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Pain equals pleasure

I wasn't always into piercings or other types of body modification, when I was younger I looked at people with piercings or tattoos as different. I realize when I was 14 I really wanted to start getting into body modification, but with a strict father I knew he wouldn't approve of it. I decided I wanted to get my nipples pierced about a month before I turned 19, I wasn't especially nervous our anxious to get the piercings I was just overly excited. The past 4 years of my life going on 5 I started picking up piercing and after ... read more

Being rebellious getting my nipples pierced

I've got two tattoos and want more but am not sure what or where I want it so I decided to get my nipples pierced since it's semi-permanent. I don't have a high pain tolerance and had no idea how this would feel. I nursed two babies so I figured how bad could it be, right? I had my belly button pierced about 10 years ago and had nothing but problems with the healing. After a year and a half of almost constant infections, I took it out. Given my history with body piercings, I made sure to tell the ... read more

Nipplerotica and Male Nipple Piercings

Male nipples, everyone wonders why men have them, no one really knows why. Like many people with nipple piercings, I got them because I wanted to get pierced and my parents couldn't see them. After having them I understood the others who got them for sexual reasons. (Skip this paragraph to get to the nipplerotica) My nipples were the first piercing I ever got. I wasn't quite sure how I would react to getting needles poked through these pointless things on my chest. So far in my life except for a one time which I will explain later they had ... read more

a bar in each nipple

I am 26 and live in Cairns, North Queensland, Australia. I had only one piercing in my brow and decided it was time to get another. After reading many peoples experiences and viewing pictures through this website I decided it was going to be my nipple. Having had my brow pierced already I kind of knew what I was in for and how much pain I expected while having it done. Wasn't I mistaken... I walked into the Karma House and told the sales girl I was there to have a piercing done. I filled out all the necessary paperwork ... read more

Nipple Piercing

A week before the May 2-4 weekend me and friend and had been chatting about getting my nipple pierced, she already has her's done. I wanted to make this break a good one so why not start it off with some fresh metal. I knew exactally where I wanted to get it done and I trusted the girl completely. I knew Kreative was clean and a lot of my other friends have recieved tattoo's and piercings there before. I was also nervous because I didn't want my nipple to be perminetly messed up, clearly I was willing to take that ... read more

40 Married guy gets nipple pierced

I want to share my experience of getting my nipple pierced. I may not be one of your regular posters, as I am a professional married guy with children, that you would never think about having a piercing, let alone a nipple. I have been thinking of a tattoo for a long time, but not sure of how the stigma of having something in public would be...not so much for me and my wife, but more of my family and what they would think. But the thought of body modification really was a turn on. One day while having sex ... read more

My Southern Cross - Double Nipple Piercings

A few months ago, I had an interesting experience with nipple clamps. After sharing this experience with a friend of mine, who is a body piercer, he dropped the hint that I would most likely really enjoy having my nipples pierced. The idea piqued my curiosity and I began to search the web for photos and experiences others had shared about their piercings. Up until this point, all I've ever had done were my ears. In fact, I rebelled at 18 by getting my cartilage done. Needless to say, the world of piercing is quickly becoming a new and glorious ... read more

Was that it???

I have been wanting a new piercing for a while. I had been researching nipple piercings for a few months. There are a few things I wanted but really couldn't decide what to get. I never really thought I had the "balls" to get my nipple pierced. So, I knew I wanted it but just pushed it in the back of my mind. I recently had to retire a piercing due to getting an MRI. I knew it was time to replace it. I had been talking to my boyfriend for a month about getting my nipple pierced. He wasn't ... read more

My Piercings

My Piercing At long last and after considerable thought I finally plucked up the courage to get my nipples pierced. I have had an ear pierced twice but I have never ventured into the real realms of body piercing. I did research on the Internet looking for information on how the procedure was carried out and what to look for when choosing somewhere to have the piercings done and for recommendations on where to go. During my research on the Internet, I came across a very satisfied customer who had been to the The Blackpool Body Piercing Clinic. I gave ... read more

Update on fulfilling a dream

A year ago, on New Year's Eve, I had a dream that inspired me to get my nipples and belly button pierced. It was a very erotic dream in which my husband took me to have my nipples, belly button and clit pierced, and bought me a silver chain to run from my nipples, through the belly button ring, to a ring in my clit, with another chain around my waist, running through a belly button ring. I couldn't get the dream out of my head, so by March, I gave in and went to have my nipples done. I ... read more

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