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My first piercing experience or a nerd gets nipple rings

Well I had wanted to get something pierced for a while now. I would have gotten my ears pierced but given the fact that I will be in a white collar job in about a year, and the fact that my parents wouldn't approve led me to explore other possibilities. Something that I could hide, but what? Then I remembered that I always thought that nipple piercings looked really cool. So I stewed on that for a while. However, I kept making excuses not to do it, such as, "Maybe the idea of getting pierced is better then actually having ... read more

Had them for about five years now.

I've been "in to" body piercing for about as long as I can remember. When I was young I used to pierce myself all the time. The one thing I used to try to pierce repeatedly was my nipples. (my left nipple got it worse.) Throughout the years I have tried to pierce this nipple about 25 times or so. I never had good equipment, and my efforts always failed when I couldn't take the pain anymore. I gave up after it became obvious that safety pins, and sewing needles just weren't sharp enough. (this is never a good idea. ... read more

Awesome first experience!

I went into Skin Decision at 6:15 on Friday night, my intentions were to go in and get some prices on a tattoo that I drew up. This was my very first time going into their new shop,my friend had 2 tattoo's done by Chris and her husband had a few done by him as well. Just to let you know their tattoo's are amazing! The detail is perfect and the color, very crisp and long lasting. My girlfriend had her heart set on getting both her nipples pierced but she wouldn't get them done unless I did...mind you I ... read more

Simple and easy nipple piercing

I'd been waiting for least two years to get my nipples pierced. I knew I wanted to get something done on my 18th birthday, the day I could finally have something done other then my ear lobes (and my short lived industrial). Although my dad agreed that I could get whatever I wanted once I turned 18, I still wanted to go with something discreet. I'd always thought nipple piercings were pretty and the pain factor didn't faze me, so it was an obvious choice. So when the days till my birthday were down to single digits, I started planning. ... read more

My first ever body mod

I have always been fascinated by tattoos and piercings for as long as I could remember. Having grown up in a very traditional Chinese, very religious Roman Catholic, very conservative household back home in the Philippines, though, I never had the guts or even the opportunity to explore that fascination. In 2004, I moved to Michigan for work and suddenly the opportunities arise. Driving around Michigan, I always see the tattoo/piercing parlors around and I always think to myself when I could muster up the guts to go into one. This new year, my twin brother and I promised each ... read more

My favorite new piercings!!

If you knew me, you would probably never believe that I'm the kind of girl to get my nipples pierced. I actually never even believed that I would get it done. But I did my research and I decided that these were the piercings for me. I wanted to get them done when I was in Colorado over the three day weekend, but my friend I was visiting said that "only whores get their nipples pierced." So instead of getting the piercings I really wanted, I just went and got my tongue pierced because I didn't want my friends to ... read more

My 2nd Nipple

This is a story about my 2nd nipple piercing. I originally had gotten my right one done and after having for about 2 years I decided to take it out because it had never really healed well. Also it had migrated some so it was crooked. This may be due to my boy friend at the time liked to tug on the piercing when we'd fool around. I decided after breaking up w/ my boy friend that it would be a good time to try again. After speaking with my artist we decided it would be best that I not ... read more

Left Nipple done!

Ho 5 piercing. Ed ho intenzione di continuare. Ho iniziato a 18 anni, con un "semplice" lobo e un altrettanto "semplice" helix. Ovviamente fatti con la pistola. Beata gioventù... Ho continuato stretchando il lobo (ora sono arrivata a 8mm, chissà se ce la faccio ad arrivare ad un cm). Poi a ruota, un tongue, un inner conch ed ora questo. Il mio Nipple. Premetto che io sono una studentessa fuori sede a Forlì, quindi passo la maggiorparte del mio tempo in quella città, ora. Però non abbandonerei mai il mio piercer Brenno, per qualcun altro. Sono fortunata ad essere nata ... read more

Nipple Piercing

A week before the May 2-4 weekend me and friend and had been chatting about getting my nipple pierced, she already has her's done. I wanted to make this break a good one so why not start it off with some fresh metal. I knew exactally where I wanted to get it done and I trusted the girl completely. I knew Kreative was clean and a lot of my other friends have recieved tattoo's and piercings there before. I was also nervous because I didn't want my nipple to be perminetly messed up, clearly I was willing to take that ... read more

40 Married guy gets nipple pierced

I want to share my experience of getting my nipple pierced. I may not be one of your regular posters, as I am a professional married guy with children, that you would never think about having a piercing, let alone a nipple. I have been thinking of a tattoo for a long time, but not sure of how the stigma of having something in public would be...not so much for me and my wife, but more of my family and what they would think. But the thought of body modification really was a turn on. One day while having sex ... read more

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