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Wait. We're Doing This Now?

Wow. All I have to say is wow. I was actually in a state of shock when I went to get this done. So, I'll just enlighten you right now. So. July 23 was my 18th birthday. That day wasn't all that peachy because my cake was ugly and my 20-year old sister who is back from college was pissing me off. So around 4 o'clock I left to go hang out with my friends at their house. Then my boyfriend (Noah) came so we could chill at another friends house. Blah. I ended up going back home to collect ... read more

My Left Nipple

Hey there ok just to introduce my self to you all, I am a 19 year girl and Im living in London at the moment but I had this piecing done when I was at the age of 17 and I was living in surrey. Im very much into piercings and tattoos, how ever I would never get my face pierced due to work reasons and I was running out of areas to get pierced. I can not get obvious piercings as I am a manager of a resturant in London and it is very much frowned upon by the ... read more

My Head First Dive into Body Mod

Ever since I was a little kid I have always enjoyed the look of body modifiers, however because of whom my parents are I was never able to get even an earring that is until yesterday. (Well I did get a pair of 10g but that's for another time, and another post) The idea was put into my head by a rather new friend, Ashley, who I was hanging out with at a sidewalk sale that is big in my town. We went into a new tattoo studio that had just opened and decided to look around in there. (I ... read more

My experience in getting a 4.5 mm tunnel with captive ball and ring nipple piercing.

I have been wanting to get this done for a long time, but feared being too "trendy". Also, I was out of shape and didn't think keeping a piercing "undercover" was cool. I wanted to show it off if I got it done. I joined my friend's gym, and spent about 8 months changing my lifestyle, eating habits and routines. It was a ton of work, but I persevered and not only watched my body change, but my mind and attitude as well. I developed a confidence that I never had. I know this sounds funny when I'm just talking ... read more

Long awaited first ever piercing

I have long had a fascination with nipple piercings and PA's, finding them highly attractive and presenting interesting play possibilities (I'm in a committed D/s relationship with my partner of 9 months). Until nine months ago I was married to a lady who strongly disliked any form of piercing on a man - so never got around to doing anything about it beyond research. My [new] partner however has a rather different view and from our very first conversation made it clear that she would not find nipple piercings unattractive. I recently came to a turning point and decided I ... read more

Having my nipples re-pierced after breastfeeding

I retired my nipple piercings to breastfeed my daughter. After I had her, I was determined to keep the first set, but because she couldn't latch on properly, and the nurses told me she might swallow the jewellery, I tried feeding her without jewellery. This was such a palaver, and my nipples got so sore, that I eventually decided just to let them close up. I never expected to get them repierced again, although they had been my favourite piercings and I really missed them. I had been really looking forward to getting a labret piercing, and had been planning ... read more

Happy birthday for me and my nipplybits!

I never really thought of myself as the type of girl to get any serious piercings. I've always wanted crazy amounts of ear piercings, maybe a lip ring or my navel, but my nipples? Who would have thought? It was the 5th of July and my boyfriend and I had been talking about this for a couple of weeks now, my nipple piercings. I had already been rejected once because I lost my drivers license, so the nervousness was killing me a little inside. We walked into the shop, and the Jed recognized me from the first time I tried ... read more

Secretive piercing gets one up on organised religion.

Christmas Eve, 2005. After years of dreaming about piercings as a child, my life progressed (albeit far too slowly) to the point where I was just starting to break away from my intensely Catholic mother's control and starting to think for myself. Having met a good friend with a tat and some stretch lobes, I finally decided to go for my first piercing after much deliberation and soul searching. What part of my body would stay hidden, except to those I wanted to share it with? Well for a first piercing, I wasn't gonna go too extreme, so I quickly ... read more

Perforated Nipples

For me, body modification is more than ornamental installment of shiny things. Other than the aesthetic value, I think of it as a small step to some kind of metamorphosis. It does not only change my appearance but my understanding of and tolerance for pain; a full transformation. Some would think you are morphing into a barbaric whereas some will think you are morphing into an unstable human fraught with psychological issues i.e. MAD. Every piercing I have is a reward for an achievement; it could be an academic one or overcoming a personal dilemma. My latest addition marks successfully ... read more

OMG but it was worth it

So yeah, I am rather impulsive and decided to get my nipples pierced...actually my friend and I were hanging out and she said "why don't we go get pierced?" so my response is obviously "yeah...why don't we?" So half an hour later there we are at Body Art at 10 o'clock at night,Downtown Burlington. I take five minutes to fill out the Name, age, blah blah blah form that lets them know what you want to do to yourself and then wait around for a few minutes for the room to open up, and my piercer to get all the ... read more

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