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Paired Nipples

>Paired Nipples When I was about fourteen years old I received my first piercing, which was my left ear. I was so excited to get my ear pierced, being only fourteen years old and not having a clue at what other people were doing (as far as piercing), it was something new to me and also a step forward with my parents. It took forever to talk them into it. With in the next year or so I gained a little more freedom and pierced my ears twice more. Then I started to get a glue at what really was ... read more

my first pierces ever @ perforations

ello there! Well its now Monday, two days after I got my nipples pierced and I'm feeling I tad tender but good with it! I dident write up a full thing of my experience, so hear it goes! For the last few weeks iv been wanting to get my nipples pierced, or should I say for the last few weeks I have been Vocal about it. I never thought that I had the bottle to go threw with it, witch is why last week I said "I *Should* have my nipples pierced this week end"... Well I cinda forced my ... read more

The smart guy gets pierced

I am probably the last person anyone would expect to like body piercing, never mind actually get my nipples pierced. I’m only 17 (fairly young for nipple piercing), a straight A student (possibly Valedictorian), rarely curse, and a proud and active member in my Orthodox faith. Most people don't even realize that I have two earrings in my left ear. Yet, for almost five years, I've been fascinated by body piercing. Back in '93, I convinced my parents to let me have my first earring, so that I (and my parents) could get introduced into piercing. In '95, I got ... read more


P>I am here to tell you about my first piercing experience. It was my left nipple. Well actually if you want to get technical it was my right nipple and I did it myself with a safety-pin. I was 14 at the time, and it didn't last long. Anyway, I want to share my first "profesional" pierce with you. About 7 years ago I was at the beach surfing, having a good time. I decide to take a break and go up on the pier and grab a burger and a few pics of my friends. Little did I know ... read more

Tongue & Self done nipple and ear.

ell, lets start out with the formalities. My name is Richard Powell, most people call me Rick or Pooh Bear--I have no preferance. I am 20 years old and I live in a small town in southern Virginia. I have been into tattoos and piercings for about a year now, and have no regrets what so ever. I got my first tattoo on an impulse, and it started from there. I was on my way to the mall and passed by the tattoo shop. I thought abought stopping there on the way back the whole time I was shopping. I ... read more


o, now I've done it! I've pierced my left nipple by myself. I decided to log all events that have anything to do with that event here. Here my diary is. November, 26 1996 I was very upset and was thinking about piercing all the time. I really couldn't be calm for even one minute and I decided I cannot wait anymore. Of course I was afraid of some problems that may be caused by such an action, but the fear couldn't stop me. My Kathy told me she won't do it for me, because she has no experience, only ... read more

The "Innocent Girl Down the Hall" Gets Her Left Nip Done

ow on Earth a "innocent" kid who's PETRIFIED of needles got into piercing is beyond me. I guess I'm not as into it as many others who send in stuff, I've only had two lobe holes in each ear and my tongue done, may my abandoned helix r.i.p. But Thursday I added another hole to the collection, one I truly think I'm going to enjoy..my left nipple. Poking around on RAB, I found someone who was in my area to come with me to get it done and be a handholder (THANK YOU JOSH!), so as soon as my karate ... read more

self-done nipple pierce

Ok, since I was about 15 years old, I have wanted to get some sort of piercing. But unfortunately my parents weren't too keen on the idea. I eventually convinced them that a navel piercing would work cuz they would never have to see it. It's a long story, but I never did get it pierced. So then a few months later I tried to get them to let me pierce my eyebrow. That was a "ya right" situation to begin with, so lets scratch that off my list. So here I am pierceless and going mad cuz I feel ... read more

JH / motions nipple piercing story

hen I first begun to think about nipple piercing I dont remember, but it was quite some years ago. For as long as I can remember I've been interested in bodyart, and offcourse this has resulted in a couple of mods. If you're interested in what I've got, and perhaps view a picture of it, you can always go here. My first piercing was the same as most ppls first, namely the lobe. I got that done when I was 12, at my cousins hair saloon. Now, seven years later, I still have that piercing, the only difference is that ... read more

female nipple experience(both)

lthough I have been busily modifying myself for several years now, starting with a tongue piercing 3 years ago, leading to double 6g lobes, industrial and other cartilage pierces, labret and navel pierces, as well as 2 tattoos, my interest in piercing my nipples didn't come until recently, and when it did it was quite sudden. I have been in a relationship for around a year now that is very supportive and allows me to endeavor as much as I want into bod mod. So I think this fact, and our increasing participation in an active bsdm lifestyle is what ... read more

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