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My Puppies have Piercings

I've loved body piercing and tattoos ever since I was a child. My parents were very strict so I it was out of the question until I was "old enough" to make my own decisions. When I hit 18 I got my ears pierced, 3 years later I have 3 in each, tragus, industrial, nose, tongue, septum and navel. Being a Law student restricts me to what I can get done. No facial piercing showing (that's why I wear a retainer in my septum and clear barbell in my tongue) no visible tattoos, you know the drill. I was in ... read more

My Pride and Joy.

The idea of having Nipple piercing is something that's always fascinated me, although I never thought that I'd actually end up going through it, as I am completely Needle phobic. I'd slowly built up my collection of piercing, including my belly button when I was 11, two in both ear lobes from when I was young, I had both tragus' done, and before planning this, I also had my Rook done. I knew that I was going to get this one way or another, and after deciding that there were no other piercing that attracted my attention, or one that ... read more

my oh so humble boobies have some new jewelry

My nipple piercings are definitely not my first, nor second....I'm running 10 piercings deep already (two lip rings, a 10g septum, a tongue ring, four on ears, and two on naval), but I was surely nervous about this particular piercing. I always side if I was going to get my nipples pierced I would have to have two shots of Patron in order to get threw it. I made the mistake in telling my friend about adding the nipple rings to my on growing body modification collection. So she was behind this completely impulsive visit to Tattoo's by Luiz Segatto ... read more

Multiple Nipple Piercing, Addictive & Enjoyable!

As long as I can remember I have always had a deep interest in nipple piercing, that is to say I have been interested ever since I knew of its existence.The first time I pierced my nipples I was only 12 years old and crudely performed the procedure with a sterilized baby pin in each nipple!Crudeness aside though I must say that very first experience of nipple piercing had me hooked, I found the pain so sharp, so intense, so powerfully stimulating, so sexually exciting, the enjoyment I have had from nipple piercing has always been amazing and I can ... read more

My first piercing... for some reason a nipple piercing

I have always been frightened of needles; getting tattoos didn't help that at all. The thought of getting something pierced was something I had thought of but never considered a possibility. Well that all changed. So I am a college student. About 7 months ago my parents decided to pay me a visit at school and saw how well I was doing in my classes and decided to reward me with money. Now my parents are quite against piercings and tattoos, they have no clue I have two tattoos. Like every person my age I have some disliking for my ... read more

A severe-needle-phobic's experience

Having moved to Camden 8 months ago and having gained a tattoo I was very curious about the idea of piercings. Since I can remember I have had a morbid fear of needles and generally anything sharp on fleshy parts of my body. The idea of getting a tattoo didn't scare me as much as a piercing did, so naturally the tattoo came first. I had my ears pierced when I was 10 and this experience is what I think exaggerated my phobia as I developed an infection. I had the earrings removed and then came the belief that I'd ... read more

Mon expérience piercing téton

J'en avais envie depuis de longues années, peut-être 10 ans. Je trouve ça tellement sexy. Les motifs qui me faisaient hésiter sont un peu ceux que tout le monde peut mentionner : principalement la peur de la douleur, mais aussi la crainte d'une mauvaise cicatrisation, que ce soit trop difficile à entretenir, et surtout... je trouvais mes pectoraux indignes d'un piercing :o) Après deux ans de sport, ce dernier aspect n'existait plus :o) De passage dans ma ville natale, je me suis rendu devant la boutique de piercing locale. J'ai pu constater qu'en dépit d'une réputation moyenne une affiche de ... read more

A Hole In Me

I have wanted a nipple piercing since I had a dream about one—over a year ago! But I constantly decided against it. I wasn't the nipple piercing type, besides I didn't feel comfortable putting my boob on display. I'm a pretty conservative girl with a single piercing in each ear. I have had my navel pierced three times, though I hardly consider that daring. Despite saying 'I'm not doing it' I researched nipple piercings for MONTHS. I slowly poisoned my mind until I could think of nothing else. I looked at photo's and stories on BME, used their encyclopaedia and ... read more

Long time waiting....

I just got both of my nipples done today at New Age Body piercing in Coconut Grove Florida. I have been wanting the ladies done for a while but really wanted to make sure I was ready and also to find the right studio. I grew up in the area and have received a couple ear piercings over the years at New Age and always loved the place. I am on vacation visiting my mom and decided it would be the perfect time to go. I did take a couple days to research nipple piercings and gain the nerve to ... read more

A happy girl

I am a girl from Sri Lanka and 21 years old. I first started my piercings when I am 18 years old. Presently I have 05 on my right ear including 02 upper cartilage, 04 on left earlobe,one on tragus ring on left & 02 on nose right side. One month ago I did my belly button and it is healing nicely. I am working in a private company as an executive so as per the policy of the company I have done the maximum piercings. So I have to go for not visible one in the future. I am ... read more

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