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Finally I have pierced nipples!

My story starts 15 years ago when I left home. I would often think about piercing my nipples, but never dared to go ahead with it. I thought my friends too conservative and didn't want to be ridiculed for doing something this "strange". I guess it was partly a self esteem problem, not having the confidence to go ahead and be what I wanted to be. I wanted to get my nipples done, but didn't want them to be visible to people I knew when I took my top off. To scratch the itch I had for piercing I started ... read more

Brand New to Body Modification

I've wanted to get another piercing ever since my sister got her upper ear done when I was a sophomore in high school. I finally now got up enough courage to get it done. It was between my upper ear, my nose, or my nipples. I decided to go for the easiest one to cover up for work – the nipples. I did what you are probably doing and read a bunch of stories. I was a little scared at first because people kept saying how the second one hurts so much. Last Sunday, my friend and I decided to ... read more

Self Pierced my nipples- makeshift CBR

I would like to begin by saying that in NO way should you pierce yourself in the same methods that I used. They are unsanitary, and can only lead to infection. That I got lucky, and they were perfect was a major shock. Anyways, lets begin (sorry, I have a really long intro, but hey, just hang through, and a description of how do make the CBR's is at the bottom- Enjoy!) Hi. I am a 14 year old boy living in Los Angeles. I have been interested in body modification for about 2 years. When I was 8, I ... read more

Nipple piercings

Day 1 I went into the piercers and filled out the forms and paid the money. After a few minutes the woman called me into the room to be pierced. First she asked me to remove all the clothes on my top half and stand in front of her so she could mark where she was going to pierce me. As I was wearing a loose vest top I could pull it down so I could let her see my nipples without revealing my fat stomach, and I took off my bra. I thought it would be quite awkward to ... read more

Spontaneous Decision

First off, my name is Kaylee and I'm an 18 year old college sophomore. As far as my piercing history goes, it's nothing extensive. My earlobes are each pierced twice, by a gun, the first ones when I was five, and the second when I was 12. I got my cartilige pierced by a gun (mistake, I know) when I was 11, and then the summer before my junior year, when I was 15, I got my nose and navel pierced within two months of each other. I was definitely infected by the piercing bug, but my parents insisted that ... read more

New Nipple Hardware, Not So Bad!

Anyone with piercings and tattoos, or probably any mod for that matter, knows that familiar itch - the one that can't be scratched without adding new art and jewelry to your body. I got that itch about a month ago and decided I needed to get my nipples pierced. I pored through the experiences on BME just like you're doing now, read up on all the risks, problems, rewards, and aftercare. Much like most others with this piercing, I liked the idea of a piercing that's my little secret, and I think they're pretty. I love the idea of sparkly ... read more

I can't believe I did it

I been into piercings for the longest! I rather get a piercing then have to sit through the pain of a tattoo. My first piercing were my ears when I was a baby, then when I turned 16 I got my tongue pierced...next was belly, then nose, then lip, now my nipples. I have been reading experiences on BME and looking at photos for the last couple months. I was afraid of the pain because am such a baby when it comes to this type stuff but then again I can't get enough of it because now I have 14 ... read more

Fourth Times a Charm!

Even before I knew what tattoos and piercings actually were, I had a fascination with body art. I was always drawing on myself as a child and wanted to somehow put something shiny on my body. You would think I would have started earlier but I never actually got my first piercing until I was 18. I loved it. I wanted more immediately. After a few tattoos and a couple piercings I decided I was brave enough to take nipple piercings. I naively chose a what I believed to be a great piercing studio.. at the mall. They didn't take ... read more

The Infamous Nips

I usually get my piercings in groups. I got my nostril, 2nd and 3rd lobes all within a month and a half. Well, last Monday I went into Hot Rod Piercing and got my industrial done, which I wrote about on here as well. After that, I was itching for another one. I know, my body was already working on healing two holes, but I just couldn't resist. The problem was deciding which piercing to get. Tim, who did my industrial, suggested my next piercing be the rook on the other ear. The non-edge-of-the-ear piercings make me nervous though. My ... read more

Restoring nipple piercings

When I was 16 and dumb, I lived in Denver and made friends with a piercer named Sandy. I had a lovely collection of jewelry, stretching from eyebrow to perineum, and just about everything in between. I remember the sensation of having sex a few months after I had gotten my PA, and decided that I needed at least four more piercings to complete the effect. I had wonderful chains that went from earlobe to nose, as well as a pair of thick juicy nipples with which I could hang small adornments off of a pair of 10ga captured-ball rings. ... read more

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