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10ga Nipple Piercings - What More Could A Girl Ask For?

I've had my nipples pierced over six months now, and they're quite happy. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone in the Calgary area for anything from standard navel or nostril piercings to heavier work like large gauge punches, scarification and genital piercing. After having Dan do a 0ga dermal punch on my left conch, I knew he was the only one I would trust to do my nipples. We had discussed the matter more than once. The main conversation I recall was on the type and thickness of the jewellery. Type was not a question for me, as I ... read more

Secretive piercing gets one up on organised religion.

Christmas Eve, 2005. After years of dreaming about piercings as a child, my life progressed (albeit far too slowly) to the point where I was just starting to break away from my intensely Catholic mother's control and starting to think for myself. Having met a good friend with a tat and some stretch lobes, I finally decided to go for my first piercing after much deliberation and soul searching. What part of my body would stay hidden, except to those I wanted to share it with? Well for a first piercing, I wasn't gonna go too extreme, so I quickly ... read more

Perforated Nipples

For me, body modification is more than ornamental installment of shiny things. Other than the aesthetic value, I think of it as a small step to some kind of metamorphosis. It does not only change my appearance but my understanding of and tolerance for pain; a full transformation. Some would think you are morphing into a barbaric whereas some will think you are morphing into an unstable human fraught with psychological issues i.e. MAD. Every piercing I have is a reward for an achievement; it could be an academic one or overcoming a personal dilemma. My latest addition marks successfully ... read more

OMG but it was worth it

So yeah, I am rather impulsive and decided to get my nipples pierced...actually my friend and I were hanging out and she said "why don't we go get pierced?" so my response is obviously "yeah...why don't we?" So half an hour later there we are at Body Art at 10 o'clock at night,Downtown Burlington. I take five minutes to fill out the Name, age, blah blah blah form that lets them know what you want to do to yourself and then wait around for a few minutes for the room to open up, and my piercer to get all the ... read more

My Nipple - done by the apprentice

Last night I got my nipple pierced! Yay for me! My parents have never been into my body mods, they hate facial piercings and tattoos etc. I currently have 3 tattoos and 10 piercings. I have wanted my nipple pierced for about 4 years (since I was 15) but I class myself as a wuss and always chickened out. The difference with my nipple is that my parents both have it done so they couldn't tell me not to get it done. They just reminded me that it hurt a lot and that I don't really have the money to ... read more

My nipples were sore but I felt great!

You that feeling you get when you see something you instantly love? That rush of excitement? Thrill? That's the exact feeling I got when I first saw my best friends nipple piercings. I hadn't seen her in months and instead of the normal hug/kiss and I miss you's, we sat down and showed each other our new mods. I didn't have to much new to show , I had one new tattoo on my foot. I think in the first 10 minutes she exposed all of herself showing me her labia piercing , her nipples and 5 brand spanking new ... read more

my left nipply nips...

I had been toying with the idea of getting a horizontal nipple piercing for a good few months before I actually decided to take the initial plunge. My biggest dilemma seemed not to be the pain that I would have to experience, after all my only previous experiences up until then had rather mundanely been my earlobes, but which of my nipples to get done! Upon phoning various friendly ex's and friends and bombarding them all with the immortal question ''which do you think is my best nipple?'', it was my lefty which was decided upon. I had wandered past ... read more

Living long term with pierced nipples

By looking at me, I would be the last person you'd think who'd have pierced nipples. I have two grown kids, have been married to the same woman for 30 years, am somewhat over weight, and just generally does not look like the stereotypical person that would have body modifications. In fact, other than one tattoo, these are the sum total of mine. I decided to pierce my nipples as a surprise for my wife after she saw a picture during a visit to the tattoo shop to get her 15 year old tattoo touched up (another story in itself) ... read more

From two to one.

I've always been a fan of piercings and tattoos, and since I was about 15, I wanted to pierce my nipples, but either I wasn't of age, didn't have the money, or was too chicken. I didn't get it done first thing after I turned eighteen; instead I got a vertical labret, and a couple months later, my first tattoo, which is a tribal design on my left calf. So, March 07 I finally did it, courtesy of my boyfriend; it was my boyfriend's birthday present to me. I got it done at Warlock's Tattoo and Piercing, in Raleigh, North ... read more

Deliberation, terror and acceptance, a tale of two nipples

My nipple piercings were performed only after months of deliberation. I am completely neurotic when it comes to my health, I wouldn't go as far as to say that I am a hypochondriac, but I obsess over the potential complications of almost everything I do. My main concern with nipple piercing was the risk of mastitis and I became preoccupied with researching the likelihood of this particular problem. Unsurprisingly, my research did pull up some fairly nasty stories, which still often haunt me whenever I let my mind wander. I decided on several occasions that 'today was the day' and ... read more

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