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Es ist gar nicht so schwer

Es ist leichter als gedacht, Hallo mein Name ist Samira, ich bin 20 Jahre alt, lebe in Deutschland und ich möchte euch von dem selbst vorgenommenen Piercing meiner Brustwarzen berichten. Durch meine Freundin Janine wurde ich zum ersten mal vor etwa 1 Jahr mit Brustwarzenpiercings konfrontiert. Bis dato habe ich zwar davon gehört, aber gesehen oder mit jemanden darüber geredet hatte ich bis dahin nicht. Meine Freundin Janine hat sich vor gut einem Jahr Ihre Brustwarzenpiercing selbst gestochen. (http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/08-nipple/A60323/nipselbs.html) Anfänglich habe ich Ihre Piercings zwar zur Kenntnis genommen aber Ihnen sonst keine weitere Beachtung geschenkt. Im Laufe der Monate fiel ... read more

Why did I do this again?!

I always saw folks with tattoos and piercings as trashy and weird, but I think H. G. Wells said it best: "Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo." I secretly idolized the image of the counter-culture rebel. While my own life and lifestyle was somewhat conservative, dare I say, even boring, I thought I would instantly become "edgy" if I could be one of those people with the steel and ink. In retrospect, I had my priorities all wrong, but at the time, I didn't think it through. One of the first guys I had a serious crush on was ... read more

Both nipples done by myself

Before I begin: Self piercing is dangerous and should not be done! Me being an idiot does not mean you have to be as well so please use the services of a professional. I will not take any responsibility if anyone decides to do self piercing. My story is purely a report of my own experience. First of all I've been thinking about getting my both nipples pierced for like last 10+ years. Why haven't I done it earlier, who knows, but it just made me more determined that sooner or later I'll get them done. Okay one reason I've ... read more

Sense of Well-Being Restored

So, I've been moping around without my nipple piercings for around eighteen months. The long version of the story is . . . I originally had them pierced at 12ga. and then tried to stretch up to 10ga and experienced migration issues and remove the jewelry and let everything heal up. I didn't like the feeling of not being pierced and made an appointment to get the boyz pierced at 10ga. No intermediate step, just, Bam! And was it ever BAM! The needles looked huge. The first went without issue – Clamp on, Take a deep breath and exhale and ... read more

A wonderful 18th birthday

I had wanted to get something pierced for the longest time, and about a month before my 18th birthday, I was convinced to get my nipples pierced. I had gone with my friend to get hers done, and she seemed to be okay after she got them done, as far as the pain goes. And she said hers had healed pretty fast. The other thing that made me want to get my nipples done was the fact that I could hide it from my parents, who would freak if he saw me come home with a piercing. ------ When the ... read more

One day, whilst I was shopping......

I was never the piercing type, I got my navel pierced when I was about 16 and my tragus pierced last year. I was more into tattoos than piercings. Through an ex-boyfriend I had become friends with a tattoo artist and all the people in his shop. Because of the laid back nature of them all, I finally managed to convince my friend to get a tattoo and after that, there was no stopping her! She got her nipple pierced about 4 months ago and I went with her to hold her hand. She screamed the entire shop down, to ... read more

Nipple piercing, Mexi-style

I've been really wanting to get my nipples pierced for a while, because its a discreet and personal piercing and since I can't get anymore facial piercings due to my job, I thought my nipples would be perfect. I've heard conflicting accounts of pain and management of the piercing, but I've had 12 piercings and kept them all, so I figured it was doable. A couple friends and I went to Cabo San Lucas and were wandering around downtown, looking for something to do while my friends parents got drunk and whatnot (I'm 18, by the way). So we all ... read more

My Puppies have Piercings

I've loved body piercing and tattoos ever since I was a child. My parents were very strict so I it was out of the question until I was "old enough" to make my own decisions. When I hit 18 I got my ears pierced, 3 years later I have 3 in each, tragus, industrial, nose, tongue, septum and navel. Being a Law student restricts me to what I can get done. No facial piercing showing (that's why I wear a retainer in my septum and clear barbell in my tongue) no visible tattoos, you know the drill. I was in ... read more

My Pride and Joy.

The idea of having Nipple piercing is something that's always fascinated me, although I never thought that I'd actually end up going through it, as I am completely Needle phobic. I'd slowly built up my collection of piercing, including my belly button when I was 11, two in both ear lobes from when I was young, I had both tragus' done, and before planning this, I also had my Rook done. I knew that I was going to get this one way or another, and after deciding that there were no other piercing that attracted my attention, or one that ... read more

my oh so humble boobies have some new jewelry

My nipple piercings are definitely not my first, nor second....I'm running 10 piercings deep already (two lip rings, a 10g septum, a tongue ring, four on ears, and two on naval), but I was surely nervous about this particular piercing. I always side if I was going to get my nipples pierced I would have to have two shots of Patron in order to get threw it. I made the mistake in telling my friend about adding the nipple rings to my on growing body modification collection. So she was behind this completely impulsive visit to Tattoo's by Luiz Segatto ... read more

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