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A Hole In Me

I have wanted a nipple piercing since I had a dream about one—over a year ago! But I constantly decided against it. I wasn't the nipple piercing type, besides I didn't feel comfortable putting my boob on display. I'm a pretty conservative girl with a single piercing in each ear. I have had my navel pierced three times, though I hardly consider that daring. Despite saying 'I'm not doing it' I researched nipple piercings for MONTHS. I slowly poisoned my mind until I could think of nothing else. I looked at photo's and stories on BME, used their encyclopaedia and ... read more

Long time waiting....

I just got both of my nipples done today at New Age Body piercing in Coconut Grove Florida. I have been wanting the ladies done for a while but really wanted to make sure I was ready and also to find the right studio. I grew up in the area and have received a couple ear piercings over the years at New Age and always loved the place. I am on vacation visiting my mom and decided it would be the perfect time to go. I did take a couple days to research nipple piercings and gain the nerve to ... read more

A happy girl

I am a girl from Sri Lanka and 21 years old. I first started my piercings when I am 18 years old. Presently I have 05 on my right ear including 02 upper cartilage, 04 on left earlobe,one on tragus ring on left & 02 on nose right side. One month ago I did my belly button and it is healing nicely. I am working in a private company as an executive so as per the policy of the company I have done the maximum piercings. So I have to go for not visible one in the future. I am ... read more

Learning to live with it!

Here's a bit of background... I'm 18, have had an interest in body modification for years, and currently have two navels, (top and bottom) a scaffold in my right ear, two in each lobe, (which I've retired but never seem to heal) and am part way through a (so far) beautiful lower back corset. But this is the tale of my spontaneous nipple which I got three days before Valentines... It was pouring down with rain and I was sitting in a local tattoo studio watching as my friend Toni got her first tattoo on the base of her back. ... read more

The day I thought I was going to die . . . . . . ha ha ha!

My fascination with body piercing started from a very young age. My mum had two earrings in each ear and by the time I was six years old, I too had two holes in each ear. I guess my REAL fascination didn't start until I was around eleven or twelve years old. I saw a tongue piercing and I wanted one so badly that it hurt. I always saw the "popular" girls with their belly buttons done, but that wasn't for me. I really wanted a tongue ring. Of course, my mum said no as I was only 13 years ... read more

Piercing sur un coup de tête [enfin presque]

Ca faisait un peu près quatre ans que l'idée de me faire piercer le téton avait germé dans ma tête. Mais bien sur, le téton, c'est mal vu, ça fait un peu peur, tu te dis que ça fait très mal... Je vis toujours chez mes parents et à la maison, nous nous voyons souvent nus... Le piercing était donc un problème, je ne voulais pas qu'on me l'arrache à la tenaille. Après avoir stretché mes lobes, fait un piercing à la langue et un au labret, le téton me tentait toujours, je n'osais pas. Jusqu'à ce qu'un ami proche ... read more

Piercing vertical du téton droit

6 mois que je me posais la question, 6 mois que je tentais d'imaginer mon téton transpercer par un barbel, 6 mois d'attente... Mon ami et collègue parisien est remonté dans le nord il y a un peu plus d'un mois et, au décours d'une petite visite chez lui, je lui parle de mon téton. J'ai envie de le faire, peut-être pas maintenant, et tu, tu pourrais le faire? Réponse: OUI ! Nous en parlons plus longuement. Il se renseigne un peu sur ce que je veux... J'ai bien réfléchis, le piercing sera effectué de manière verticale et à travers ... read more

Nipple piercings....Something I've been wanting to do for a few years!

The first time I saw actual nipple piercings was a few years ago when I was 18 or 19 (in 2000 or 2001) years old. The guy that had his nipples pierced was a friend of my boyfriend's and I thought it looked hot! At first, I tried to convince my boyfriend to get his own nipples pierced, but he always refused of course. I soon started thinking about getting my own nipples pierced instead. In 2005 I started a new job. I started working in a warehouse that distributed adult movies. I came across many covers that had porn ... read more

My first piercing

So, this is how it happened: Ever since I was about 13 I have wanted to get something pierced or inked. The whole body mod thing was something that always interested me. At 13 I only really had three options; my ear lobes, my nose, or my navel. To get my ears done seemed a little boring. My navel and nose: too feminine. Getting a tattoo was out of the question; unless I wanted to find a studio with low enough standards to tattoo me at that age. When I turned 14 I was able to get my eyebrow done ... read more

Know yourself before you get it done.

I wanted to write this in case anyone was thinking about getting their nipples pierced. Before I got it done, I did do a bunch of research, including reading through testimonials on BME, reading about healing techniques, risks and talking to my piercer twice before going in to get them done. There are a couple of risks that you should know before you get it done, including the risk of mastitis (look it up in the BME wiki). Since the nipple is a part of your body that gets bumped around quite a lot, even in the normal day (when ... read more

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