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My first (male) nipple piercing

It has a week since I went into the studio and got my left nipple pierced. I had been spending a lot of time pondering where my desire to get pierced was originating from. Recently the urge to get something new and different had grown until it was something I thought about all the time. I have had piercings in the past, but only more recently have I experimented with the less mainstream variety. I mean, do ear piercings even count these days? Perhaps the more creative ones. Aside from piercings I have also been looking into getting a first ... read more

Kevlar Nipples

I've mentioned in my previous experience write-ups that I'd been interested in getting nipple piercings. I held off for a few reasons. The main one being that the boy didn't seem keen on the idea. Just to make it clear he did not tell me that I could not get them done or present any kind of asshole ultimatum. I mentioned the idea, he said that he thought nipples looked better unpierced and that was that. Had it been a tattoo design I'd been planning for years or a piercing that meant a lot to me I'd have done it ... read more

DIY Nipple Piercings

After doing a few DIY piercings, I decided my nipples would be my next goal. I studied several pictures to get just the right placement and studied all the risks that were involved, how to avoid them and that I was willing to take them. Once I finally felt comfortable with doing the piercing myself, I got set up to do both piercings with a 13 gauge needle for 14 gauge jewelry. I have a pair of tweezer style piercing clamps and I found it extremely difficult to get the clamps around my entire nipple. After several tries and using ... read more

Put a ring in your nipple

I'm an older mature married man with four grown children. I own a small successful business and I was an elected official. This doesn't describe the usual candidate for nipple piercing. I'm in good health but I am a diabetic. So whenever I mentioned that I was thinking about any form of body modification my wife reminded me that because I am diabetic I am more prone to infection. She also gave me the 'look' that any long married man is familiar with. My nipples have always been sensitive and during any sexual activity I enjoyed having them stroked or ... read more

My nipple piercings

My nipple piercings. I have always liked nipple piercings and I tried to convince my boyfriend to get his nipple(s) pierced.He was not really in to it, but he said that he found it a beautiful piercing. On the 13th of September, 2007 the new school year began. I had to buy my books at school. I'm studying in Brussels, so I decided to visit my piercing shop: Arkel Piercing. Once I had arrived there, I asked some information on a nipple piercing. They warned me that it was a sensible, painful place to get a piercing. Nothing could stop ... read more

my 18th birthday present to myself

So I m turning 18 in a week and I thought to myself, what would be the best way to bring in my freedom of being legal. Shortly the idea popped into my head. I decided that I want to get my nipple pierced. I have been wanting one since I was 14. I am also still living at home and until I m living on my own I am not aloud to get any more piercings. A nipple ring would be perfect because its easily hidden. The past few years I stupidly walked around looking for a place that ... read more

i finally did it.

I've been thinking about getting my nipples pierced for a while now. It was about three years ago (when I had my navel pierced during college) that I also contemplated getting them pierced. At the time I had a boyfriend and couldn't stand the thought of not being rough in bed for a while (during the downtime it would take for them to heal). The other day I was talking to my friend and she mentioned that she wanted to get her eyebrow pierced again. At once all my thoughts of getting my nipples pierced raced back to me. Right ... read more


Cela fais des années que je fantasmes sur les hommes arborant des piercings, etant enfant, je passais des heures à regarder les jeunes hommes aux oreilles percées, au collège je suivais les camarades qui arboraient des bijoux aux oreilles et je les admirait comme ça pendant des heures et des heures. Un soir j'ai pris mon courage à deux mains, je me suis enfermé dans la salle de bains avec une aiguille a coudre, et j'ai enfin senti cette aiguille penetrer dans mes chairs,quel bonheur!! Mais ce plaisir n'a pas duré plus de 10 minutes, car mes parents etant musulmans ... read more

Vertical Nipples

My other half pointed out to me some time ago that being such the piercing enthusiast as I am, he thought it strange that I seemed to have everything pierced but my nipples. He seemed to expect a profound reaction, some great tale of my opposition to nipple piercings, but was bitterly disappointed. I'd had one of my nipples done before. I was 15, bunking off school for the day and went to the only studio that didn't ask me for ID (in retrospect it's refreshing that most of those in Manchester did ask). I won't name the place I ... read more

( +o+ )( +o+ )

So my title is supposed to look like pierced nipples.. not so successful :P I got both of my nipples pierced on a whim while wandering Harvard Square the summer after I graduated from high school. The piercer marked me while I was standing up, since I guess boobs change position when a girl is lying down! I was pretty nervous, this being my first peircing (other than earlobes), and before the first one I looked down as I lay on my back and the needle looked so huge next to my nipple! Especially since I have sort of small ... read more

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