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Know yourself before you get it done.

I wanted to write this in case anyone was thinking about getting their nipples pierced. Before I got it done, I did do a bunch of research, including reading through testimonials on BME, reading about healing techniques, risks and talking to my piercer twice before going in to get them done. There are a couple of risks that you should know before you get it done, including the risk of mastitis (look it up in the BME wiki). Since the nipple is a part of your body that gets bumped around quite a lot, even in the normal day (when ... read more

Happy Birthday to Me

I was finally turning 19, and I thought what would be better then a new piercing! The summer before, while my friend was getting her lip pierced I spied a tattoo artist with her wrist pierced. I was instantly in love. Something about it was so cute and surprisingly feminine. I wanted to get it down so badly, but I knew I had to wait. As my birthday approached I decide to check the piercing out online. Not a good idea. I instantly turned to chicken shit and decided to get another piercing. I was way too scared of scaring ... read more

Diagonal Nipple Piercing

My first nipple piercing was done last July, and on Saturday, after months of nervous debating I finally went and had my left one done to match. Seeing as I already had my right one done, I thought I knew what to expect and I was dreading it - so I dragged a friend along for moral support and told him in no uncertain terms not to let me back out this time. Cath at Chioko recognized me as soon as I walked in, and instantly put me at ease. I filled out the necessary forms, showed my proof of ... read more

My nipple exp... sorry my SEARING PAIN experience!

So, I'm 19, bored after having only one piercing for about 2 and a half years and I wanted something new. I've been interested in piercings and tattoos for a long time but (ill admit it) the pain scares the crap out of me. I've got my inner conch pierced and although that is often said to be one of the most painful piercings my piercer was really a good chap and froze it for me using chloroform I think so it didn't hurt (the fried chicken and ibuprofen straight after really helped :cD) anyway, straying from the point. So ... read more

There's shininess in my bra!!

This wasn't the piercing I had intended on going to get. I was going to get my belly-button pierced, but then I thought "everyone has one of those" , so I looked into nipple piercing. Now, I'd been interested in getting my nipples pierced for about a year, but I never had the guts to do it. I finally had the money and the courage to do it a couple of months ago, and a friend to keep me from backing out. I was so nervous the night before and made my appointment for the afternoon, and hung out with ... read more

My great nipple experience! plz read !

To start off with, I have a mental list of mods I want to get before I cease existence on this earth. (As well as things I want to do... but that's another story) So I wasn't totally acting on impulse when id decided to get my nipple done. The day before I went back to Chantry Sixth Form (woooo!) I decided I wanted something pierced; I had that empty feeling that needed to be fed! ( I don't know if you understand that... but I hope some of you will!) I decided on the Purple Shop in Ipswich town ... read more

The nipple piercings that didn't hurt

My first piercings were the usual: tragi, tongue, nostril, navel, vertical hood. I have since retired all but the tragi, with plans to bring back the tongue and possibly navel piercings at a later date. I have long wanted to pierce my nipples - I enjoy domination and rough play in bed, and I can't think of a better piercing to complement my bedroom habits - but my boyfriend of over 4 years has been adamantly against them. For whatever reason, he thinks that nipple piercings are unattractive. We went on a "break" of sorts, and during this time, I ... read more

Learned a lesson about my nipples. Upsizing.

I've had my nipples pierced for about three years, and really love them. However there is a lot I wish I knew before I had them pierced. When I decided to get them done I had not yet discovered BME, and there was a lot I didn't know about nipple piercing. I found a studio that has a good reputation in my city, and was told when I asked about the difference between getting pierced with bars or rings was simply that rings are easier to clean. I was not offered a choice in gauge size. The standard was 14g, ... read more

The DIY Nipple That Lasted Less Than A Day

Well seeing how this just happened less than twenty four hours ago, I thought what better time than now to share my newest do it yourself piercing experience, my right nipple. I had wanted a nipple piercing for a few months now, but my parents have always been the type to deny me any type of modification I want so I usually am forced to turn to second hand do it yourself home jobs. This one started when I found a few 16 gauge circular barbell rings and even fewer 14 gauge barbells. I grabbed my old trusty safety pin ... read more

Great experience!!!

Having been really interested in tattoos & body piercing & having a small collection myself, it was only a natural step for me to get my nipples finally pierced. My main hurdle to begin with was my husband, he was real against the idea and felt sickened by the thought of me getting both nipples done at the same time, he even begged me to get just one pierced, but not one to be swayed by my husband's lack of enthusiasm I went ahead with it regardless. The place I went to without a doubt was White Dragon Tattoo & ... read more

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