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Es ist gar nicht so schwer

Es ist leichter als gedacht, Hallo mein Name ist Samira, ich bin 20 Jahre alt, lebe in Deutschland und ich möchte euch von dem selbst vorgenommenen Piercing meiner Brustwarzen berichten. Durch meine Freundin Janine wurde ich zum ersten mal vor etwa 1 Jahr mit Brustwarzenpiercings konfrontiert. Bis dato habe ich zwar davon gehört, aber gesehen oder mit jemanden darüber geredet hatte ich bis dahin nicht. Meine Freundin Janine hat sich vor gut einem Jahr Ihre Brustwarzenpiercing selbst gestochen. (http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/08-nipple/A60323/nipselbs.html) Anfänglich habe ich Ihre Piercings zwar zur Kenntnis genommen aber Ihnen sonst keine weitere Beachtung geschenkt. Im Laufe der Monate fiel ... read more

Why did I do this again?!

I always saw folks with tattoos and piercings as trashy and weird, but I think H. G. Wells said it best: "Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo." I secretly idolized the image of the counter-culture rebel. While my own life and lifestyle was somewhat conservative, dare I say, even boring, I thought I would instantly become "edgy" if I could be one of those people with the steel and ink. In retrospect, I had my priorities all wrong, but at the time, I didn't think it through. One of the first guys I had a serious crush on was ... read more

Both nipples done by myself

Before I begin: Self piercing is dangerous and should not be done! Me being an idiot does not mean you have to be as well so please use the services of a professional. I will not take any responsibility if anyone decides to do self piercing. My story is purely a report of my own experience. First of all I've been thinking about getting my both nipples pierced for like last 10+ years. Why haven't I done it earlier, who knows, but it just made me more determined that sooner or later I'll get them done. Okay one reason I've ... read more

Sense of Well-Being Restored

So, I've been moping around without my nipple piercings for around eighteen months. The long version of the story is . . . I originally had them pierced at 12ga. and then tried to stretch up to 10ga and experienced migration issues and remove the jewelry and let everything heal up. I didn't like the feeling of not being pierced and made an appointment to get the boyz pierced at 10ga. No intermediate step, just, Bam! And was it ever BAM! The needles looked huge. The first went without issue – Clamp on, Take a deep breath and exhale and ... read more

great experience!

I'd wanted to get my nipples pierced for years, but hadn't really thought of it as an option because i'd been told that it could interfere with breastfeeding (not that I have kids or have any plans to, but you know, just in case). Well, a couple months ago I started thinking about it again, seriously, and did some research. which is also how i found the BME site :). Anyway, turns out that because of the way the milk ducts work the piercings wouldn't be a problem -- Cool! So I was pretty excited. Gave myself some time to ... read more

Time to say good bye

A little background information on this piercing: I had a bad combination of inverted nipples and the Desire to get then pierced after months of research and contacting piercers and studios I eventually found one guy who said 'possibly' this was the closest I have ever been to my dream, anyway he managed to do both sides, this is a follow up on my first experience http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/08-nipple/A70418/nipmoret.html Everything was going perfect with the healing of this piercing and I had no problems for about a month but then my luck changed. I have a little female cousin who is obsessed ... read more

Goody Goody Gumdrops!

The night I arrived in Darwin, Lori and I were throwing around ideas about what piercings I might like to get while I was in town, and I mentioned that I'd hoped to have my nipples both pierced, as I'd been thinking about them for quite a while and lamented a retired piercing from a few years earlier. You can read about that experience here. I had been thinking either 10ga (2.4mm) or 8ga (3.2mm) barbells as I thought that with the size of my breasts (DD/E) and nipples that anything smaller may be problematic with healing and/or lead to ... read more

The problem of two little secrets

Piercing is one of the most individual experiences. You do it for yourself, but what's up with the others? As long as I remember I dreamed of getting my nipples pierced and maybe my clithood too. First of all: I think it's so beautiful. Second: I thought it would give a sensational feeling. And third: I was not satisfied with my boops en nips. I had one problem: my boyfriend. I was afraid he should think that I became crazy and that he should reject me with my nipples pierced. I was sure he didn't like it at all. So ... read more

Female Nipple Piercings

I've never really been into real body modification before. I have 3 lobe piercings per ear, and this is how it stayed, well..until recently. This started about a year ago when I decided I wanted to get my first (currently only) tattoos. Research lead me to Extreme Graphics, located in Rochester NY and from there I went to have my tattoos done. My friend (at the time, he is now my boyfriend) accompanied me and I later learned he had had his nipples pierced some time ago. This intrigued me, as originally I was definitely not a person to ever ... read more

Supersexy Tepelpiercing!

Ik was al een tijdje aan het nadenken over het laten zetten van een piercing. Het enige probleem is dat zolang ik nog thuis woon geen piercings mag hebben van mijn ouders. Nu ja, ik ben nog jong en ik studeer aan de universiteit, nu kan en mag alles (geen regels, voorschriften, reglementen, enzovoort), als ik zou werk hebben zit de kans er dik in dat ik van mijn baas ook geen (zichtbare) piercings mag hebben. Maar ik heb een koppig karakter en daarom besloot ik om alle soorten piercings eens te overlopen. Een ding was zeker: ze moest onzichtbaar ... read more

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