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The Nipple Piercing Rock!

n 18 year old girl and I had thought about piercing my nipples for several months befor I actually did about one month ago. There's some photo of a dominatrix with them pierced on a NOFX album and I always thought that she looked pretty tough. I'm tough. (yeah right.) Well, I'm no chicken. So I was 18 finally and I was hanging out with my boyfriend Aaron, and I said ,"honey, I wanna get stuck". He has his septum pierced and I adore it. He knew that I had wanted the ol'nipplies done for a while and --duh, he ... read more

It Hurts So Good

n- I added a little to it- not sure really what you meant about the ending being cropped off- I'd be happy to receive any more criticisms that you have. My interest in piercings all came about when I saw for the first time a girl with a septum ring. After I saw her, it was all over after that. This particular story is about my most recent piercing- both nipples. I started off getting my ears pierced on and off when I was younger, finally letting them close up because I was always losing jewelry. But after I saw ... read more

PA and Tits

k at a local bar here in DC,and do a lot of personal advertising for Industrial Body Piercing (ie.wearing there shirts and stuff). I had decided to get my nipples pierced, for some people piercings are asthetic, for me however, it was gonna be sexual,since I firmly believe my nipples are directly connected to another part of my body. I had made an appointment to do so, when a good friend came by my work one day and asked me to go with him to get his done. He had recently broken up with his lover of 6 years and ... read more

Hard NIPPLE...!!!

ow a 41 y/o male that just loves the body piercing experience... I have loved looking at and wondering what it would be like to have one for years... I looked for pictures of piercings every where, back then I didn't have access to the internet and it was hard to find pictures and images of body piercing just any where... I would from time to time come across a picture or two in a mens mag or a bikers mag... I would clip them out and save them, It started to make me wonder what it would be like ... read more

"Nipple Boy"

inally broke down and got the nips done last Wednesday. I've been wanting to get them done for about a year now and have always chickened out. I've had several stretchings done by blair Jewer at a place here in Vancouver called Art Attacked at 3744 East Hastings Street. I can't give enough praise to Blair both for his professionalism and his understanding of the trade. He is always very good at relaxing any anxieties or answering any questions I've had relating to my piercings. If there are any fellow Lower Mainlanders reading this, I can highly recommend going to ... read more

My nipple piercings. If you concidering a + style read this

ow to describe one of the most intense experiences of my life, and believe me getting your nipples pierced is intence. The first nipple piercing that I recieved was actually done about a year and a half ago, on my sophomore ( high school ) spring break. A female friend, Liz Shrader, and I went over to Daytona Beach confriming our teendom, by transversing half the state by ourselves, I did not however expect us to do what we did next. We were cruzing the main drag, and decided to stop in this head shop, and there was a piercing ... read more

I had a day off, why the hell not

e turned 18, my twin sister got a tattoo. You know, your typical "I couldn't think of anything but I really wanted a tattoo so I can be cool so I just got a butterfly" tattoo. She said the place was really nice, clean, the people knew what they were doing, etc., so I thought, what the hell, I'll get my bellybutton pierced. So I did and I became your typical high school kid with a trendy bellybutton ring. I didn't like this image. I would have to change it. When my sister went in to get her bellybutton done, ... read more

Good girl self-piercing

a 15-year-old sophmore girl. The elememtry school I went too was really clean cut, and not a lot of people did weird things, such as dying their hair or getting piercings. I thought it would be really cool to pierce the cartlige of my ear, and I loved the way it looked, but I didn't want anything else pierced. Also, there wasn't a piercing place very close to me (about a half an hours drive). Actually, I got my cartlige piercing done at Wal-Mart! That was an expierence! (The person said "oops!" as soon as they had gotten it through, ... read more

Both my nipples

Piercing Story (April 1999) Because of my new-found obsession with piercing, I decided to get my most hardcore piercings to date: both nipples. These piercings had been on my mind for quite some time since I think they are incredibly sexy and because they really set off a cut chest quite nicely. After scanning through the BME nipple galleries and the testimonials, I was even more excited about pierced nipples and decided to get them done before I had a failure of nerve. Since I have found that piercing can be a wonderful male-bonding experience, I took my friend Hollis ... read more

Nipple piercing

m a Malaysian Chinese male studying in Perth, Western Australia. I had always considered myself open and receptive but living in Australia opened my eyes a bit more. Since then I have had two body piercings, both are nipple piercings and a tattoo which would be unthinkable back home in Malaysia. It all started about a year ago I was chatting to Katie, a friend of mine who has the most gorgeous body. She had had a nipple pierced not long then and gave me a good look at it her reasoning being she didn't go through the pain for ... read more

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