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Metal through my tummy

first off I'm a 14 year old girl who has wanted my navel pierced for 2 years now. I know that a lot of people think that it's trendy and all that..but my family has had this rule that when you turn 15 you can start getting your piercings. As my dad likes to get such things at Ocean City during our yearly trip there, he decided that since my birthday is only a few days away that it'd be okay to bend the rule a little. So there I am in searching around for the best place to get ... read more

Shannon's Navel Ring

I was about 14 or so, I saw some of the older girls at my school with navel piercings. I thought they looked so cool, and I asked my mom if I could get one. Needless to say, she said no. I was really disappointed because I like to wear short shirts and hip huggers and I thought it would look really hot. When I was 16, I practically BEGGED my mom to get a navel ring, and she said no because I was too young, diseases (Hepatitis, AIDS), and it looked kinda cheap. I didn't even mention it to ... read more

Unsuccessful Aussie Piercing!

name's Melissa, Mel for short. I have experienced ear piercings, and so far have got 6 in one ear, two in the cartlidge, and four in the other side. I am 14, and ever since i went to Queensland, up near all the Warner Brother's studios, and stuff like that here in Australia, my mum said 'you should get your belly-button pierced!' This suddenly came up as about a week before my friend got her navel pierced on December 13th, 1998, and i had told mum how good it looked, and suddenly, when we're on holidays she brings up i ... read more

Navel Piercing from a British point of View

Piercing: From a British Point of View I live in Sheffield, England, and I've been visiting the BME site since I got my navel pierced (about a month ago), and I noticed some pretty major differences between navel piercing and especially aftercare over here and in the U.S. I had my nose pierced about nine months ago, at a local studio called "Primal Piercing", but after about three months of persevering with an almost constantly septic nose (due to the fact that I had to take it out for up to five hours a day for school), I took it ... read more

its about damn time!

een wanting to get this done for years now...and FINALLY..I did it 3 days ago. yay me! :) I had just gotten my pay check and had been researching information about piercings for about a month or so...so I felt..I WAS READY! I went to the studio of my choice...and of course, forgot my license in my glove box (my friend drove)...so they said..they couldn't do it without seeing it. I was TOTALLY bummed. So, my friend and I started trying on some clothes their to see if that would cheer me up... of course it didn't! So, her and ... read more

MY NAVEL!! AHH its pierced...

es my story... i had wanted to get my tongue pierced for ages and ages and begged and begged my mom every single night...i went on BME all the time to read other peoples experiences and started to want it more and more...my mom finally after about 5 monthes said i could get my tongue pierced after we got back from summer vacation... we got back a lil while befroe skool started and i didnt want a swollen tongue the first day of skool, so i settled for my navel and my mom was a billion times happier because "its ... read more

Navel piercing from hell!!

ll start out by saying im 27 years old and one day a friend of mine started talking about getting her tongue pierced..I entertained the idea for a couple of days then decided to just do it!! So i did and i love it ,Then i thought to myself why stop there So i was invited to a tattoo and piercing party done by a professional/friend I was nervous at first because i planned to have my navel eyebeow labret and nostril done in one day plus 2 tattoos..Shortly after i arrived i was first one scheduled to have my ... read more

MY botched attempt at self piericing an outie

've ALWAYS wanted a navel peircing to accentuate my ugly outie of a belly-b... It's been kind of a dream. I always thought I cold just peirce it through my actual belly button, but then i found out about the risks of that and that scared me off. So I decided that when the time was right i would get it done. I thought first off that i would get it professionally done... but then i found out how expensive that was and im like "fuck no" i mena i wouldnt even pay $15 to get my ears done.. my ... read more

A uk navel experience

't really thought much about getting my navel pierced until I saw a picture in a magazine, it looked really cute and I thought 'why not?' I've never been one to wear tops that show off my belly but I still wanted it done, not for anyone else-but for me! Originally I told myself I had to get down to a certain weight (10st) before i would have it done. I'm really tall & not fat at all but I just wanted to be a bit thinner. I asked my mum & she wasn't really keen on the idea but ... read more

Natural High all from my piercing! :)

STORY OF ME AND WANTING A TATTOO/PIERCING Ever since I was about 10 years old, I always wanted to have my belly button pierced. I don't know what it was about it? It just seemed so kewl. Some people are influenced by seeing them and just wanting them b/c they are so trendy and popular, but that definately wasn't me at the time. I live in this small town where hardly anyone has it done. I think i can name about 10 people that i know? well, anyways.as time went along, i turned 14 and suddenly wanted a tattoo. i ... read more

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