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My first piercing

First of all, a bit of background. I've been interested in piercings since about when I turned 14, but with my mum and dad I've been completely forbidden from it. The second piercing I ever contemplated was a centre labret, but this was obviously out because it would be a tad difficult to hide. It wasn't until recently, say around 5 months or so ago, that I thought seriously about getting a piercing that could be hidden. I'd played with the idea of getting a nipple piercing before this, but had placed as maybe the third or fourth on my ... read more

My Poor Nipple and Piercer

I have always been a fan of body modifications and I was always checking BME for ideas. I have always had a line up of peircings that I wanted but my family was never into it so I was always trying to convince them. I got a few in my ears and ended up getting my belly button done a long time ago. Had my nose done a while ago too but that ended up getting ripped out (ow!!) A friend and I decided that while we were in the city that we would head over to Pic Mans and ... read more

A vertical piercing of a damaged nipple

Let me start by saying that one should learn by their mistakes. This being said I feel that when it comes to body mods you can do much better by learning from someone elses. I started out not knowing anything about finding a shop that would do an excellent job. I looked in the yellow pages of a nearby city and went to a shop to scout the place. To say that I was not thrilled would be an honest observation. The next shop was very clean, but they did not do genital piercings, at the time I wanted a ... read more

My nipple piercing

I never thought that I would get my nipples pierced. It had been suggested to me before by a couple old boyfriends who were into piercings, and by my friend when I explained that I didn't want to get a piercing on my face. I joked around about maybe getting it done, but I never dared went though with it. It just sounded too painful. Recently after having a rough couple of months, I was for some sort of change, and I thought about seriously getting it done. I couldn't seem to get it out of my mind I got ... read more

An awesome experience!

I thought about getting my nipples pierced for a year now. I knew I liked the look of it and I felt I would enjoy the feel of it. I have had a navel piercing before and had to take it out due to an infection so, I wanted to make sure I was given all the right information before I got my next piercing. I first did tons of research on the internet. I went to different websites mostly those that dealt with breastfeeding to make sure it would not be affecting my life later on. The way I ... read more

My Lovely 51 Year Old Pierced Nipples – One Year Later

One year ago, in August 2006, I decided to get my nipples pierced. That story is on this website—I wrote it about three weeks after the piercings were done. One year later, they are still pierced and I still love them! Healing-wise, I didn't have any problems at all. I was extremely diligent about aftercare—I washed them with anti-bacterial soap for at least a month. I also did sea salt soaks for ages. I found the soaks soothing and figured they could only help, so why not continue? I have noticed that the left nipple is more tender than the ... read more

a celebration - getting my first piercings

I had my first piercings last week, and want to tell you about them and why. I'm a 46 year old man who has recently had depression. It took two years to go away, but I woke up one day a few months ago and it was over. It felt like a fresh start and for some reason it seemed worth marking. I had no tattoos or piercings at all, but I just knew it had to be something on me, for me, to celebrate getting my life back together. I have a conservative, professional job so it had to ... read more

My first piercing

Strangely I'd always waited to get piercings done until I was actually an adult. I always wanted to be sure that I knew the implications of what I was having done, and that the things I got done were things I'd want to keep.So I was eighteen when I had my first piercing done I'd always wanted my nipple pierced, and on my first day in halls of residence in uni my flatmates and I were sitting around discussing various bits we'd like things poked through. One of my flatmates, a former wigmaker, pornographic actresss and multiply pierced and inked ... read more

steel nipples for my birthday

In may of this year (2007) I finally got the chance to do something I've wanted to do for a LONG time. I got my nipple pierced. For a few years now I've been obsessed with BME and all body modifications. I decided one day I wanted my nipple pierced, but upon going to the studio without parent consent I returned disappointed and with no more holes in my body than when I had left home. I obviously didn't do enough research because I didn't even know there was an age restriction. In Ontario 16 is the normal age for ... read more

My first nipple piercing

Dear BME, my name is Julia and I am from Slovakia. I am a 26 years old girl who likes to try new things. I would like to describe my first experience with nipple piercing. I already have my ears pierced (5 holes altogether) as well as my tongue. I was also considering having my navel pierced, but did not find the time yet. It is sexy, but today nearly everybody has this. It is almost a must. My longtime boyfriend got somehow obsessed with piercings and tattoos, and we spent hours together looking on pictures of various motives for ... read more

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