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Nipple Addiction - Pierce Away!

I'm the standard grade Nipple freak. Since I was a boy I couldn't get enough of nipple play. It's my main turn on and just playing with them would get me "satisfied". And so naturally when I came "of age" I had to get them pierced. Funny how we'll do anything we can to feel everything we can with our nipples. Well, maybe not you, but for me? - A big yes! I had to get them pierced because, even though I loved looking at the bodies in the magazines, the pierced nipples always caught my attention more than just ... read more

Close encounter of the small-breasted kind.

www.gypsyrosestudio.com Speaking online definitely helps one keep from being squeamish, so I'm not afraid to tell you all... I have small nipples! My mother's side of the family is cursed with inverted nipples, as well! I was extremely unhappy with my breast shape and usual condition, but until recently I did not think something like body modification could increase both my self-esteem as well as my sex appeal. Browsing around online about a week ago, I read about some of the great benefits of having one's nipples pierced—- the nipple is locked into a kind of excitory state, it becomes ... read more

Nipple Piercings

I've always been very self conscious of my breasts, so its no wonder why I was so hesitant to get my nipples pierced. I wanted to get them done for a while, but the horror stories I had heard from friends and read from websites made me shrug off the idea. After getting my nape done, I decided to ask questions about the procedure. I explained to my piercer that one of my close friends had hers done, and ended up losing all sensation. She had had hers done with a clamp, and Evan, my piercer, told me that he ... read more

Both Nipples Re-pierced.

Ten years or so ago, I had both of my nipples pierced. Seven months ago, I finally took my jewelry out, and last week I had new piercings put in. I don't know how unique my experiences were, but some avoidable mistakes were made so hopefully this testimonial will be of some use to someone. When my nipples were originally pierced, the installed jewelry were 14ga CBRs. The initial piercing was intensely painful and the jewelry never quite felt right. That being said, I treated them well, and they healed reasonably enough. Every several years I'd stretch up further, but ... read more

My Poor Nipple and Piercer

I have always been a fan of body modifications and I was always checking BME for ideas. I have always had a line up of peircings that I wanted but my family was never into it so I was always trying to convince them. I got a few in my ears and ended up getting my belly button done a long time ago. Had my nose done a while ago too but that ended up getting ripped out (ow!!) A friend and I decided that while we were in the city that we would head over to Pic Mans and ... read more

A vertical piercing of a damaged nipple

Let me start by saying that one should learn by their mistakes. This being said I feel that when it comes to body mods you can do much better by learning from someone elses. I started out not knowing anything about finding a shop that would do an excellent job. I looked in the yellow pages of a nearby city and went to a shop to scout the place. To say that I was not thrilled would be an honest observation. The next shop was very clean, but they did not do genital piercings, at the time I wanted a ... read more

My nipple piercing

I never thought that I would get my nipples pierced. It had been suggested to me before by a couple old boyfriends who were into piercings, and by my friend when I explained that I didn't want to get a piercing on my face. I joked around about maybe getting it done, but I never dared went though with it. It just sounded too painful. Recently after having a rough couple of months, I was for some sort of change, and I thought about seriously getting it done. I couldn't seem to get it out of my mind I got ... read more

An awesome experience!

I thought about getting my nipples pierced for a year now. I knew I liked the look of it and I felt I would enjoy the feel of it. I have had a navel piercing before and had to take it out due to an infection so, I wanted to make sure I was given all the right information before I got my next piercing. I first did tons of research on the internet. I went to different websites mostly those that dealt with breastfeeding to make sure it would not be affecting my life later on. The way I ... read more

My Lovely 51 Year Old Pierced Nipples – One Year Later

One year ago, in August 2006, I decided to get my nipples pierced. That story is on this website—I wrote it about three weeks after the piercings were done. One year later, they are still pierced and I still love them! Healing-wise, I didn't have any problems at all. I was extremely diligent about aftercare—I washed them with anti-bacterial soap for at least a month. I also did sea salt soaks for ages. I found the soaks soothing and figured they could only help, so why not continue? I have noticed that the left nipple is more tender than the ... read more

a celebration - getting my first piercings

I had my first piercings last week, and want to tell you about them and why. I'm a 46 year old man who has recently had depression. It took two years to go away, but I woke up one day a few months ago and it was over. It felt like a fresh start and for some reason it seemed worth marking. I had no tattoos or piercings at all, but I just knew it had to be something on me, for me, to celebrate getting my life back together. I have a conservative, professional job so it had to ... read more

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