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ly hate pain. But I wanted something peirced. So I thought about my bellybutton. So I asked my mom, even though she would say "NO", but to my suprise, she said yeah if i get a job, but soon i talked her into it(cause I didnt want a job).Then she told me to get the money for it and I asked my grandma. I soon got the money from my grandma, and my mom and I planned a day to go get it done. I was as nervous as anyone would be getting something peirced. All I have is my ... read more

Spontanious Modification

tfriend Liz and I have always liked to be spontanious. For example...We both had hair almost to our mid back and one day, decided to just go into the hairsalon and cut it all off to our ears. We've always done things that way. Spontanious. So I thought nothing of it when one day, Liz called me up and said "lets go get a peircing!" so she drove over to my house, got me, and we went to get something peirced. We settled on something differant, yet not too noticable...so she got the tongue and I got the navel. We ... read more

freshly pierced 100% Torontonian

having determined to get my navel pierced I began by a year-long nagging at my parents and finally the answer was YES!! So yesterday afternoon, i brought with myself my permission slip, money, water, umbrella (damn it was raining...) and my friends to Urban Primitive for my 4 o'clock appointment. There we waited for abit and i was given some information about the piercing to read about before Maribelle (piercer) greeted us after finishing up her client's session. Before entering the room she asked me to choose my jewellery and I chose a plain banana barbell. First i chose it ... read more

The Story of my Belly Button

my ears pierced when I was 8. I cleaned them every night, slept on my back, and tried not to bang them around any more than necessary. After 4 weeks, I took them out, ...and couldn't get them back through. What a dissappointment!! I had tons of new earrings that I'd gotten as gifts, and I couldn't even wear any of them! I cried and cried. When I was 12, I went to have them done again. This time, after my 4 weeks were up, I took out the piercing studs, shoved a new pair of white hearts through, and ... read more

Pierced in the nude

piercing is an expression of iconoclasm and sexuality. It is about experiencing pain in the pursuit of pleasure, the pleasure of self-expression. Mingling pleasure and pain is erotic for me, and so when I decided about four years ago to get pierced, I really wanted it to be an event that matched my feelings on piercing. I wanted the experience to have some element of eroticism. My girlfriend and I made a trip to New Orleans. We found a neat studio on an avenue off Bourbon Street with a cool woman named Patti who was the body piercing artist. I ... read more

Missy Finally Gets A Navel Ring

rcing experiences start at the young age of 7. My father had been strictly against the idea of me getting my ears pierced, but my mother finally talked him into it. She took me to a local store that had a "fine jewelry department," and the worker pierced my ears. It must have been painless because I don't even remember it. I also had my ears pierced for the second time when I was 7. For some reason, at the age of 12 I just needed to have a third set of holes in my ears. This then led to ... read more

Second time's the charm!!!

t, I have a story about having my navel pierced the first time further down on the list of experiences. It's called, "A normal, almost painless navel piercing." Or something like that. Well, I lost that piercing. The guy who did it screwed up royally. He pierced way to deep, used a ring that was too small diameter wise, and gave me poor aftercare instructions. I developed big red bumps around the holes and eventually I couldn't turn the ring anymore even though I strictly followed his aftercare advice. I now have two purple round scars on my stomach. Not ... read more

Essential Oils and Keloids

I had found this page BEFORE I got peirced, but unfortunately I found it AFTER I had my navel pierced. I have a tattoo, and I was VERY VERY cautious about where I went, I even took my friend (who is a lab tech.) so she could verify that the tattoo place was very very clean (it was). Anyways, I decided that I wanted a peircing, but because of my career,(I'm in Occupational Health and Safety....for you americans, think OSHA) I could not have the tongue ring I wanted (that wouldn't look very for a 'safety' person to have, don't ... read more

My navel ring story

his piercing experience was really an oddysey. I actually had been thinking about getting pierced since about 1995. A girlfriend at the time had just gotten her navel pierced, and I really liked it. But I thought it would be a little extreme for a guy to get. So I shelved the idea for a little while. Fast forward to Halloween 1997. I just decided to hell with it and went to a piercing studio I had seen on Melrose.(Not the TV show)I was so damn nervous when I got inside that I could barely tell the girl what I ... read more

If the ring fits...

tember 25th 1999, my mom and I decided to take a little road trip to New York to get various body parts pierced. She got her hood done, and I decided to get my navel done. I was very excited because this was my first non-ear piercing, and I knew what a rush I'd gotten from my tattoo and figured it would be a similar experience. I selected my ring (a 14 gauge 1/2", titanium blue ring with a black bead) and grinned like a little kid while my belly button was sterilized and so forth. The pierce itself hurt ... read more

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