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Four In One Day

>Four In One Day I've been interested in piercings for about six years now, and when I moved to the San Francisco area I became even more interested! There was always something in my way that prevented me from getting the piercings that I wanted. Now that I don't have to worry about finances, parents, or lack of a decent piercing shop in my area, I decided to get all the piercings I had ever wanted. Anne Greenblatt pierced my tongue a few months ago, and I was very impressed with her skill and attitude. I wanted to get a ... read more

self-pierced nipple experience.

f-pierced nipple experience. The first mistake I made was convincing myself that my [typically tiny] male nipple (right) would accommodate a 2.4 mm hole without complaint. It was not to be so. I'd ordered some piercing needles and captive bead rings from Wildcat in Brighton, UK. I'd wanted a pierced nipple for years, but somehow never got round to doing anything about it - until now. I was adamant that I was going to do the piercing myself. I'd only been pierced by someone else twice - my first ear lobe and my nose. Both holes were made using a ... read more

Nipples on a Sunny Day!

>Nipples on a Sunny Day! Currently, I am a freshman at the University of Oregon. I am originally from California, and one of the reasons that I went out of state to go to school was to "expand my horizons" and to discover some things on my own. I have always been intrigued by the tattoo/piercing industry. It is definitely a form of art and expression of one's identity. When I came to school, I already had gotten two tattoos and a barbell in my belly. So, I was pretty much finished with my share of piercings and tattoos. Usually ... read more

Fun With My Nipple

Fun With My Nipple By Skip Moon skipmoon@cdc.net I would bet your average forty-three year old straight male doesn't usually relate to someone pushing a needle through his nipple. I pretty much made my decision over Memorial Day weekend last Spring to do just that. I was visiting my brother's family in Spartanburg SC and we were sitting by his neighbor's pool drinking into the early hours. His neighbor was one of the Marshall Tucker Band members and had been relating some wild stories of being on the road. Someone initiated the question "What have you always wanted to do ... read more

Double Nipples A-Go-Go

>Double Nipples A-Go-Go I had been thinking for a few years now about getting one of my nipples pierced. Not sure why, other than I thought it would be interesting. Maybe it stems back to when I was a kid reading a copy of Hustler that I found under my dad's workbench, in which there was a story about a man with a PA and both nipples pierced. Anyway, shortly after I was married, my wife and I were talking, and she mentioned that she had always wanted to get her nose pierced. This caused me to lift an eyebrow, ... read more

My piercing journey

>My piercing journey The first time i saw a body piercing it intrigued me. Something about it being outside of the mainstream, and then again something about it that i can't explain. So after a couple of years, and seeing an occasional nipple piercing at the gym, I decided that i'd like to get one. I took my time getting around to doing it, having to deal with a spouse who isn't into that kind of thing at all !! I brought the subject up in a conversation, and it didn't get shot out of the water, but she dropped ... read more

Horizontal Female Nipple, Pierce and Subsequent Repierce

>Horizontal Female Nipple, Pierce and Subsequent Repierce I'd gotten myself addicted to piercings. That's just how it was. I'd started with my navel and it was about halfway healed. Now I was seriously considering getting my left nipple pierced. (The navel pierce will be a different story.) ;) In deciding to start getting body pierces, the actual process was about 25% plain desire and 75% the need to lay claim to my body, both in appearance and in the healing process from an abusive relationship I'd had in the past. Now, I am not your typical skinny girl; I'm an ... read more

female nipple piercing

few months ago I decided that I wanted to get something pierced, but I didn't want to get a facial piercing or a genital piercing for various reasons. And the belly button piercing is getting a little too cliche for me to take, so I decided that I wanted to get my nipple pierced. At first I was worried that my nipple would be permanently erect (that was what I had heard), and I was worried about breast feeding (which I have been told I will still be able to do if I ever want to), and I was worried ... read more

Paired Nipples

>Paired Nipples When I was about fourteen years old I received my first piercing, which was my left ear. I was so excited to get my ear pierced, being only fourteen years old and not having a clue at what other people were doing (as far as piercing), it was something new to me and also a step forward with my parents. It took forever to talk them into it. With in the next year or so I gained a little more freedom and pierced my ears twice more. Then I started to get a glue at what really was ... read more

The smart guy gets pierced

I am probably the last person anyone would expect to like body piercing, never mind actually get my nipples pierced. I’m only 17 (fairly young for nipple piercing), a straight A student (possibly Valedictorian), rarely curse, and a proud and active member in my Orthodox faith. Most people don't even realize that I have two earrings in my left ear. Yet, for almost five years, I've been fascinated by body piercing. Back in '93, I convinced my parents to let me have my first earring, so that I (and my parents) could get introduced into piercing. In '95, I got ... read more

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