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Nape, nape, napeeeee

After scouring the Internet for absolutely months, I was still unsure on what surface piercing to go for. Eventually, after watching countless amounts of videos on Youtube, I decided to get my Nape (back of neck) pierced. I'd heard a lot about the piercing and how if it goes wrong, you can get 'paralysed' which I later heard from my piercer that this is actually complete bollocks. Seeing, as that's pretty much impossible because the nerves are situated under the spine, on the 1st April 2007 I went to get my piercing done. I was only slightly nervous, but I ... read more

My New Microdermal

This is the story of my experience with getting a microdermal on my cheekbone. My friend Stephanie wanted to go get her tongue pierced and I offered to go with her as I have mine done and thought I could offer her some support. This was perfect timing for me as I had recently gotten "the itch" and knew if I didn't get a new piercing soon I would die of boredom. I quickly searched BME and google to try and find a good studio near Waterloo, where Steph and I both go to university. I found Thrive Studios and ... read more

Dermal Anchor

On saturday the 12th of January 2007, I went to Emily's Dangly Bits in Stourbridge with some mates, wanting a new piercing but REALLY not wanting to spend a lot of money. While we were decided what to have pierced, they mentioned Dermal anchors, and I'd heard about them in Oasis, Birmingham (who, Incidentally are great piercers, and I've loved going there for most of mine :D) the cost at Oasis, I was told, was £50 per anchor, which is REALLY expensive, for someone on a 16 year old's budget. I asked how much they were charging at Emily's & ... read more

Another microdermal story.

Microdermals underneath my collarbones interested me as soon as I saw the article on BME. I'd dismissed the idea of surface piercings there because the inevitable rejection wasn't particularly appealing - and due to how I sleep and how much I'd knock them, I was certain it wouldn't work out for more than a few uncomfortable months. So, microdermals seemed like the perfect solution. I didn't go into this expecting to keep them forever though. I waited for a few months to make sure I really wanted them, during which Holier Than Thou began to offer them to customers and ... read more

The Madison. My Journey…and its’ end.

About four months ago now I made the decision to embark on my surface piercing journey. I deliberated over which piercing to get and why, finally settling on one that I've always loved the look of, ever since first seeing it on BMEzine. My poison? The Madison. After thoroughly researching all aspects of this awesome piercing, the how and why, what to use and the freakishly high rate of rejecting I decided to go through with it. Completely accepting that it really isn't a "forever" piercing. So off I went to my usual shop, in all honesty not completely stress ... read more

The best thing I've ever done with my body - Cleavage Bar

About five or six months ago, I started looking through some pictures on BME, looking for a piercing that would work for me. I needed something somewhat discrete so that it could be hidden for work, but I could still show it off when I wasn't at work. I was also a bit worried about what my parents would say, but I figured if they didn't agree with it, I'd just keep it covered so they wouldn't have to look at it. In all my searching, I came across the cleavage bar. I saw it and I knew that it ... read more

My First Microdermal (and definitely not my last)

I've been interested in body modification for a good few years now; I have various piercings, and more recently (after turning 18) have acquired several tattoos. I recently moved to Chester, and 'The Piercing Bodz' caught my eye. A lot of the piercing places I've visited in the past have been primarily tattoo studios offering piercing on the side. The idea of a piercing-only studio really appealed to me. Like I said, I'd recently moved and wanted to check out as many places as I could before I had another piercing. I'd been contemplating a surface piercing on my temple ... read more

My first Corset piercing

I've been piercing for about three years, and have discovered most people only want you to give them a piercing if you can tell them you've done "lots" of that exact piercing before on other people. That makes a lot of since from the point of the person getting pierced, however makes it hard for a newer piercer to learn the more unique procedures. A lot of piercers probably have wives/girlfriends willing to get practiced on, but in my case my wife hates pain and is not a huge piercing fan. Also practicing on ones self can only go so ... read more

my first piercing...my nape

I was fourteen and had been wanting piercings for as long as I could remember. I lived in a small country town where the body modification scene was not understood. My dad was into the whole redneck thing and didn't want me to be a freak. I begged and begged him to let me get my tongue piercing but that is one thing he wouldn't do. So I got on BMEZINE.com to look for ideas to talk my dad into it. While I was looking I ran into the surface piercings and fell in love with the neck piercing. I ... read more

Frankenstein Microdermals

I have never been, nor expect to be, an extraordinary member of the body modification community. I've had a few piercings and a small tattoo on my wrist, but never anything that has really warranted someone passing me in the street to stop, point and gasp loudly. But even so, I have always been proud of my piercings, and I enjoy explaining the meaning behind my tattoo. The only problem I had was that I had seen every one of my piercings on other people. Although out of my immediate group of friends I was the most modified, I didn't ... read more

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