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So my title is supposed to look like pierced nipples.. not so successful :P I got both of my nipples pierced on a whim while wandering Harvard Square the summer after I graduated from high school. The piercer marked me while I was standing up, since I guess boobs change position when a girl is lying down! I was pretty nervous, this being my first peircing (other than earlobes), and before the first one I looked down as I lay on my back and the needle looked so huge next to my nipple! Especially since I have sort of small ... read more

My Tale of Two Titties

I suppose the thought was put in my head when my best friend got her nipples pierced. That night one of my other friends got her navel pierced, and another got her tongue pierced. The place was not very clean or professional and one of my friend's nipples got infected and she ended up taking both out later on. I really wanted to get my lip pierced. I knew that if I was going to, I'd have to do it now, right before college so I could have it before I started my career as an interior designer. The problem ... read more

My newest adornment

Hello, I am writing a story about my newest part of my project. I decided when i was 13 that I would get my nipples pierced, well 5 years down the line I finally decided now is the time to get the piercing done. I talked to my mate Simon and decided that I would get it done 3rd April 2008. So I woke up that morning, had a nice relaxing bath got washed and headed off into town to go and visit my wonderful piercer Claire. As I walked in my nose filled with the wonderful smell of the ... read more

do it, do it, DO IT!!!!

So I've been flirting with the idea of getting my nipples pierced for a while, and after reading a hundred testimonials here on BME and looking at pictures of the female nipples rings, I decided I had to do it. I know my parents would flip out if I came home with another tattoo, seeing as how they were upset about my small wrist tat, so nipples rings was a good way to go. I'd been itching to have something painful done again like I did last year, and since piercings aren't permanent, this should be the pain I was ... read more

Both nipples pierced while on blood thinners

So... to get or not to get my nipples pierced... I had been thinking of getting the procedure done for a few years before I actually went through with it. At first I had thought it was insane to want to pierce something so precious. Then I was terrified of all the horror stories that were rumored to have occurred. Unable to breast feed, ripping out of the piercing, hitting a nerve. All these things made it so I put off getting pierced for so long. My love had previously bought me other piercings, and wanted me to get my ... read more

The second one does hurt worse.

Hi. My name is Baker and I absolutely love piercings of all kinds. Unfortunately I live in a small conservative town, with parents that don't quite understand my addiction, my drive, my unexplainable need to get them. I know that my parents don't understand because they have told me so on numerous occasions and they stress this every time I ask for a new piercing. So one day I find myself helping my father in the barn and I begin naming off piercings. Eyebrow, no, Lip, no, Labret, no, Bridge, no, Industrial, no, Ears pierced again, no, Medusa, no, finally ... read more

Tattoo, titty twisters and nipple piercings.

The night that I went to get my nipples pierced was completely unplanned. One of my friends had recently been hired by a tattoo shop in West Virginia. The shop doesn't have the greatest reputation in the world, but I had been pierced there before and wasn't worried about it, especially since one of my best friends was piercing me and giving me a discount. I was in town for a weekend in March and decided to go visit her. When I got there I really wanted a triquetra tattoo on my hip. I checked in with the artist that ... read more

Scar Tissue and Bloody Nipples

Getting my nipples pierced the second time was not fun, I wouldn't recommend it. Do it right the first time, it will save you a lot of hassle in the long run. The first time I got my nipples done, it was a sketchy shop in southeast michigan, it also happened to be the only shop I could find...not the best way to start off something I suppose. But it was my 19th birthday and I really wanted them done, right now. So I made the usual mistake of not waiting until I could find the right shop, and went ... read more

Nipple Piercing with Elisha

What would make a 16-year-old girl want to get her nipple pierced? I cannot remember what inspired me to get it done, but I did. I thought about it for a while, and decided I wanted it done, but could not straight away; because I had a school camp coming up, and I feared that, it may be damaged during one of the many stupid team-building exercises. After I returned from camp, I was more than ready to get it done. The camp had been frustrating at best and I longed for the comfort of a piercing, and for the ... read more

New boobs (jugs)

I've always fantasized about getting my nips pierced, so when my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I jokingly suggested nipple piercings. But when he asked me if I actually wanted them, I immediately agreed. He thought it was sexy, as did I. We were both going to be vacationing in Miami and decided to get it done there. This would be my first body piercing, or really piercing in general. I don't even have my ears pierced. But it only made it seem more unexpected, I guess. I told my boyfriend to do a lot of ... read more

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