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Self pierced Nipples

I really wanted nipple piercings.. Really really really badly. I've always hated my boobs, they aren't very big, I'm a small 32A and although they are cute, I've always been like embarrassed and repulsed by my breasts.. I hafta say piercing my nipples probably changed my life, I love my boobs now. I have a little but more confidence with them because of my piercings. So why did I decide to do them myself? I just love piercing myself, if it's something I can reasonably do myself I do it. Obviously I would never do any piercings that require a ... read more

Night of the Vertical Nip

Well, I'm back again with another short tale! of my ever so hole-some adventures! I got my nipple pierced on the night of September 29th, my first piercing as a university student. I really wanted something within my first month of being a freshman and experiencing the freedom of being 18 and in university. That, and after removing my bridge (improper placement failed me) I felt a flesh void that needed a serious filling. So, let me start off with my whereabouts. I go to a school in Ottawa, ON and my residence is a mere 20-ish minutes away via ... read more

Both nipples done (female experience)

I had decided I wanted my nipples pierced a couple months back. My boyfriend currently lives 2000 miles away and we only see each other once a month so we figured me getting them done after a visit would be best (for healing purposes). There's only one piercer in my area I am comfortable with so I drove the hour and fifteen minutes to the shop she works (Blue Flame Tattoo in Raleigh) to get them done. This was not my first piercing. My current piercings consist of a VCH and a belly button ring. My retired piercings consist of ... read more

My lovely vertical nipple experience!

I have been a huge fan of nipples piercings for ages. I just never got around to getting mine done, for a variety of different reasons. Well, my boyfriend and I broke up about 3 weeks ago; and I just got an IUD inserted so I'm on a permanent menstrual cycle for a while. In conclusion, I won't be having any sex for a while so I decided it was the perfect time to get them done! Plus, I had the extra cash thanks to tax season. I did a lot of research on what kind of positioning I wanted. ... read more

Lovely Nipple Piercing. What's all the fuss about?

For some reason getting the thought of a nipple piercing gave me a lump in my throat you know a sickly nervous feeling in your stomach? A lot of the stories on this and various other sites had gave me the impression that it is indeed the most painful piercing you can get, but it can't be that bad right? So far I've gotten seven piercings, nose, navel, tragus, helix, rook and conch; thankfully they have all healed fine so eventually I began craving a new piercing, one of my friends recently had her right nipple pierced but had to ... read more

My Nipple Piercings

I love piercings, but because of rugby I am limited to what I can keep in. November 2010 I decided to get my nipples pierced, so I went to the tattoo and piercing shop I usually go to, and they were having a buy one, get one free deal on piercings. A friend of mine who had his nipples pierced before and wanted to get them done again also came with me. I still wasn't sure if I wanted them, so he went first and I watched. After he was done, I decided I wanted them, because I wanted new ... read more

Fourth Time's the Charm...Nipple Piercing Oddessy

This is the story of my four year, four-times pierced journey to finally having female nipple piercings. I decided to get my nipples pierced not long after my first piercing (nostril). I was 31 at the time. My breasts and nipples are both very large, but not that sensitive. I read that piercing them would make them much more sensitive and decided to go for it. I read that healing could take a long time, and since I wasn't sexually active at the time, it seemed like a good time to go for it. The first time I got them ... read more

3rd Time Lucky - My Nipple Piercing Adventures

I'd always been big into ear piercings and at most had 8 before I had to take half of them out due to work but at 17 I began to fall in love with nipple piercings on females. Being 17 at the time, I couldn't just rock on up to my studio and get one though as they wont pierce female nipples on anyone under 18. I of course found a way (not a smart way, mind you) of getting around this. The first time I pierced my nipple, it was self done. I did a lot of research prior ... read more


When I was eight years old, I had one wish for my birthday, It was to pierce my earlobes. And my wish was granted and on the day of my birthday my mother and my brother took me too a jewelry shop and the old lady there pierced me with a piercing gun. It wasn´t until years later that I realised what a stupid move that was. My lobes was too thick for the short piercinggun jewelry and the infection was a fact. During the years I have also pierced a second hole in my left ear (with a piercinggun) ... read more

Nipple Sisters

Before getting my nipples pierced I had sort of figured I was done getting piercings for some time. I already have 5/8" lobes, an industrial, a second lobe piercing, a surface piercing on my nape, venoms, my belly button, and my septum pierces. I have considered getting more cartilage piercings, but my industrial has been so fussy that I figure I don't want to deal with another one of those. In fact, I thought I was done for a while before I got my belly button pierced (something I never thought I would do for some reason), but obviously that ... read more

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