc, would cost at least $180 and that 80% of the time, it rejected within 6 ... read more

A Story of Love and Loss

So about a year ago I decided to get a sternum surface piercing. I did all the research and felt I was well prepared to undertake this type of piercing. The piercer felt that tygon would be the best option, and I had read many positive things about that material. I decided that instead of the more standard up and down I wanted side to side, I liked the look of it better. The piercing went fine and although quite sore it looked lovely. It was a long week ahead, as it was quite painful and it was not easy ... read more

10 surface piercings in one day- so much fun

For a long time, I had been thinking about adding to my piercings. I had 6g's in my lobes, I had one side of my lip done, and I had taken out a couple of other pieces. But I really wanted to do something a little unusual. I had met Shawn at the Queen Mary Tattoo Expo in Long Beach, and I was really impressed with the play piercing set he did with another model for the show. I had also been talking with a photographer that I work with regularly about doing some more unusual piercings for a series ... read more

You know that's gonna hurt, right?

I don't know why I have always found nape piercings to be so attractive. From the first time I saw one (screwing around on the BME Wiki) I wanted one. For some reason, I considered the placement to be very feminine and sexy, as well as being a less common piercing. A friend I mentioned it to called them "Frankenstein piercing" and said they looked disgusting. She had disapproved of my stretched tongue, too, however, and so I didn't worry too much about her opinion. I did, however, wait a while before actually getting it, hesitant to get a more ... read more

WRIST PIERCING goes slightly wrong

I've always been a big fan of surface piercings, much to my mothers dismay (she isn't keen), you can imagine her face when I came home with a wrist piercing. The piercing was done by Debbie, in Stamford UK. I had been contemplating it for a little over a month, I knew it was not going to last long, 6 months at the longest, it was more for the reaction from other people, I like to be a little different and seen as odd, so a wrist piercing was perfect. I watched the piercing happen, the clamp didn't hurt at ... read more

The journey of my hip surface piercing

While browsing BME I found a picture of a hip surface piercing and instantly fell in love. I knew I had to have it. So I waited a few months and somehow convinced my parents and on May 13 (my 17th birthday) I went to Punktured in Brisbane to get my 9th piercing. The guys there were great and friendly , my parents signed the forms (though Dad wasn't too supportive of me putting a piercing through my hip) and out I went to the studio. Simon marked me up, I checked it and we were ready to go. I ... read more

My sexy new sternum piercing

This all started when I got my first full time pay check. I knew I needed to blow it. I had got my tongue done a few weeks ago and I got obsessed with piercings. My past experience with piercings has been good. My first real piercings, obviously not counting my ears i got when I was 5, were my nose, belly button and both nipples all at once. It was so much fun!! There was very little pain. I went to Kitchener to get them done with my friend Amanda. Then a year later my tongue. With me was ... read more

My first surface piercing, my Nape

Yesterday my friend Joy asked me to go with her to get the balls changed on her surface bar, because she felt like they were too heavy and weighing down on her skin. She had just got her clavicle pierced a week before. It'd been a month or so since my last piercing so I decided I'd get something done since we were going to be in the shop anyways. I thought about it all day, debating what I wanted to get pierced. I already have my tongue and Monroe pierced, so I decided against another facial piercing, seeing as ... read more

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