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A piercing party (my nipple)

ef = "/cgi-bin/vote/votec.cgi?/pierce/08-nipple/990401/party.html"> Although I had been thinking about getting my left nipple pierced for quit some time I never mustered up the guts to go by myself. All my friends had offered to come and watch but I still wanted to go with at least 1 other person getting pierced. So for the longest time I went without my nipple ring. Then one day I was talking to a friend who said she was getting her tongue pierced, when I asked if I could come she said only if I was getting something pierced. It was the perfect chance, ... read more

My entry into the world of piercing

was about 11 when I (I'm male) got this fascination about rings in my ears, and having grown up in a very stern home, this was strictly out of the question. (to even wonder about it) Anyway, I would occasionaly take pins and pierce my ears, only to take them out again. This was very exciting, and I did it quite a lot. Then one day we were in a coastal city, and we as a family were walking along on the beach, when I saw this dude with two nipple rings.. I was stunned. Before this the thought of ... read more


have been interested in body piercing since the mid-1970's. Though, at the time , being all of 14 years old, I had no knowledge of body piercing, as it is known today, nor was I aware that it actually existed in the "real" world. It was at that time I thought it would look "neat" to pierce my left nipple with, of all things, a safety pin. I can remember attempting one night, only to give up because 1) the skin proved more resilient than I would have thought, 2) the pain in my untried nipple was too great and ... read more

Slavegirl Gets Pierced

hough I am new to the world of body piercing I am finding it truly pleasurable. As a new slave I have found that there are many things that can be done to increase the pleasure for both my Master and myself. I would like to take the time to share my experience of my first body piercing. Being a female slave it was inevitable that my first piercings would be my nipples. I received my first piercings in January. I took care to do research to find out the ins and the outs of having the piercings done. This ... read more

^*^My Nipple Piercing Story^*^

K it started off freshman year(I am now a senior). I wanted my tongue pierced so I begged and begged but it only made my mom really pissed an she said to me if you don't stop harrassing me im gonna tell your father...so nevermind that idea. So next I tried for my eyebrow haha no. So I jus stuck with piercing my own ears 45 times. Then came senior year 98 99 the year everyone an their freaking mom decided to get their tongue pierced which was really making me mad so I said "Fuck It" I need something ... read more

Red Headed Devil

weeks ago I got my nipples pierced. 3 years ago I could never have imagined I would do such a thing. When my roommate got her nose done I thought she was being truly obnoxious. Suddenly, out of the blue 2 years ago, I decided that I had to have my nave pierced NOW! So as a birthday present, a friend brought me to the tattoo parlor in town and had my navel pierced. I remember the giddy joy I felt as I presented my driver's license and signed the waiver form. I was led to the back of the ... read more

Nipple Piercing

have had a hate and love relationship with my breasts. I said that because when I was in my early teens, I was one of the first to develop. It was no fun as my friends and other girls tease me. I used to say as a 14 years old, I wanted them smaller. I grew up reading about breast reduction and all. I was a size 34C when I was 16. Its in the genes and I can't help it. My mum was fairly average in size but my grandma had large boobs for her generation. However something happened ... read more

16 female nipple piercing

ok I've been thinking about getting my nipples pierced for a while now, and now that I got it done I have no regrets about it at all. I was going to get it done after first term finals, that hole day after word I was so nervous to the point that I wouldn't even eat. You see this was the first time that I would be doing any thing real big behind my mothers back and I think that's why I was so nervous. But I turned out all that worrying was for nothing because something came up and ... read more

Piercing my nipples

I got my first piercing when I was 14, my mom took me to get my belly button pierced. When my boyfriend got his tongue pierced two years ago we started getting intrusted in more hard-core piercings as we figured if the tongue could help out with sex, so could anything else. We go to a went to a strict catholic school where we wore uniforms and the whole deal so obvious facial piercing were out of the question until we left. But when one girl came in with her nipples pierced I found what I wanted to do. I ... read more

Nipple Piercings

've been thinking about breasts and how much they not only mean to women, but the different stages of acceptance I have gone through since I started to develop at age 12. first, there was the "hide-them-with-a-baggy-sweater" phase, the early phase in which just the nipples poke out and caused me some embarrassment. then, there's the "time-to-get-a-training-bra" phase, in which I felt a little proud of these new lumps of flesh on my body that the boys seem so fascinated with. then, I went through the "why-aren't-they-getting-any-bigger" phase, in which I compared my breast size to that of other women's, ... read more

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