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My nipples pierced

Vandaag ben ik naar Arnhem geweest om 2 tepelpiercings te laten zetten. Ik had gisteren een mailtje gestuurd naar Cas van Paradigm, en hij mailde vanochtend, dat ik vandaag al langs kon komen. Ik wilde het zo graag, dat ik meteen mijn spullen heb gepakt, en de reis van meer dan 2,5 uur heb gemaakt naar Paradigm. In Arnhem aangekomen liep ik natuurlijk de verkeerde kant de Steenstraat in, waardoor ik eerst 10 min. heb lopen zoeken. Maar toen ik het eenmaal gevonden had, en ik naar binnen liep, voelde ik me meteen op mijn gemak. Onderweg in de trein ... read more

Understanding why you should never be numbed...

Ok, so now I'm in my mid-20s, I've had time to reflect on my many piercings over the years... many of which are now retired (I'm a bit more of a tattoo girl, really). But I want to perhaps offer something useful to people I wish I had bloody well known when I was 18... Ok. So I had my lobes, tragus, navel, and labret by the time I was 18, almost 19, and I decided that I wanted to push my limits a little more with a nipple piercing. Although I was in London for University (Where there are ... read more

My nipple piercing

About six months ago, I decided that I needed another piercing so I started trying to decide what piecing is right for me. I decided against an ear piercing, as I would have to constantly hide it at work. My other piercing is hidden, in my pants, so I figured this one should follow in kind. There was actually a sale running so I went with getting two at once and chose to do my nipples. The guy at the place said that it was a pretty intense piercing as far as pain but I was not to worried about ... read more

The piercing that almost turned me into a uni-boob.

It all started in June, when I ordered custom 10g nipple bars. They were supposed to be in for my eighteenth birthday, but everything wrong happened with shipping (distributor went under, then got held at the boarder, then found out it was the box was sent to the wrong store, then they were finally in). It was finally in November when I was able to come in and let Amanda stab my nipples. We chatted for almost two hours about risks, aftercare, what clothes to wear, plus things unrelated to the piercing. The piercing itself hurt: it wasn't as easy ... read more

mijn tepelpiercing

ik was net 16 geworden en had wou al ruim een jaar een wenkbrauwpiercing. mijn ouders waren daar zwaar tegen, ze gebruikten de standaardargumenten zoals "je krijgt er later spijt van" en "je word nergens meer aangenomen" enzo. ik legde me erbij neer, maar de wens naar een piercing bleef. op dat punt begon ik over piercings na te denken die mijn ouders niet zouden kunnen zien, zoals een tepelpiercing. dat leek me meteen erg vrouwelijk en ik vond het heel mooi staan op foto's van internet. ik begon het voorzichtig aan wat vrienden te vertellen en die reageerden allemaal ... read more

The nipple that never healed

Well... getting my nipple pierced was not something that I can say I had thought about for a long time before doing but it was definitely an experience I would not pass up if I had the chance. This is back in 2001 by the way. A group of us went to Ottawa for a day trip and we're hanging around when we came across a tattoo and body piercing parlor. My buddy Al persuaded me to go in and before I know it, I had paid the man and was waiting for my turn to get pricked. For me, ... read more

Il mio primo nipple

Il mio primo nipple Era da tempo che pensavo di farmi fare un nipple, il capezzolo sinistro, sul cuore, insieme alla mia ex, che chiaramente all'epoca non era ancora diventata la mia ex. Ci eravamo lasciati poco prima che partissi per Trieste per motivi di studio, ed una volta là, tra la depressione post rottura e quella dovuta alle fredde e ventose giornate invernali incominciai a pensare ad una body mod per voltare pagina nella mia vita sentimentale. Dopo un periodo di tira e molla tra decisione e tentennamenti, all'inizio della primavera, avevo finalmente deciso di prepararmi all'estate sulle spiagge ... read more

Pierced nipples at last - and stretching

In January 2006 my partner, now my wife, was away on an extended holiday in her homeland. For many years I had thought about having my nipples pierced but the conservative side of me had completely rejected the idea. The logical side of me wasn't far behind as I had tiny nipples - not much more than a match-head. My old girl-friends had a lot of fun with those tiny nubs - biting an torturing them as best they could. They had almost no sensation but now - well - read on! Somehow I got the idea in my head ... read more

My New Nipple Bars

My Experience starts on a Wednesday, for months I had seen great pictures of piercing and when I see one I like I get it. So far I have done this for my lip, 10mm ears, 2 scaffolds and now my nipples. On a Wednesday I have a double free period so have 3 and a half hours to kill in between classes. m mate Sean had a great idea, lets go into town, I live 16 miles form Aberdeen so we said yeah why not and got the train in. this was a bad idea as we then decided ... read more

My first piercing

First of all, a bit of background. I've been interested in piercings since about when I turned 14, but with my mum and dad I've been completely forbidden from it. The second piercing I ever contemplated was a centre labret, but this was obviously out because it would be a tad difficult to hide. It wasn't until recently, say around 5 months or so ago, that I thought seriously about getting a piercing that could be hidden. I'd played with the idea of getting a nipple piercing before this, but had placed as maybe the third or fourth on my ... read more

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