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steel nipples for my birthday

In may of this year (2007) I finally got the chance to do something I've wanted to do for a LONG time. I got my nipple pierced. For a few years now I've been obsessed with BME and all body modifications. I decided one day I wanted my nipple pierced, but upon going to the studio without parent consent I returned disappointed and with no more holes in my body than when I had left home. I obviously didn't do enough research because I didn't even know there was an age restriction. In Ontario 16 is the normal age for ... read more

My first nipple piercing

Dear BME, my name is Julia and I am from Slovakia. I am a 26 years old girl who likes to try new things. I would like to describe my first experience with nipple piercing. I already have my ears pierced (5 holes altogether) as well as my tongue. I was also considering having my navel pierced, but did not find the time yet. It is sexy, but today nearly everybody has this. It is almost a must. My longtime boyfriend got somehow obsessed with piercings and tattoos, and we spent hours together looking on pictures of various motives for ... read more

No Regrets!!!

I had wanted to get my nipples pierced for years. Not as an act of rebellion or for anyone else's satisfaction. My nipples had always been so-so in the sensitivity arena and have minimally added to my sexual experiences. My thought on the piercing was that it would heighten the sensitivity of my nipples, therefore adding to my sexual satisfaction. So, three years ago my doctor detected a lump in my right breast, which he wanted to monitor through ultrasound every six months. The time came to remove the "foreign breast mass" and I decided enough was enough. I wanted ... read more

Nipple piercings times four!!!

My name is Steph, and I have submitted many experiences to BME but this one may be my favorite. I got my nipples pierced for the first time about ten months ago; I went with a friend of mine who was getting her nose pierced, and I got bit with the bug bad, and my piercer suggested getting my nipples pierced because I was concerned about my parents being upset about another piercing. I considered it and decided I would do it. Now, since I didn't choose this piercing myself, I hadn't done any research or anything on it so ... read more

My Shiny Souvenirs from Ithaca

My interest in piercing started out involving strictly the face. However, while researching various facial piercings that I wished to attain, my intrigue quickly began to grow for a diversity of body piercings, including the nipples. Initially, it was one of the piercings that I thought would be impractical, and would never actually get. I worried about the difficulty of healing them, not to mention the various horror stories of severe infections. And being a severe hypochondriac, I knew that I wouldn't be able to go a day without worrying that I would wake up with my boobs reduced to ... read more

My first piercing ever besides ears and I opt for nipples

I had been thinking about getting my nipples pierced for a while and a couple of people I knew were very willing for me to have it done, in fact one was so willing that he offered to pay for it and well now, how can I refuse an offer like that? Look a gift horse in the mouth no, of course not. It was close to my 30th birthday and I guess I wanted to do something radical because up till then I was while not conservative, just not the most physically or publicly demonstrative person around. The first ... read more

My birthday present to me!

I've always loved piercings, but never thought of myself as one to get outrageous or daring piercings. I have many cartilage piercings as well as my tongue and navel, but I never put much thought into getting my nipples pierced. So one night talking on the phone with my friend, we got onto the subject of body mods. We talked about piercings we'd pretty much never get, and nipple piercings came up. So I thought, well why not? I called my boyfriend and told him of my plans to get pierced, and he absolutely loved the idea! The more I ... read more

Happy Birthday Nipples

I had wanted something pierced since I had my tongue ring but did not know what. I thought of getting a bellybutton piercing but then I thought I needed to lose a lot of weight for that one. Then I started dating a wonderful modded guy and came to the conclusion that I wanted nipple piercings. Now I am one of those people who make an event out of most things, or finds an event to fit things into and my nipple piercings were no different. We decided that these piercings would be my birthday present from my boyfriend and ... read more

Breathe in, Stick it, Breathe Out (All About My Nipples)

Ever since I hit high school I've always been a little disappointed in the size of my breasts(32 A). It seemed that every girl that roamed the halls of Freedom High had at least a B, and I was so self-conscious about them that I felt I needed to add a little special thing or two for my own self-satisfaction. I roamed around on the internet for a while and eventually landed here on BME. Browsing around the site I ventured into the female nipple piercing section and took a gander around. I fell in love. To me, every single ... read more


I just had both nipples pierced yesterday. This was my first piercing(s) and was really looking forward to doing something that was different and expressive. I have two tattoos, but I feel that those are now becoming a lot more commonplace and have found their place in society. Piercings seem to still be, at least to me, on the rebellious side (aside from the standard ear piercings) and thats kind of what appealled to me along with I sort of have an occassional need for pain. I did it completely on a whim and impulse. Well, actually, I had been ... read more

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