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Self Acceptance through Piercing

In short, I don't like my breasts. They're small, and they look disproportionate to the rest of my body as a result. I have a long and relatively broad torso and while they'd look fine on someone half my size, on me, they're just silly. Clearly, the way to solve this was to get them pierced. If they had metal in them, nobody would look at the size because they'd be distracted by the awesome, right? Good enough for me. This particular experience is the second time I got them pierced; the first time was two years ago, and after ... read more

onze gezamenlijke piercing ervaring

Jeanet en ik hebben alletwee al verschillende tattoos en zijn daar erg trots op,Jeanet op haar schouder een verzameling vlinders en op haar onderrug een vlinder verwerkt in een tribal zij zit nog te denken om iets met vlinders op haar borsten te laten doen maar daar moet eerst een mooi ontwerp voor komen,ik zelf heb een tattoo op mijn bovenarm en een grote tribal op mijn onderrug,wij hebben de tattoos al een paar jaar en willen ze echt niet meer missen(gaat ook niet),wij hadden wel eens gepraat over piercings maar eigenlijk waren wij daar nog niet aan toe,bij een ... read more

Nipple Repair and others

Three years ago, I took the plunge and went for piercings in both nipples, in the same sitting, having 12 x 1.6mm Titanium Bar-bells fitted. I was ecstatic with the result. In time they healed perfectly with no problems what so ever. My main hobby is jewellery design and manufacture, so during the healing period, I set to make myself a set of gold barbells, stirrups, and a range of light weight gold ornaments to suspend from the stirrups, I even made a silver "guide pin" which made the removal and reinsertion of the barbell easier and quicker for me. ... read more

Nipple piercing with a friend (by a shitty piercer)

I decided to buy myself a little holiday present. When I saw my first girlfriends boobs for the first time, her nipple piercings were the most amazing things I'd ever seen. She never wore a bra, and I'd fool around with them discreetly during lectures. Around then (spring of last year) I decided that I really wanted to a nipple piercing. I put this idea on the back burner for awhile as I was about to go to work for the summer at a job that required me to swim and be really active, and the thought scared me. Then ... read more

Nipples, finally!

Since I was about 16 (I'm 23 now) I've been wanting my nipples pierced. The main things holding me back were pain and convincing my husband...haha Well, finally, I'd gathered up the courage to get it done. I'd done some research on the internet, as I wanted it done by a female artist (and that was the only way my husband would let me get it done...haha), and I found Man's Ruin, which was voted best in Western North Carolina. I called them up and discussed price and exact location, and then we were off. We got there close to ... read more

My Titillating Experience

In February of 2006, I turned 18. I wasn't the kind of kid who would go out and buy cigarettes or porn so I really didn't have much to utilize my 18-year-old privileges on that I actually cared about, except for one thing – body modifications. For quite a while I had wanted to get my nipples pierced. I've never had much sensitivity in my nipples and had some hopes that maybe this would help. I researched a lot about nipple piercings. I kept seeing that they took a long time to heal and I didn't want to get pierced ... read more

My Long Awaited Nipple Rings

I have wanted to get my nipples pierced for a while but kept putting it off. I didn't want to get them one at a time but it was too expensive for me to get both of them at once. Luckily, I get my piercings at Infinite where they have a Frequent Client card. After four piercings, you get one free (minus jewelry). I had already saved up four piercings so I could get one nipple for free. My friend had saved up three piercings and was planning to get one more so she let me use her card to ... read more

Mijn eerste tepelpiercing

Mijn eerste tepelpiercing... Het kriebelde mij al veel langer om een piercing te laten zetten maar ik durfde nooit niet goed. Al vanaf mijn 15de wou ik een navelpiercing maar de pijn schrikte me af. Meer dan anderhalf jaar geleden begon ik toch informatie op te vragen over een navelpiercing. Mijn toenmalige vriendje had een tongpiercing en vond dit ook wel mooi bij een meisje maar dit mocht ik niet van men ouders (ook al was ik er 21) dus koos ik voor de 'veilige' optie: een navelpiercing. Tegelijkertijd was mijn interesse gewekt en besloot ik maar ineens informatie te ... read more

Getting it done!

I had wanted my nipples done for a while. Since before I had any other piercings done actually. I had my labret done just a few days ago, and quickly got hooked on the pain and way that piercings make me feel. I'm also an amatuer model, so every little uniqueness helps. I got my labret done at Art Smart tattoo/piercings in Dickson, Tennessee, so thats where I went to get my nipples done. Me, my boyfriend, and two other friends all went in the shop and told the piercer what I wanted. The female piercer who had done my ... read more

Completely worth it.

I have always had a love for body mods, but due to certain work restrictions I am unable to have any visible piercings. My need to get pierced, however, was overwhelming. I had not gotten a new piercing for over six months and I was itching something new. I had previously considered getting my nipples pierced, but I had always dismissed the idea as I had heard way too many horror stories about them getting caught on clothing and being ripped out. Recently though, I had started considering nipple piercings a little more seriously and, about two weeks ago, I ... read more

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