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Why I modded myself...

life I've been fascinated with body modification, yet I never really knew it as such until I stumbled upon BME on accident one day. Also until I saw BME it never really occurred to get anything done because everyone always told me it was self mutilation and thus bad. Unfortunately though, I still couldn't get anything professionally done because I'm not quite yet eighteen and my dad will not take me... so I decided to mod myself. Now of course this was a bad idea and I have thus stopped (currently) and am waiting out the last few months, but ... read more

It started with a Madison...

t even remember when I saw my first Madison... Just that the idea has been implanted in my head for several years now, just waiting for the right moment. Perhaps it was the rarity value that attracts me; I had my first eyebrow piercing eight years ago, way before every other kid on the street, in clubs and McDonalds, had them, but despite that I have always kept both eyebrow piercings (the second followed a couple of years later) because, well, they're me. A few years passed, and then I ran into Nettie, now running her own bodypiercing studio in ... read more

A Tale of Two Cheek Piercings

e all I have heard about cheek piercings and how almost everyone I know has had raunchy ecperiences with them and had to eventually take them out, I wanted to get mine done anyways. I have always been a pretty quick healer, with only one piercing ever getting infected before (conch). So I went to SanDiego to visit my friend's Andy and Eddie in there new piercing shop, and we decided Eddie would pierce my cheeks. I had been wanting them done for a while, and had never been pierced by Eddie yet, and got to do it in his ... read more

Did someone say elbow piercing?

first thought about getting a mod, i didn't think much of it. i mean, getting your lobes pierced was a mod. but i thought past that... way past that. At the moment i have 3 piercings. to be specific, 3 elbow piercings. It all started when I first got into highschool 2 years ago i found out that this 16 year old guy (now 17) owns his own tattoo shop and somehow, that got me interested in body mods. And plus, everyone had their ears pierced. Now if you look around my school, there are many people with mods. (labrets, ... read more

My Beautiful Corset Piercing

saw my first corset piercing, I fell in love. It was the most beautiful piercing I had ever seen, and I knew one day I would have one. Unfortunately, the town I live in only had one piercer, and their estimated cost was more than I wanted to pay. After two years went by, another piercing shop opened up, and I started apprenticing there this fall. I asked the piercer and boss, Mike, if he had done a corset piercing, or any form of surface piercing before. He said he hadn't, but was interested in giving it a try. I ... read more

Everyone tells me

ea: A couple of months ago i decided to get both of my eyebrows pierced, but i didn't want to have little rings coming out the side, because in my opinion, that looks horrible. So i decided that i would get my eyebrows pierced right above the center of each eye. It ended up turning out very well. Well, it wasn't long before i was itching to get another piercing. It was hard to decide what to get. I knew that i wanted it to add to the symetrical theme that i already had going on. After some hard consideration, ... read more

Piercing myself in Guam

m sitting alone in my very small one room apartment on Guam with all my belongings packed in boxes. Hopefully I will be allowed to leave here soon. I detest the tropics. I wouldn't trust a piercer on this island (there are only 3) with a stick pin let alone a 12g needle. I really want a piercing though. So I'm thinking to myself "Hey, I've got all the supplies, and I've done piercings before. Why not do it myself?" (Of course, I've only done basic lobes @ 12g then helped stretch to 10g. That counts, right?) My job doesn't ... read more

My Self-Pierced Bridge

back whats going on everyone? This is my second experience for BME my first one is when I pierced my own frenum (which if you read as healed almost perfectly since that time). But this piercing I preformed was a little bit more extreme.......The bridge of my nose. For those who arent into the whole piercing scene the bridge is located in the upper part of the nose (between the eyes). I got the urge to pierce it when I saw it done on a few of my friends and I liked the way thiers came out. So I thought ... read more

my uvula piercing -gag-

ell you the experience from the very beginning. I've always been in search of something different, a piercing or a tattoo or some other form of body modification. I first tried a Madison, after the 3rd rejection I thought it was time to try something different. I found it on the pages of BME. I was parusing sp the unusual piercings (of course) and came across what I thought was the most unusual and daring piercing ... the uvula. I had to have it. I'll break the rest of the story down into 3 parts. 1. Finding a piercer who ... read more

Double Surface Spinal=No Pain

all started off as a big ole plan to get a single surface piercing underneath my tattoo on my lower back. so I waited a long while before seriously considering gettint it done. Then all of a sudden I was in Toronto one day and I went into Stainless Studios (my favorite studio--I recomend it to anyone) and I was talking to Travis (the guy at the desk) and I asked if they would do a spinal surface piercing, he told me not only would they do it, but they were the ones to invent the procedure and jewelry ect, ... read more

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