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My first (and worst) nipple piercing experience

When I was eighteen, I knew I wanted my nipples pierced. I knew what to look for in a shop because of all the time I spent online looking at information on BME. What I didn't know was how to keep my impulsivity in check. I was taking lessons for upright bass in Saginaw, Michigan, about 15 miles away from my parent's home, where I was staying for the summer. The lead singer in the band that I was in also lived in that same city, and had recommended Drunken Monkey as she had gotten a tattoo there and it ... read more

Wait ... you got WHAT pierced?

I hadn't always planned to get my nipple pierced, let alone both of them. But by either chance or fate I managed to get my hands on a discount voucher for The Piercing Shop, and this put the thought into my head 'What on earth should I get pierced?'. Well, I couldn't get anymore facial piercings, due to work regulations and I wasn't really looking to do anything else to my ears, they're already stretched. So that left genital, navel or nipples. Genitals seemed pretty happy to be left alone, and I've never been to fond of navel piercings, so ... read more

secretive nips

So, here I am, a nineteen year old young woman with parents who come from a very strict Hispanic background. AKA, no tattoos or piercings! So naturally, their opposition to any sort of body modification only led me to urn for such action from the time I knew piercings even existed, to the day when I would reach the legal age to do whatever I damn well pleased. So, I focused my attention to those piercings which could not be seen, either by my family or my employer. I focused my attention to a piercing that would allow me to ... read more

Not so bad!!

I have been wanting to get my nipples pierced for about a year now. I spent that year mainly doing research until the opportunity afforded me! I definitely used this site to read a lot of people's experiences with getting their nipples pierced. I was scared by some of them, nervous by others, and upset that some of them would "lie" and say that it wouldn't hurt, but nonetheless I was determined to get them done(just because I love my boobs)! So, I read more about the procedure, aftercare, and any complications that could arise. I ESPECIALLY looked up about ... read more

If you want it, get it!

I have wanted a tattoo for many years, but haven't given much thought to piercings. However, some coincidences led to me getting piercings instead, and I love them! I got my first piercing, a VCH done almost two months ago. Of course I already had pierced earlobes, but I don't consider them to be piercings, as they were done when I was four years old, with a piercing gun.. I fell in love with my piercing from the second I saw it, and I started thinking about getting another one right away. It's weird, but you really do get addicted ... read more

At first I thought I was insane. Now I could not be happier

On my 18th birthday I decided to go get a piercing. I had actually been planning on going to Dragon's Den for another piercing for a while. I know the owner's daughter who happens to be a piercer there. I was not planning on getting my nipples pierced at all. I was actually thinking about four points or my rook. Well I ended up getting an industrial after Angel told me I would need to take my current navel piercing out because it is too shallow and four points would look like crap. After, she told me that I deliberated ... read more

The Long Awaited Right Nipple Piercing...

The Long Awaited Nipple Piecing.... Today is July 16, 2008...and after 3 long weeks of waiting I finally decided to go get my nipple pierced. I had wanted my nipple done since I was 15 (I am now 21), it just looked so sexy, and elegant. Besides, I didn't like my boobs, and I thought it would make me feel more confident, even though nobody would know that I have it done. So its finally Wednesday, I got off of work at 4:30pm and head home to get a shower. I called the parlor, because I get all my tattoos ... read more

Nipple Piercing Experience

I'd been considering having my nipples pierced for quite a while – originally when I thought about having them done, I simply couldn't imagine it – I have a nose piercing, labret, several ear piercings and two tattoos, but nothing more extreme than that. I talked it over a lot with my boyfriend, in fact I think it may have started to get on his nerves...but I wanted to be sure! He'd had one of his nipples pierced a few years ago, and had developed keloid scarring – this made me a bit worried, as if the piercing didn't work ... read more

Nipple Rings Here I Come

So about 6 months ago I got bite by the piercing bug again, but since my latest addition was less than 4 months old and a cartilage piercing I decided to wait because at the time I assumed I would just add to my ear. While I waited I looked at so many pictures to decide what my next addition will be. As I work in the corporate world and can't get the lip ring I have wanted for so many years now, I looked at all the ear piercing spots available and nothing just jumped out at me that ... read more

First nipple piercing experience!!

I've always thought about getting my nipple done. I had heard of a few people who had theres done and thought of it as a relatively uncommon piercing. I had completely forgotten about wanting this done until my friend bought it up. She said she wanted hers done, and for the first time in a while, I had the desire to get a new piercing too! When she mentioned it, we went straight out to the piercing shop in town, only to find it was closed. It was a very spur of the moment thing, but for some reason I ... read more

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