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My Addiction Climax

Though I have 15 piercings and a tattoo there are two in particular that stand out as the epitome of my modification, my nipples. They are what brought me from the relatively tame shy girl I had always been forced into portraying myself as to the confidant less inhibited me that had always rested beneath my skin just waiting to be released(pun intended). My modification started my 18 birthday(excuse the cliché') with a tattoo of an infinity, though this was in fact satisfying it left me in a kind of disappointment and longing for release. Then a few days later ... read more

Finally something other than my ears.... and so amazing!

I'd been wanting to get my nipples pierced for almost two years before I finally got up the courage to actually go through with it. I have my lobes pierced a total of five times and my cartilage done but had never gotten any other piercings done. I'd also had all of those done with a gun(unfortunately before I knew how unfavorable they are) so this would be my first time getting anything done in a real piercing shop. I had just gotten a larger paycheck than normal, and had been talking about getting something pierced with a friend of ... read more

Discount piercings are never a good thing!

I was 18 when I first considered getting my nipples pierced. I had several ear mods, my belly button, my tongue and my nose (briefly) pierced but I liked the idea of getting my nipples pierced because it was a more private piercing to add to my collection. The day I got them pierced, my friend was getting his half sleeve and called me to come by while he was in the chair. I had no intention of getting anything done that day, especially since that wasn't the studio I normally go to, but I went anyway to see my ... read more

An overall depressing experience

I usually think about and covet a piercing for several months before I decide to actually get it. Nothing was different about my nipple piercing: I wanted it for at least four months before I finally decided to make the plunge. I decided that I only wanted one done, and that I wanted it to be my left nipple. I'd never liked my left breast as much, and figured that a piercing would bring it some equality. Going into the piercing, I was pretty worried. I'd read a lot of scary stories here about nipple piercings gone wrong and nipple ... read more

My nipple piercing expirience

I'm a 17 year old male that recently got my nipple pierced just over a year ago now and this is my piercing experience. I started out liking piercing around the age of 13 that's when I got my ear pierced. I thought it was cool and liked the piercing but soon wanted more, so I soon later got my other ear pierced. After that I kept getting more and more piercing and stretching them as well. After I got all the other piercing I didn't really think I could bare the pain of getting a nipple pierced. A few ... read more

My first piercing, and my nipples look gorgeous.

I have always found that society's ideals of what a woman should look like in order to achieve femininity are contrived, ludicrous, and often born from misogyny. It could have been growing up In a liberal and feminist church community that helped me reject a lot of the daily pressures to shave, wear makeup, lose weight, sleep with men I don't know and accept that men only connect to women on a physical level (a horrible message for both men and women). It could have been all the strikingly beautiful women I've met along the way who refuse to adhere ... read more

being satisfied with myself

I've a few piercings in the past, but I've never had one professionally done, unless you count my first ears holes done at Claire's when I was 10... and that really doesn't count. I tend to feel more comfortable stabbing myself than trusting my skin to a total stranger. I did my own second holes in my ears, a couple helixes, my bellybutton, my tongue web, and most recently, my nose [experience coming]. Someday, I'd like to pierce people as a profession, and I feel like I shouldn't do something to someone that I haven't done to myself. But one ... read more

Notorious Nipples

The best way to explain this is from the beginning work my way through the middle and finish off strong at the end. So here I go: I have Small boobs. It's kind of a cosmic joke on how small they are because I use to make fun of my middle sister for being flat in the chest while growing up and now she has a whooping 36 DD. (Thanks for stealing the all the good genes sis)...but this story isn't about my sister or her boobs but my nipples. So onward ho:I am a full A cup. Due to ... read more

my nipple piercing.

One morning I woke up, and had a thought. "I want to get something pierced". I already had had my nose done prior, which I had taken out, and wanted something a little more private. I'm not one for facial or surface piercing (except for a cute nose stud), so I got thinking. I knew all along what I wanted but couldn't quite bring myself to make the decision; I'm not exactly a girl who you'd guess to want/have her nipple pierced. After a little research (on BME most notably), and sussing a few pictures of cute girls with bars ... read more

My first piercing

I have been thinking of getting a piercing for about two years now. But the only thing holding me back was where to get it. I decided on my nipples. I talked to a friend about where she goes to get tattoos and ear piercing. She told me that the girl that does it was great and clean. I went to her house to visit, while sitting in her basement I decided that it was time to get pierced and called the tattoo and piercing studio Visible Ink. She said to come in around seven pm that night. Five of ... read more

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