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two more pieces of metal

I have wanted to get microdermals since I can remember seeing the first few pictures to be posted on bme. I loved the simplicity and beauty of a single-point piercing. Not until last week was I able to actually get one. My friend and piercer AJ who works at Twisted Visions had gone to a convention and learned how to pierce microdermals and all that stuff on the weekend. The next day I figured he could use some practice, and I was one-hundred percent comfortable with being the test dummy for him. AJ told me he would come in on ... read more

Napes don't hurt

About 2 weeks ago I came to the conclusion I wanted my nape pierced, just as the same way I wanted my nipples done. It's a piercing that isn't commonly sported everyday like a nose stud or even an eyebrow ring. I tried getting it done 2 weekends ago but I was $5 short and my piercer Branden Freshour( also a very close friend) couldn't sneak me in with his manager there. So I waited till last weekend to go in and get it done, I went on a Friday right after work with the intent on only getting my ... read more

My sternum piercing (What an eye catcher!)

I'm pretty new to body modifications. Since I turned 18, I had my ears gauged to 6's, my eyebrow pierced for a little over a year, and my bellybutton going on 2 years. I've never had a terrible experience with any of my piercings, and found all of them quite enjoyable. Recently, I decided to add something new to my body. The idea was very spare of the moment (which may not have been the best idea) and I was very unprepared for what I was about to go through. My friend Melissa, who is heavily into piercings, decided that ... read more

Microdermals, the love of my life

Originally I wanted surface bars down my chest and belly. I kept thinking about them and knew they would reject. I attempted to do one myself, and it rejected right away. It seemed like I wouldn't be able to have my buttons. Last spring I found out about microdermals, and, though they're still "experimental," I decided that was the way to go. I attempted to find a place that would do them in Spokane, WA. No one would do it because it was "too risky." I tried to convince some people to test it on me, but no one would. ... read more

First dermal anchor.

So my friend and I had decided that we were going to get pierced but we had to figure out what we wanted pierced first. I decided to get underneath my navel pierced as a surface piercing and she decided to get her sternum pierced as a surface piercing. But when we arrived at Wicked Ink in Penrith and met with Joeltron, our piercer, he persuaded us to get dermal anchors instead as there was a better chance of healing as the surface piercings would only have a 20% chance, and also because I loved the look of the star ... read more

My New Microdermal

This is the story of my experience with getting a microdermal on my cheekbone. My friend Stephanie wanted to go get her tongue pierced and I offered to go with her as I have mine done and thought I could offer her some support. This was perfect timing for me as I had recently gotten "the itch" and knew if I didn't get a new piercing soon I would die of boredom. I quickly searched BME and google to try and find a good studio near Waterloo, where Steph and I both go to university. I found Thrive Studios and ... read more

Dermal Anchor

On saturday the 12th of January 2007, I went to Emily's Dangly Bits in Stourbridge with some mates, wanting a new piercing but REALLY not wanting to spend a lot of money. While we were decided what to have pierced, they mentioned Dermal anchors, and I'd heard about them in Oasis, Birmingham (who, Incidentally are great piercers, and I've loved going there for most of mine :D) the cost at Oasis, I was told, was £50 per anchor, which is REALLY expensive, for someone on a 16 year old's budget. I asked how much they were charging at Emily's & ... read more

Another microdermal story.

Microdermals underneath my collarbones interested me as soon as I saw the article on BME. I'd dismissed the idea of surface piercings there because the inevitable rejection wasn't particularly appealing - and due to how I sleep and how much I'd knock them, I was certain it wouldn't work out for more than a few uncomfortable months. So, microdermals seemed like the perfect solution. I didn't go into this expecting to keep them forever though. I waited for a few months to make sure I really wanted them, during which Holier Than Thou began to offer them to customers and ... read more

Scalp Piercing (the toni?).

I have fairly recently fallen in love with body modification (within the last year or so). I have always been fascinated with piercings and tattoos, but my knowledge of them and other mods was little to none; it was just interesting. I met Damien, an experienced piercing artist, who became my gateway into the community. Since meeting and befriending him my knowledge of body modification has expanded greatly, specifically with piercings. I have gotten a fair number of piercings since then, but each time I want to do something a little different. As most people interested in modification say, it ... read more

Pretty Little Pain in the Neck

Pretty Little Pain in the Neck Getting my first surface piercing was semi-planned and semi-spontaneous. I'd been toying with the idea for awhile and the girlfriend and I were driving past a studio where I had been pierced before. I didn't think it would be open; it's a Monday after all. But they were and that was it my mind was made up. The guy (whose name turned out to be Jan) pierced my ears lobes about two years ago and I had no reservations about going back to him. He's a really relaxed cat and didn't mind me asking ... read more

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