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Another Start to Another Addiction (A Microdermal Story)

Ah, piercings. Who would think a girl like me who complains about paper cuts like her finger was cut off; who is put out of commission if she has a slight headache; who avoids shots like the plague; would be so deeply addicted to piercings. I love the whole experience in all it's glorious pricks of pain, months of healing, and questions from the general public. It's fun, as strange as that sounds. Since mircodermals were introduced on BME, I had loved the idea of a single point piercing you could get anywhere on your body. The possibilities seemed endless. ... read more

Gum Piercing

My gum piercing started being a bit of an obsession right after my septril piercing in mid November. Basically, I started becoming more and more obsessed with pushing my own limits and challenging my piercer's skills and daring... Luckily, The Becky, is easily the best my area has to offer. I have been pierced by her now for almost 3 years, and I count her among my most wonderful friends. I would give her my whole-hearted recommendations, so if any of you are in Moncton and looking for a piercing ... Check out Krystal Blade, on the corner of King ... read more

Self Done Microdermals

First off I would like to say how in now way at all condone self done piercings, or any mods. If you want something done then go to a professional. That said it is my belief that you should get things done by people you are close to or at least know if and where possible just because it means a lot more than a stranger doing it for you because you can then look at your mod and not only will it remind you of a time and place but of the person who did it and the times ... read more

Nape surface piercing

So about 4 hours ago, I dragged my friends along with me to come and get my nape pierced. I had to wait for about a week because I only wanted it done at Exotic, they are the best in Perth for aftercare and they make me laugh (they are also quite relaxed about ages), but they were fully booked out and other times didn't suit us. My friend wanted her webbing done at the same time, but I had to go first as the Jenette the piercer had set everything up for my piercing already. First of all she ... read more

My Surface Tragus

I had been wanting to get this piercing for a very long time now - ever since I first saw pictures on this website - I was just waiting for the right time. I knew that I would get it at one point but I wanted to make sure that I got it done by the right person. I've heard of people having bad experiences with their surface tragus' and I didn't want to have to go through all that just for a piercing. I wanted to go to Epidart (another tattoo and piercing place in Moncton) but that didn't ... read more

My Precious Dermal

I've seen dermal anchors before, only I didn't know they were called dermal anchors. They fascinated me, I always wondered how they stayed in place. The first time I ever saw one was at a concert on a girl who had been hanging out with us, she had a tiny little diamond under her right eye, I wondered about it but was too timid to ask. The second time was at work one day, I decided to take a trip to the nearby liquor shop on my lunch break to browse the tattoo magazines they had in stock. They all ... read more

My Ankle Surface Piercing Experience

This past Saturday morning (5/10/08), I woke up without a plan. After calling a friend up and confirming a like issue of being planless, we decided to head to Myrtle Beach on a whim. During the drive, I decided I'd get a piercing since it had been some number of months since my last. I'm the type of lame person that tries to make sure every body modification I do is something I've never seen before. After spending some time evaluating every pinch and fold of skin on my body, I decided I'd get my ankles pierced diagonally-inward, right by ... read more

Madison (chest) Piercing

I JUST got home from the piercing studio! I spontaneously decided to get pierced today. I've been doing a lot of research on surface piercings, and alternatives. I had some questions before I went through with it, so I wasn't sure if I would really do it today, or just get some info. I was kind of worried that the piercing would get squished by my boobs when I lie on my side, and rejection. I'd given some thought to the techniques used, but decided that a regular surface piercing was a chance I was willing to take. Ron's shop ... read more

Land of the Nape

Approximately three years ago I saw my first memorable nape piercing. In the movie Land of the Dead I saw the main female actress, Asia Argento, sporting the curious adornment. At the time, my knowledge of body modification was far less than what it is now; basically I was intrigued by the two balls on the back of some woman's neck. I was fascinated and the image has yet to leave my mind. Now years later, with far more knowledge of the human anatomy then I ever thought I would want to know and a decent knowledge of body modification, ... read more

Nape Piercing

*Getting your nape, or any surface piercing for that matter, pierced with PTFE and not a titanium surface bar is a very stupid idea and I do not advise this at all* This surface piercing was a bit spur of the moment really; I was only there to get my two short bars taken out and the long bar put in my scaffold! This was done at Harlow Piercing Studio in Essex – Not recommended. After asking about prices and how much it would cost (25 pound, 20 with my discount card) I went over to the cash point over ... read more

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