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Piercing sur un coup de tête [enfin presque]

Ca faisait un peu près quatre ans que l'idée de me faire piercer le téton avait germé dans ma tête. Mais bien sur, le téton, c'est mal vu, ça fait un peu peur, tu te dis que ça fait très mal... Je vis toujours chez mes parents et à la maison, nous nous voyons souvent nus... Le piercing était donc un problème, je ne voulais pas qu'on me l'arrache à la tenaille. Après avoir stretché mes lobes, fait un piercing à la langue et un au labret, le téton me tentait toujours, je n'osais pas. Jusqu'à ce qu'un ami proche ... read more

Piercing vertical du téton droit

6 mois que je me posais la question, 6 mois que je tentais d'imaginer mon téton transpercer par un barbel, 6 mois d'attente... Mon ami et collègue parisien est remonté dans le nord il y a un peu plus d'un mois et, au décours d'une petite visite chez lui, je lui parle de mon téton. J'ai envie de le faire, peut-être pas maintenant, et tu, tu pourrais le faire? Réponse: OUI ! Nous en parlons plus longuement. Il se renseigne un peu sur ce que je veux... J'ai bien réfléchis, le piercing sera effectué de manière verticale et à travers ... read more

Nipple piercings....Something I've been wanting to do for a few years!

The first time I saw actual nipple piercings was a few years ago when I was 18 or 19 (in 2000 or 2001) years old. The guy that had his nipples pierced was a friend of my boyfriend's and I thought it looked hot! At first, I tried to convince my boyfriend to get his own nipples pierced, but he always refused of course. I soon started thinking about getting my own nipples pierced instead. In 2005 I started a new job. I started working in a warehouse that distributed adult movies. I came across many covers that had porn ... read more

Stuffing My Bra

Ah, breasts. I fall under the category of people who has them but is unhappy with them. Strong, independent woman that I consider myself to be, I've fallen for the larger cultural notion hat anyone on the smaller side is to be written off as unattractive or downright unfeminine. After getting a VCH piercing, I was thrilled to discover just what a more "private" piercing could do for my own self opinion. One quick stab of a needle followed by the insertion of a barbell made me feel so much better about myself on a mental, emotional, physical (and, what ... read more

Spontenaiety is the key to life!

Tonight I went and had both of my nipples pierced on somewhat of a whim. I am a very spur-of-the-moment sort of person so it comes as no surprise! I had been considering getting my nipples pierced for a couple of years now. I was always aware of them but really got interested once I saw some girls on Suicide Girls who had them. I thought they were beautiful and the seed was planted in my brain. I held off for all of this time mostly because I am somewhat self-conscious of my breasts. In my mind they are not ... read more

Professionaly this time! The RIGHT way

Besides stupid decisions as a teenager of piercing myself randomly, I wanted to get a new piercing. My nipples were my first choice, and figured I didn't have enough money for my tattoo yet, so I'd get my nipples done in the meantime. I had my nipples pierced a long time ago at the age of 15 or 16. It was a horrible idea that involved a bad decision, a friend who thought he was a piercer, and McDonalds napkins. I do not recommend or support any type of self piercing. I know people that have successfully done it and ... read more

Nipple piercing doesn't hurt so bad.

First off, i'll start by saying that I have wanted my nipples pierced for about 2 years. A few factors had been involved in delaying it. One was the fact that I haven't been 18 for all that long, and the other is that a good friend of mine told me how badly he suffered through it and how he'd never do it again. This combined with a few other male horror stories I had read where they said that it was one of the worst, most painful experiences that they had ever had. Finally, with the help of a ... read more

Nipple Piercing

Wow, where do I begin? Perhaps a little about me, because I don't think I fit the typical human who gets pierced. But perhaps this will inspire another mom who secretly would love to get this done. I have been married for 21 years and I am a 36 yr old mom to 3 kids. 2 teenage boys age 17, 19 and a 7 yr old daughter. I am a director for a large pet retailer which requires me to be in the public eye daily. When I was 19 years old and on spring break on the East Coast, ... read more

The Story of my Piercing

The Story of My Piercing I had always wanted to get my nipples pierced but I didn't want to pay for it. One day my lover and I were talking about it and he said, "I will do it for you". I thought this was great so I let him. He pierced only my right nipple and he did a very bad job. The bad piercing was not entirely his fault, three other people were trying to "help" him. He had never pierced before and there was too much going on in the room at the time. That was very ... read more

My suprise nipple and me

When I was really young, my idea of getting a "cool" piercing would have been my navel and my nose. Now to this point in my story, I had both and as is usually the case with piercings, I wanted more. But I am getting ahead of myself... It all started when I told my boyfriend that for Christmas I would pay for him to get his nipple pierced because he always said he wanted it, and I figured by doing that I could just kind of judge him in the right direction. (Mostly because I personally think guys, with ... read more

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