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I chose the piercing before the dress.

Ever since grade nine, I dreamt about graduating from my 'hell-hole of a school'. Currently (well, until the 29th of this month aka June), I attend a boarding school in British Columbia, Canada. It is a fairly well-known school, strict, conservative (especially against body modification, I need to hide all of my piercings at school or else they'll tell me to take them out), but still a very good school (classes wise). Well, this year is my final, grade 12 year, I'm finally leaving. On May 19th was my Graduation Dinner and Dance (Prom or whatever other people call it), ... read more

Hand Webbing Piercing Experience- Repiercing on Scar Tissue

I've been in love with piercings as long as I can remember- to me, they are hypnotic. I forget when I realized how beautiful a hand web piercing could be, or why- but I've basically been planning to get one since I was about 15. Well, because I am impatient and inexperienced (although I have previously pierced my own ears including cartilage successfully) I ended up piercing it myself. Things certainly weren't sterile and it began to reject after about 2 weeks. I also happened to go to Warped Tour about the same time. The open ring got hooked on ... read more

"You're sick!"

I found out that in my country that surface is a rather stranger and rare thing, even the one who pierced me thought so. I was looking for something special on BME and came over the surface section and there I found the love of my life... A deep chest piercing. I walked in my city trying to find someone that does surface and was lucky enough that one guy at Image have done some few on the neck, but when i came in the store asking for 2 chest piercing a strange face came. Even the other who takes ... read more

Surface piercing on my wrist

It was when I went to get my belly button pierced in june, when I turned 16, that I had the idea of getting a surface piercing on my wrist. My sister's boyfriend took my to get my belly pierced and I mentioned the idea of getting a surface piercing on my wrist to him but he said it would look 'tacky'. I didn't care what he thought though, I knew it would look awesome! I kept thinking about the piercing and I knew my parents wouldn't agree because it wasn't 'mainstream' but that didn't matter, I'd get it done ... read more

Supercial en la nuca con barbell de discos

Hola, voy a contar mi experiencia con al perforación de mi nuca: Tras ver varias páginas sobre piercing decidí ponerme uno en la nuca, anteriormente ya lleve uno pero me lo tuve que quitar porque no llevaba una pieza de superficie y no me gustaba como me quedaba por lo tanto sobre todo recomiendo a la gente que se lo quiera hacer que se informe bien de cuales son las piezas que se han de poner en la nuca y vayan a informarse al estudio para preguntar si disponen de ellas ya que no tienen en todos los sitios, tambien ... read more

Rib Surface

I guess you could say that this was a bonding experience with myself and a girlfriend. We had a few drinks a couple of weeks ago and decided (after much comparison of our many mods) that we wanted to get surface piercings on our ribs. Awesome. She had a wonderful man who did her other surface bars, so we decided to go to him. We went in on friday night and set the appointment for saturday. Needless to say I was excited about the whole thing and could barely sleep. I met her at work and we drove down to ... read more

My Cleavage piercing...

Obviously, I got my cleavage pierced, and how I came about wanting to get that done was I came across a photo on www.myyearbook.com of a female across seas who'd had it done and I absolutely fell in love with it. So I started doing research and came across bmezine.com and was reading people's stories. I read that it supposably took a long time to heal and that it was at times hard to sleep and hard to move around one's arms. My experience wasn't like that at all. I at first was a little scared to get it done ... read more

Collarrrggghhbone microdermals, four shiny dics under my collarbones.

The first few weeks of having microdermals in my collarbones heightened my natural traits of being worried, obsessive and panicky! Perhaps I'm exaggerating slightly but I really have fretted over these small pieces of metal more than what a normal person would. Surface piercings astound me, I love the look of beads being screwed directly into the skin, and they have the added bonus of generally being found below the neck, so are viable options for me due to my part-time job's slightly vague guidelines on piercings (one day I'll pluck up the courage to get a vertical labret!) I ... read more


Ok this is my first time submitting anything here so be kind! I love piercings, a kind of redundant comment on this site but it's true; I love the look, the feel and getting them done. Unfortunately my newest baby (ok I don't know technical terms for each piercing) a chest bar surface piercing didn't love me as much! Id only had it a couple of months at best and it was royally rejecting me, on the off chance they could tell me a magic secret to keep it I went into punktured to speak to someone. I got the ... read more

My webbing

This took place about 9 years ago when I was 17. My best friend at the time had a small piercing in the webbing between her pinky and ring finger. I was fascinated by this and thought it was by far the coolest thing I had ever seen. She told be about how her cousin did it for her with an ear piercing gun more than 5 years prior and it just never healed up, so every once in a while she will put a hoop in it. I really wanted to get the same piercing because it looked so ... read more

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