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I Finally Did It.

Ok I decided to pierce my nipples. But the thought of having someone else handle my "personal stuff" just did not thrill me to bits. I mentioned this to someone and he kept saying it was not a big deal, (says him who isn't having it done)and I told him I would think about it. I did not want someone else messing with that part of my body so I decided that I would go ahead and do it, however, would do it myself. I ordered the stuff to do it myself and actually was pretty anxious waiting for it. ... read more

Holy Crap that hurts!

So I wasn't ever really into piercing's or anything before I got together with my boyfriend. I had always thought they were cool and everything but they just weren't for me.. That's all different now. I moved away from my parents about a year ago, just to get away from drama. I also thought it was about time that I lived on my own. Well I was told that even tho my current employment is in a small town that a lot of gay guys worked there, and I was tired of being alone. So I was surprised when I ... read more

Definitely my most memorable experience yet.

I have always considered my breast my best physical asset, and longed for the day to get my nipple pierced! It had been for a long time the only piercing that has ever appealed to me in any way whatsoever in the same sense it is not dramatic, and after all no one has to know what you have under your shirt! After plenty of research and contemplating I gathered enough balls to go to a few piercing shops and personally speak to piercers about the process. I was pretty pleased with the responses I was receiving and was under ... read more

Bite the bullet, just go for it!

I have always thought I have had a low pain threshold and have therfore avoided tattoos and piercings that I think will hurt like billio. When I was 16 I had my navel pierced, as everyone was doing it, and soon forgot about the experience as I grew older. It also took a while to heal and so made me skeptical about my body's ability to heal itself. I decided a few months ago I wanted a new piercing. Having forgotten what the experience at 16 was like I wanted to revisit it. I decided against a facial piercing due ... read more

Adorning the girls

After suffering through the first half of what has been one of the worst years of my life, I decided to do something that would make me feel better. The "girls" have always been one of my least favorite qualities and after two kids, they were even less so. At age 27, I decided to get my nipples pierced in an effort to like them better or at least make them a little sexier if for no one else, for myself. As a teenager, I had many piercings, so I was no stranger to the whole process. I spent about ... read more

The Nipples

It was April. I was considering getting a genital piercing. I had walked past the studio several times, on my way to, and from work. I wanted to get a VCH. One day, as I was walking past the studio for the millionth time, on my lunch break, I stopped to check what hours the studio was open. To my annoyance and disappointment the studio was not in fact open at any time that I was not at work. Not the say they are lazy or anything, they do have decent opening hours, but my hours of work were at ... read more

Second time around getting these nips pierced...

Ok so lets start from the first time I got my nipples pierced. It was 6 years ago when I lived in Missouri, I then had a friend whom was a piercer do them for me. Everything went great I hardly felt any pain when I got the piercing done. But 6 months later I got pregnant my boobs swelled up super fast and it must have caused some issues with the piercings because they started to bleed, so I took them out. Without the piercings I don't have much feeling in my nipples, which is another reason I really ... read more

Shiney Happily Pierced Nipples

I have always liked the look of nipple piercings they're one of the sexiest piercings a person could get. So on September 2nd, 2008 I made the final plans to get the piercings that I have wanted for the longest time. On the night of the 1st I started to get ready for the fun that I had planned for the next day by showering, shaving and doing other necessary things that people do before they do anything important. Naturally I didn't sleep much that night because I was so excited about getting the new piercings. So I was up ... read more

Never kick your piercer, even on accident!

No, really! Kicking is a bad idea. I can explain, though... sort of. A little over a week ago (Tuesday, I think), I drove eighty miles to see my boyfriend Chris. We spent most of the day hanging out with his friends and meandering around town, not really doing anything in particular, when I broach the idea of him taking me to get a piercing. Years ago I decided on exactly what piercings I wanted, but the only thing keeping me from getting them all tomorrow is that I have a job working at a hospital, and the dress code ... read more

My Sixth Wedding Anniversary

My wife and I tried so hard to think of something, anything, sweet and romantic to do for our anniversary. Really we did. After being together for 8 years and married for 6, the "dinner and a movie" thing just isn't all that special anymore. Jess is a good girl. She breaks out her wild side by staying up a little past bedtime and sing out loud when she's alone in the car. My wife flat out shocked me by suggesting we get our nipples pierced. I'm no stranger to body mods (I used to pierce professionally) but she is, ... read more

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