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Surface Wrist/Arm Piercing

After a long decision process, I decided to go along with getting a surface arm piercing, as I'd always wanted one. Although the rejection rate is extremely high, I thought I'd still risk it. Theres no harm in trying. I went into Cosmetics Plus, one of the cleanest studio's in the city. I had a great piercer, Michael, who made me feel completely relaxed and in safe hands. So I wasn't nervous at all, if anything I was excited. The studio only allows the piercer & the client in the room at any time. All the benches are clean & ... read more

My webbing

This took place about 9 years ago when I was 17. My best friend at the time had a small piercing in the webbing between her pinky and ring finger. I was fascinated by this and thought it was by far the coolest thing I had ever seen. She told be about how her cousin did it for her with an ear piercing gun more than 5 years prior and it just never healed up, so every once in a while she will put a hoop in it. I really wanted to get the same piercing because it looked so ... read more

Madison Piercing, The Good The Bad And The Scar

I have been a big fan of piercings ever since I was a little kid. I used to always wear clip-on nose and earrings because my mum was dead-set against me getting any piercings. But for my 13th birthday she finally gave in and let me get my nose pierced. It was one of the happiest days of my life and mum didn't mind the piercing at all and for my next birthday she let me get my eyebrow done. I loved piercings so much that in the next few years I got my ears pierced all the way up, ... read more

Clavicle surface piercing

About 7 months ago a saw a picture of a boy with this strange piercing I had never seen before. The piercings were so cute, four silver little balls situated under his collar bone. I shoved it to the back of my mind thinking that there was no way in hell I'd ever build up enough courage to even contemplate getting a surface piercing. I'm not a heavily pierced girl by any stretch of the imagination. I've got a few ear piercings and that's it, nothing overly spectacular – an industrial, a couple of tunnels, average stuff. I stopped thinking ... read more

Triple nape piercing

My first piercings started with, of course, my ears. One set on the lobes, then a second, then after two attempts of a third set professionally(both times they got infected) I eventually did them myself after getting an eyebrow piercing when I was thirteen, a lip ring the next year, and my tragus the next. I thought this would be the end of my piercings, as my mother wouldn't allow the uvula and after a while I lost interest, but then I found another desire: the nape. I've used bme as a reference ever since I looked into getting my ... read more

My First Surface Piercing - Short and Sweet....

I had got my rook pierced two days ago, on a whim on my lunch hour. So today when I decided to go shopping (I wanted yet another pair of shoes!) I was not expecting to come home with my first surface piercing.... Let me explain a little. I am not new to piercings. I have an 8mm stretch, scaffolding, six studs running up my left ear and my lip. And of course the new rook. I had met my friend Chris in town to do dome some shopping and the first thing he said was that he needed to ... read more

My anti experience

So I've wanted to get my anti-eyebrow done for about three years. I had even planned to get it done with a surface bar when I was about 16, but when I went in to get sized for it, the piercer told me that I had to be 18 for a surface piercing. He told me to keep informed on the latest types of piercings and procedures on the BME site, and also told me about the micro-dermal implant procedure. The way that he explained it, it didn't sound like it had been around for too long, and it didn't ... read more

My 1st Surface Piercing [Nape]

My decision to have my nape pierced was relatively sudden compared to many on BME. I honestly can't remember how I found the BME site, but it has helped me so much in making an informed decision. Initially I was looking for an ear piercing that was a little out of the ordinary. After hours and hours of browsing I narrowed my decision down to either an Industrial or Vertical Tragus. Sure, it's *only* an ear piercing, but anything to do with cartilage scares the shit out of me! To be 100% honest, anything in the ear apart from a ... read more

Pain in the Neck

So I'm not especially sure I can say why I wanted to get my nape pierced. I'm a fan of piercings, always have been, and have several myself now. But the nape was never one I thought I'd have done. After turning eighteen, though, the possibilities for new mods became endless (not counting all the ones illegal in Florida) and I realized that I could get this one. So one cold winter day (about sixty in Orlando) I decided to do it. I told a few people, but nobody had heard of it. My mom was one of those people, ... read more

My new microdermals

After many months researching the relatively new microdermal procedures in the UK, I decided to pluck up the courage to call Holier Than Thou in Sheffield, as they are currently one of the few studios to do microdermals in the UK. I booked an appointment and they explained the risks of a procedure such as this over the phone. On the Monday I travelled to Sheffield, admittedly very scared! I was assured by articles, emails to other people who had microdermals and friends that it wouldn't be a difficult procedure, and my piercer reiterated this when I got to the ... read more

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