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i love having my belly button peirced!!

e longest time i wanted to get my tounge pierced...but that was a "no go" from mom and dad. my mom said if i got my tounge pierced she wasn't going to pay my college tuition. so.. i kinda forgot the idea. i finally convinced her to take me to get my cartilige pierced.. which was cool and then one weekend when they went away i got it pierced again. i thought all hell was gonna break loose when they got home. they were actually cool with it. score!! i had never really considered getting my nave pierced-- but there ... read more

NaX Getz Her Navel Pierced in LES

ry this is how it goes... Well...its all started with me wanting a nose piercing back in 8th grade(i'm in 10th now)...i thought it was so cool...earlier that year I had gotten my second piercing, so I kept that nose ring in mind , when later that year My friend Daniella wanted to get her Belly button/Navel pierced. She asked me to go , so I did for moral support...I had asked my mom and OKed it with her that i could get my 3rd piercing on the lobe and a cartilage on the upper part of the right ear...after ... read more

My Navel Experience...

all. About two months ago I went to get my navel pierced at this one studio in the Stockyards. I had been wanting to get this piercing for at least two to three years and finally got up the nerve to do so. I had done a lot of research, mostly here on BME, and decided it was either the navel or the eyebrow. My problem is, I work at Taco Bell, and they're not too keen on the eyebrow piercing thing. I decided to get the navel simply because I didn't want to lose my job. So, anyways, I ... read more

This piercing is the Bomb diggity!!!

a half an hour ago I was laying back in a chair getting a needle shoved through my skin. It was such a rush. My belly button looks so great and it really didn't hurt that much. Since i was in seventh grade(i'm in 9th now) i'd wanted to get my navel pierced. My Dad was totally against it and so was my step mom but when i brought it up with my Mom she didn't seem to mind that much. So one weekend i was just determied to get it done. On friday i asked my momis i could ... read more

all the pain was worth it

always hoped i would be able to get something pierced before i got out of high school. i have 7 holes in my ears, but that wasn't enough. i go to a catholic, private school so you can't have facial piercings, ot visible tattoos. so, my obvious choice was my navel. I had wanted it pierced for like 2 years and my parents always said no. so my birthday started to get closer, and i tried again, this time my parents said ok. so 3 days after my birthday, me, my mom, my brother, 2 of my cousins, and one ... read more

The Freaky Lady

I have never been really interested in a navel piercing. I just always wanted my tongue done. My friend had gotten hers done, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I wanted one so bad then. I had brought the idea up to my Mom tons of times and tons of time she said NO! She would say things such as "I don't want to see you with all these wholes" I had only had 5 at the time. But that was 3 too many according to my Mom. Mom would always remind me of the fact that when ... read more

getting dumped=navel piercing

I am going to share with you my experience of getting my navel pierced and I also got my tongue pierced today so I will throw in some stories about that experience as well!! Getting dumped can make you do many things. But for me, it took me right to a piercing studio to get a hoe, other than the already exsisting one, in my navel. I was scared out of my mind because people were telling me that it hurts like hell. But I jsut sucked it up and was determine to get my mind off of getting dumped. ... read more

Me and my cousin got our navels pierced

rst let me tell you a little about myself I am a 15 year old junior female, 5'3 bonde hair, brown eyes( the hair is highlighted) tan, 117 pounds and now I have my belly button pierced, I have wanted my navel pierced for a long time. I talked my cousin into getting it done with me, ut first I had to talk my mom into letting me get it done which suprisingly didn't take that long because she said it was better than a tattoo because it wasn't permanant or anything and my dad did not know I was ... read more

~*~My PrEtTy BeLLy :-)~*~

t think i've ever really been interested in navel piercings, that is... up until April of this year ('99)... I just so happened to be surfing the net when I came across BME (by the way...rad site). There were tons of piercing and tattoo pages. I got to the navel piercing experiences and photos and thought, "Hey, those are so cute. I'd look good w/ one!" So, instantly I became fascinated w/ them. One problem, I knew my parents would not let me get it done. A few weeks after discovering my new interest, I mustered up some courage and ... read more

A Great Navel Experience

name is Rachel. I live in College Station, Texas, home of the Fightin' Texas Aggies and the greatest university in the nation, Texas A&M!! I got my belly button pierced about a week ago, and I love it! It was a practically painless experience. Here's the story: About 2 weeks before the actual piercing I mentioned to my best friend Megan that I was thinking about getting it done. I have always thought it would be cute and have almost done it a few times, but I always decided against it because I was too afraid. Megan said she thought ... read more

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