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Yes, I'm keeping it -- navel story

ad my navel pierced for seven months now -- I wanted to wait for time to give me a little more perspective before I wrote in with my experience. A little background: I'm a recently married student in one of the most competitive postgraduate programs around. Needless to say, most of my colleagues are pretty conformist, though tolerant. "Individuality" around here is wearing sandals. After I got married, I suddenly got the urge to get my navel pierced. I really can't say exactly why -- it just seemed so exotic and beautiful. Also, I knew that my husband couldn't do ... read more

Got the top, The bottom was a must!

I stand, about a year later after I got my first navel ring, I tell myself, "This looks to bare, I want another." So my next mission was to add another ring to my navel, I will just get one on the bottom. I had asked my parents if I could do the botton of my navel pierced, and they were not too happy about it. I told them that if i was too earn the money that I should be able to get it done. Then my parents said that once I turned 17 I could. Then I added ... read more

me, the wimp, got my navel pierced!

it! I actually did it! I was petrified with getting my ears pierced, and now, here I am, with a pierced navel. I got it done just FOUR days ago, and I love it to death, even though I've knocked into it and dropped books on it a few times (that KILLS!) Now, let's get one thing straight, I did not do this to be trendy, I've wanted it done way before it was popular, it just took me this long to convince my mom to give her permission (she was kinda obligated to after she decided to get her ... read more

3rd time lucky

okay, I know it was a dumb thing to do, but its done and I'm happy with it. What I'm talking about of course is the third time I pierced my belly button myself, the time I did it at school with a safety pin I picked up somewhere. The first time I pierced my belly I was at home and I used a needle then stuck an earring through it. That was fine for a while, it didn't really hurt when I did it and it didn't hurt much afterwards. The problem was that I was pretty nervous when ... read more

So....it's not a tongue ring

ve spent the last 3 weeks reading over your site and psyching myself up for a tongue piercing. I've got about 80 hours of ink, am a 30 year old male and have my ears pierced. I've wanted to get pierced for a long time but haven't had the "right time" to be able to get it done. For the longest time I wanted to get a Labret, but never did it do to where I work. Let me just say that I think you site is the best one out there and has filled my head with the knowledge ... read more

Needle Phobic's Encounteer

needles. It's a serious, long-standing phobia. I can't even give blood or get shots without major distraction. Which is why I was always positive I would never, ever get a piercing. But peer pressure is a strong motivator. I had gone to the piercer's the day before with my best friend, who got both of her nipples pierced, and she decided that I should get something done as well. Since I hadn't really been able to watch her get her bars, I seriously doubted I'd be able to stomach getting something done myself, so I was hesitant. I didn't mind ... read more

*I FiNaLLy GoT mY BeLLy BuTtOn PiErCeD*

I was about 12 I've wanted my belly button pierced. I remember asking my mom and she would just say no over and over. But I knew one day I would actually convince her into letting me get it done. Well know I'm 15, and she finally said yes! Having my mom saying yes, was a huge shock! So after researching everything on belly button piercings, I looked in the phonebook for body piercing places. I found one that sounded like it would be very clean, which is VERY important and I called them. I asked them sooo many questions ... read more

Barbie gets a navel ring

May 17th 1999........I was 13 at the time, and my family and I being from Brooklyn NY, didn't mind me piercing my belly button. My cousin has a nose ring and a belly button ring, my uncle has a tongue ring..........so it was only fair I got my belly button pierced......thats what I said to my mom. I thought she would be like "dont even bother asking me such stupid questions" but she said the exact opposite "sure go ahead, I dont care......but ask your father" I didn't want to do this because he is hard to get to in ... read more

Navel piercing in North London, England

wanted to get my navel pierced for ages as I think it looks really nice and many of my friends have navel piercings that look great. I was a bit apprehensive though, as I had read that this piercing takes ages to heal and there can be lots of problems and complications associated with it. But what the hell, I decided that I only live once and the worst thing that can happen is that I'd have to take it out. My best friend was supposed to come with me but she cancelled at the last minute. I saw this ... read more

I got stabbed!!

played with the idea of getting pierced for the past two years. At some point, I kind of just forgot about it. But then something happened in the days prior to my piercing that got me thinking about it again. I researched the topic on the Internet. I read about other peolpes' experiences, I looked at jewelry, and I tried to figure out what I would be responsible for after the piercing. It took me a long time to decide what I wanted to get pierced. Two years ago, I was obsessed with getting my tongue pierced. But I had ... read more

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