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The DIY experince

Hey wierdos. This is about my experiences with the DIY, Do It Yourself, method of piercing and the thing that have happened becasue of my choice to do it myself and not go to a professional. The reasons I do it this way and the reasons I shouldn't do it this way. One of the reasons for me to do my own piercings , and I know this sounds pathetic, but I have no car to go looking for places to get pierced up, and have no trusty piercing companion who will look with beings all my friend are tattoo ... read more

The hell of my first peircing...

The hell of getting your first piercing... Let me tell you this much..I was scared out of my writs. Originally I was going to get my nipples done then my labret. We were sitting around the basement,Kayta Mike and I. Mike has pierced a lot of people and knew what he was doing. He had all the right equipiment and what not. Steril needles, clamps, gloves etc. I trust Mike. So while we were sitting around watching T.V in Kayta's basement mike got his stuff out to show us. I have always wanted to get a surface piercing on my ... read more


I had wanted to get surface piercings for a long time. About a year ago, I decided to get my ribs done and I wanted 3 on each side. My piercer, Doug Eddleman, was excited and we were ready but he had moved to a different studio which turned out to be Body Rites. After I had found him again, I told him I still wanted to get them done and we decided to do it. We discussed all of the details and decided to only do four this time and go back and do the last two if the ... read more

29 before 18!

OK so i got my 1st piercing when i was about 14 (agggggggggess ago) it was my nipple, which i loved instantly and lead me to kinda get obsessed with piercing. It looked pretty and gave me something to play with !! I didnt think it hurt and now i know it didnt (compaired to some of the deep surface piercings ive had now). I then got my tragus done, at the time i was in school and i hadnt seen any pictures of it i just thought itd be kool to get 'that jiblety thingie' done.So i did and ... read more

Hand Web

I'm on my second hand web pierce. The first one (Had it done first week in July 99) lasted about 3/4 months before it grew out. I'm figuring that was because I had it in my right hand, and I am right handed, so the had got a lot of use. I missed that pierce so much that I had it redone on my left hand in mid-December 1999. It's still with me, and it seems to be healing great. The first time, I had it done at Gauntlet San Francisco. The piercer marked entrance and exit holes on my ... read more

My first piercing -- a self done surface

Many years ago, my brother was going to school for the Navy and ended up having to live in a hotel for a few months because of some famboozled records at the barracks. This would be the setting in which I would see the piercing I wanted. He called me up one day and said he needed a vehicle. This meant that my mom and I had to take our second vehicle, drive it to him, a trip of nearly 1000 miles, give it to him, and find a way home. My brother has never been very considerate. So, being ... read more

Why I got my arms pierced.

I have 14gauge PFTE barbells sticking through the skin on the back of both of my arms. No, I wasn't born with them there (no such luck), but rather, I had a guy named Chad shove 12gag hollow needles into me and then stick them there. In a few weeks (once they've healed), I'll have them stretched to (hopefully) a 6gauge or - if Chad would be so kind - a 2gauge. I'll then insert freaking huge stainless steal bull-ring-looking things into them. Okay, the technical crap is out of the way... now for the fun part: Why would I ... read more

Great Nape by Scott and Progressive

I need to preface this story by sharing a couple of prejudices. I used to live three blocks from Infinite Body Piercing in Philadelphia. Luis Garcia has done most of my piercing work, and I worship that guy. I respect the work he does, and I've found that I've had fewer complications from piercings he's done when compared to other piercers. My other prejudice is that I really believe that you get what you pay for. I would rather pay twice as much for something that I know will last longer and will have minimal complications. I was in Chicago ... read more

do-it yourself surface piercings

so one day i decided to do a couple surface piercings o the side of my wrist(16 to be exact). my idea was to create for X's by making diagonal piercings.i wanted to pierce it first so that i could eventually put black thread through it. i have done sewing on myself before but i had to get rid of it because my parents were on to me.so i did about 8 piercings in one day and was tired of it because it took me about 4 hours to get that far(wrist skin is very elastic)so the next couple days ... read more

Surface wrist piercings

I decided to get my 2 surface wrist piercings after LOT of thought. I wanted them done because previously I have cut my arm through being very fucked up, since I last did that I've found myself REALLY wanting faaar to many times. So I figured if I get something actually put into my wrist it may lessen the urges. I decided I needed them done horizontally, because I always cut horizontally, never vertically. Anyway, I made the appointment a week in advance to get my nerves down; having someone else hurt my arm I thought would be very weird. ... read more

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