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This is my nipple story.

My nipples and I have always had a rather stand-offish relationship.. I never really liked them.. I mean they don't really have a purpose to me(except breastfeeding, but I don't have kids.) I don't think that they're ugly,. they're actually quite nice.. but it's just they never gave me any sort of sensations at all.. I've always been a bit of an "extremist" to my friends, they think that I'm some kind of freak, which makes me pretty mad but, one day at lunch one of my friends was talking about piercings and how wouldn't it be sick to get ... read more

My Nipple Piercing Experience @ Rising Sun

I never really had an interest in body piercing. I had my ears pierced when I was younger and I had 2 cartilage piercing in my left ear but that was the extent of my experiences. I was introduced to the idea of body piercing through a coworker. Needless to say after the flashing of his nipple piercing, I was intrigued. After a few days he let me in on a secret ..that his piercings didn't stop at his nipples. I checked out a pic of his PA on the BME site and naturally curious .. I needed to explore ... read more

The Nipple Ring and After

g src="nip.jpg" align=right> I had thought about getting my nipple pierced for quite a while--or at least it seemed like a long while back in the summer of 1993. Body piercing, RESearch's Modern Primitives, and Club Fuck had all their share in the local limelight by the time I marched into The Gauntlet's pristine location in West Hollywood. Pierced nips had seemed to adorn every other bare chest at the very vanilla gay pride events, and those chests were largely young and buff, not graying and leather-framed. One of The Gauntlet's own queer poster boys had even marched in the ... read more

Why would anyone do THAT to themselves?

y interest in body modification and piercing probably had a typical beginning. My reaction to my first exposure to pictures of people with "exotic piercings" was one of confusion: Why would anyone do THAT to themselves? Over time, and with the increasing popularity and consequent exposure to people with piercings, I began to understand. The evolution in my understanding is not complete. I still consider some modifications to be over the edge; I imagine that this is their ultimate attraction. In any event, at some point in the last year, my own interest crossed a fundamental line: Occasionally viewing other ... read more

A nipplely experience...

must say that everyone has a different experience when it comes to the pain of a piercing. I had read a lot of stories about nipple piercings and pretty much all of them said that it was an incredible pain even though it was over in a matter of seconds. Here goes my experience. I went to the piercing shop(Ritualistics, Edmonton, Alberta) a little over a week ago to get my left nipple pierced. I was nervous about the pain and having to stand there without a shirt on while some stranger stares at my breasts, even though they see ... read more

"Secret Decoration" by Kimber

have more courage than I thought I did. Last Friday night (August 21, 1998) I had both of my nipples pierced. I had been considering having it done for some time, and had done a lot of research and question asking of people who have had it done. My main concern was losing the ability to breast feed any future children I may have. I contacted the Le Leche League and their reply was "most likely not...just take out the jewelry so the baby won't swallow it by accident." That was very reassuring. BME also had good info about nipple ... read more


first became "modified" about three and a half years ago, while a college freshman. It all began with a simple navel piercing. I think I became modified then as a way to prove my independence from mommy and daddy. Anyway, that piercing was slow to heal, got infected, and subsequently was removed. That is an entire story in itself. However, I did get it re-pierced last winter because I think it looks really cool and quite sexy :) I am also tattooed, a Celtic knot on my left shoulder and a cute little butterfly next to my navel. All of ... read more

Nipple Experience

img src="nipple1.jpg" width=200 height=180 align=right> I have been thinking about body modification for quite some time now. I remember the first time I saw a piercing other then an ear, I was 16 on my way home from work and there was this guy that was stopped next to me. He was in a jeep and didn't have a shirt on and he had his nipple pierced. I thought that was the greatest thing. It looked so neat. After that I always thought about it. After a while piercing was more mainstream and I saw it more and more, and ... read more

Nipples @ Looking Glass Tattoo

e is my story! This started one day when I went to Looking Glass Tattoo in Bonita.. Which is near Naples, Florida. I had driven by this place so many times looking for it! Well one day I finally managed to NOT drive past it and stopped there! Wow, as soon as I walked through the door I felt so comfortable that I never wanted to leave.. I had really wanted to get my tongue pierced for a long time and I thought that I would talk to the piercer/tattoo artist there, Paisley jon about getting it pierced.. Since I ... read more

Nipple Experience.

he planning of the various piercings I intend to try has long occupied my mind. The foreskin(3) and frenum (2) piercings I have been in place for many years, so it was time to add to them. I had considered a PA or Ampallang for quite a while but the absence of professional piercers in my area inhibited the opportunities. In September of last year I had a trip to Brisbane planned so the opportunity to visit a Piercing Studio presented itself. On impulse I decided on some Nipple pierces. I was a little worried because I had rather small ... read more

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