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Second attempt at a sternum surface piercing

A brief introduction and background. I had got my cleavage pierced in August of 2000, taking it out because it was rejecting in April of 2001. It was done with a 1 1/4" long surface barbell with 45 degree angles on the arms. I am not exactly sure of the length of the arms, I will make an educated guess at 1/4". It seemed "healed" after 4 or so months, with no pain, no crusties, no redness, anything. It was like that until the last month of its life, when I finally took it out because I was sick of ... read more

"Did You Just Walk Out of Surgery?" The Story of My Nape

Without a doubt, the nape piercing procedure was the best piercing experience I have ever had. It began similar to other piercings, but the outcome was so much more fulfilling. To begin, there are a couple of things to consider when getting a nape piercing. First of all, it is important that your piercer is comfortable performing a surface piercing, and has the proper jewelry to accommodate it. Secondly, your piercer must be skilled in being able to ensure a straight piercing over such a large area. With that said, as with all of my piercings, I chose the gentle, ... read more

my bridge

Last year at Ozzfest I was trying to find the perfect souvenir. Nothing caught my eye until I saw a huge crowd around one of the booths. I went over and saw a girl getting her eyebrow pierced and thought what a great idea. I sat through a few more sets before I decided to get my bridge done. I don't know how I came up with this idea because I cannot remember ever seeing it on anyone before that day. I think that is what made it so appealing to me. I talked my boyfriend and his brother into ... read more

i'm bored...how about a hand web

To start I know how dumb it is to get a piercing done not in a studio actually let's start at the beginning since this does have to be 800 words or more. I'm 16 and have been my ears pierced since before I can remember like 6 months ago I got my nose pierced which go really screwed up but that's a different story (piercing guns = death). And have since started piercing my own ears, 15 in all now so I am no stranger to piercing myself. I even pierce my friends sometimes, well in the ear anyway. ... read more

Couple Balls on my hand (My Hand-Web Piercing

Wow, Finally a story to send to BME, so excited. My very most favoritest site all over the internet (ok, I'm kissing ass, it's what I do best! ok?!) Ok, This experience it all about my hand web piercing that was done, just last night in my ½ brothers basement. Lets see... where to begin.... Once upon a time... not wait that's not it.. awww screw it, here I go. Last night I found myself at my ½ brothers house with a few needles and a burning desire to have my hand webbing pierced. Ever since I saw pictures of ... read more

All Hyped For A Scare...

And this is my experience... I believe it was March 19th 2001, I had decided to get my "dream" piercing which would have been my last. It was a surface chest piercing and I had fantasized about it for years. I walked into my piercers (Pete) studio not even expecting to get a piercing when my sister and I started talking. Basically I had convinced her to lend me the money to get it done, I was so happy you have not idea. I talked to Pete but there was one problem, he didn't have the right jewlery. I emediatly ... read more

my nape experience

me and my girlfriend were out and about one day and were kind of bored. we had nothing better to do, so we decided to stop by the only piercing shop in town that we feel comfortable at. the two of us went inside just to say hello to our friends that were working. after being there for a few minutes, my girlfriend and i decided she would get some sort of piercing before we left the shop that day. we sat there for about an hour trying to figure out what she should have done. she was not quite ... read more

His first nape

After roaming around the pages of BME for hours on end I decided that I wanted my nape pierced. I've got all the usual piercings such as lip, tongue, nipple, nose etc etc but I wanted something different. I can't really explain why I felt I needed something different, I think it is to do with the fact that I have an extreme and different nature and needed something to represent that. Plus I'm in the middle of my finals at university and wanted something unusual to mark this period in my life. I haven't seen anyone round here with ... read more


I have always had a deep interest in piercing. That's what brought me here to bme. I go on bme so often and learn more and more every day about the piercing world. One day while I was looking at pictures I saw a picture of a female with the base of her neck pierced. Originally I was amazed that it looked like a necklace. It looked absolutely beautiful. It complimented her neck, her shoulders and collarbone well. I started to research for more pictures of this piercing and usually on everybody they looked absolutely beautiful. A few months past ... read more

kitty nipples, a surface bar experience

everyone has a part of their body they like, and would like to accentuate. for me its always been my torso. So when I found out about things like surface piercings and art implants I was really excited. for about a year or 2 I was kind of shopping around for someone to do surface piercings on my side, to accentuate my ribs. I was afraid I didn't have enough skin to do it and that I would have to abandon the idea. I also thought I would have to get the piercings with ptfe flexible barbells, and this always ... read more

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