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My experience getting my nipples pierced.

Around three months ago, after a long mental battle over deciding wether to get my nipples pierced, I finally decided to get go to a shop and get it done. This being my first piercing at a shop, instead of the jewelry shop I went to to get my ears pierced, twice, with a gun (I know, horrible), I did not know what to expect. Also, with a personal piercing like the nipples, I was a little nervous. When I got to the shop I walked in and of course asked the piercer for an estimate for the piercings and ... read more

Round one - Disaster - Round two - Perfection.

Something sort of exciting yet disappointing: I got my nipples pierced. Yay right? Well here goes the story .. A few friends and I drove down to Venice because I decided I was just going to do it, and one of my friends was going to have her navel pierced as well (which I was paying for because it was her birthday). I used to be against nipple piercings, I felt that it was blemish. I've always been told I have nice breasts and that they didn't need enhancing. What threw me over the edge to do it was that ... read more

My Beautiful Nipple Piercing

Deciding to get my nipple pierced was a big decision that I made about seven months ago. As with some of my other piercings, I waited for around five months after initially wanting it done before I actually went through with it. Although these five months were a little frustrating, I am glad that I waited because it meant that my nipple piercing was something that I wouldn't regret, and something that wasn't done on impulse. Before describing the actual procedure, I'll give a brief outline of the reasons I wanted to get this particular piercing. Firstly, I am twenty ... read more

Painful but worth it.

Did it hurt you ask? Hell yes! Was it worth it though? Absolutely, without a doubt. I made the decision to get both my nipples pierced for two reasons. The first being the obvious one, they just look real good and the second reason is that I've never had very sensitive nipples and hoped this may increase sensation for me. Has it worked out? Well yes and no. I made the journey into the piercing studio a little over two months ago all nervous anticipation and sweaty palms, though not my first piercing I was very anxious as I'd heard ... read more

My Beautiful Left Nipple Barbell, Money Well Spent

Ever since I was young I have never really thought about getting any type of piercing or tattoo even when my brothers went to get there ears pierced I was not interested in getting mine done at the same time which I now regret not doing. I love my nipples and love touching them and causing pain to them using clips, so when I came across the pictures on BME it pushed me to go and get it pierced because they look so good and of course the nice sensation which will come with it. I went onto the internet ... read more

"Oh God, we have to do another one!?"

I decided that it would be best to wait a considerable amount of time before doing a write-up about my nipple piercings. I feel as if this type of body mod means so much more emotionally than physically, and I needed time to see how my life would be affected by two little 14-gauge barbells. After eight months of having them, I feel confident enough to give a good story-and maybe explain to people why they mean so much to me. I've never liked my breasts. My mother had double-Ds and needed a breast reduction to reduce the pain they ... read more

How depressing.

I had been wanting a sexy piercing for a long time, but I was too chicken to go straight for the hood, so I opted to get my nipples done instead. Unfortunately, I kept putting off getting them done, since I didn't have the extra money to invest in a piercing. For my 19th birthday, though, one of my friends decided to take me to get them done, so I was all about it! So we head out to Just Another Hole in Broken Arrow, which is probably my favorite shop in the Tulsa area, albeit a long drive. I ... read more

Nipple Addiction - Pierce Away!

I'm the standard grade Nipple freak. Since I was a boy I couldn't get enough of nipple play. It's my main turn on and just playing with them would get me "satisfied". And so naturally when I came "of age" I had to get them pierced. Funny how we'll do anything we can to feel everything we can with our nipples. Well, maybe not you, but for me? - A big yes! I had to get them pierced because, even though I loved looking at the bodies in the magazines, the pierced nipples always caught my attention more than just ... read more

Close encounter of the small-breasted kind.

www.gypsyrosestudio.com Speaking online definitely helps one keep from being squeamish, so I'm not afraid to tell you all... I have small nipples! My mother's side of the family is cursed with inverted nipples, as well! I was extremely unhappy with my breast shape and usual condition, but until recently I did not think something like body modification could increase both my self-esteem as well as my sex appeal. Browsing around online about a week ago, I read about some of the great benefits of having one's nipples pierced—- the nipple is locked into a kind of excitory state, it becomes ... read more

Nipple Piercings

I've always been very self conscious of my breasts, so its no wonder why I was so hesitant to get my nipples pierced. I wanted to get them done for a while, but the horror stories I had heard from friends and read from websites made me shrug off the idea. After getting my nape done, I decided to ask questions about the procedure. I explained to my piercer that one of my close friends had hers done, and ended up losing all sensation. She had had hers done with a clamp, and Evan, my piercer, told me that he ... read more

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