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Mijn tepelpiercings, yeah!

Ik vond een tepelpiercing al een tijdje wel leuk en probeerde mijn vriendje te overtuigen om er een te laten zetten. Hij zag dat niet zitten, maar zei wel dat hij het een mooie piercing vond. Op 13 september 2007 begon voor mij het nieuwe schooljaar: cursussen aankopen op school. Toen was ik toch in Brussel en heb maar van de gelegenheid gebruik gemaakt om langs te gaan bij Arkel piercing. Daar toe gekomen heb ik even geïnformeerd over een tepelpiercing. Ze hadden me wel al gewaarschuwd dat het een gevoelige, en dus pijnlijke, plaats was. Niets kon me nog ... read more

i finally did it.

I've been thinking about getting my nipples pierced for a while now. It was about three years ago (when I had my navel pierced during college) that I also contemplated getting them pierced. At the time I had a boyfriend and couldn't stand the thought of not being rough in bed for a while (during the downtime it would take for them to heal). The other day I was talking to my friend and she mentioned that she wanted to get her eyebrow pierced again. At once all my thoughts of getting my nipples pierced raced back to me. Right ... read more


Cela fais des années que je fantasmes sur les hommes arborant des piercings, etant enfant, je passais des heures à regarder les jeunes hommes aux oreilles percées, au collège je suivais les camarades qui arboraient des bijoux aux oreilles et je les admirait comme ça pendant des heures et des heures. Un soir j'ai pris mon courage à deux mains, je me suis enfermé dans la salle de bains avec une aiguille a coudre, et j'ai enfin senti cette aiguille penetrer dans mes chairs,quel bonheur!! Mais ce plaisir n'a pas duré plus de 10 minutes, car mes parents etant musulmans ... read more

Vertical Nipples

My other half pointed out to me some time ago that being such the piercing enthusiast as I am, he thought it strange that I seemed to have everything pierced but my nipples. He seemed to expect a profound reaction, some great tale of my opposition to nipple piercings, but was bitterly disappointed. I'd had one of my nipples done before. I was 15, bunking off school for the day and went to the only studio that didn't ask me for ID (in retrospect it's refreshing that most of those in Manchester did ask). I won't name the place I ... read more

My freedom piercings.

Before I start all this I might as well tell you a background of myself. I have only ever been professionally pierced twice in my life, yet I have 12 piercing. The first one was the usual little girl ear rings (which are now gauge to 7/16). I decided that was not enough so a few years ago I started my DIY labret which has now turned into a DIY angel's kiss (three labrets). Over the course of three years I've added an eyebrow ring and two more 18g earrings on each ear and a retired smiley. So pretty much ... read more

Independence. It's YOUR Body.

Well, here is my story. I had loved the look of nipple piercings since I was a lot younger, always thinking they so perfectly adorned women. I always felt I'd like one, but that I'd never have the courage to let someone poke a hole through one of mine! However, about 4 months ago I really started to consider a nipple piercing as a possibility. I have had my tongue, navel and cartilage piercing experiences and I figured I had to try at least one really painful one! And as for all those people who say "well how will you ... read more

Happy 21st!

Right before my 21st birthday I decided I really wanted to get something pierced. I was going to do it on my birthday at this parlor in SF but I read up on yelp.com and discovered Body M. I decided to check it out the next day and once I got there I realized this was it: my nipples were getting pierced. I felt so bad for poor Eldo, who was working the desk because I was rambling because I was so nervous. I was telling him everything, why I wanted it done, how scared I was, and how much ... read more

do it, do it, DO IT!!!!

So I've been flirting with the idea of getting my nipples pierced for a while, and after reading a hundred testimonials here on BME and looking at pictures of the female nipples rings, I decided I had to do it. I know my parents would flip out if I came home with another tattoo, seeing as how they were upset about my small wrist tat, so nipples rings was a good way to go. I'd been itching to have something painful done again like I did last year, and since piercings aren't permanent, this should be the pain I was ... read more

Both nipples pierced while on blood thinners

So... to get or not to get my nipples pierced... I had been thinking of getting the procedure done for a few years before I actually went through with it. At first I had thought it was insane to want to pierce something so precious. Then I was terrified of all the horror stories that were rumored to have occurred. Unable to breast feed, ripping out of the piercing, hitting a nerve. All these things made it so I put off getting pierced for so long. My love had previously bought me other piercings, and wanted me to get my ... read more

The second one does hurt worse.

Hi. My name is Baker and I absolutely love piercings of all kinds. Unfortunately I live in a small conservative town, with parents that don't quite understand my addiction, my drive, my unexplainable need to get them. I know that my parents don't understand because they have told me so on numerous occasions and they stress this every time I ask for a new piercing. So one day I find myself helping my father in the barn and I begin naming off piercings. Eyebrow, no, Lip, no, Labret, no, Bridge, no, Industrial, no, Ears pierced again, no, Medusa, no, finally ... read more

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