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~My BeLlY eXpErIeNcE~

e wanted my navel pierced for the longest time now. Finally my mom agreed that I could get it done for my birthday. I begged her and begged her to take me really soon. My dad wasn't pleased with the idea because of the thought of infection. He didn't like any body piercing at all. He said that as long as he doesn't see it, I can go and get it done. My grandparents really didn't like the idea. I thoought of them as old fashioned but I said that they didn't have to look at it if they didn't ... read more

Spontaneous decision

my navel pierced sometime during the first week of December. I was having my last final exam. This unfortunately was math at which I really suck. Anyway, the exam time was supposed to be from 9 till 12 but I got out there at 9:40. (needless to say i failed my exam big time and got a big fat 'F'. I got like a 15%) So I was out there, no one else had left the exam halls so I had no one to hang out with. I went to the city, decided to go shopping. Then I stopped by ... read more

My belly ring

and have my ears pierced 5 times, 4 times down the botton and once up the top and I had always wanted my belly button pierced, but when I located my local piercing place they said that it would cost $60. Also at this studio they said that if I was under 18 I had to have parents permission. My parents (or at least my mother, my father doesn't care) do not want me to get my belly button pierced at all.I am only 17 and so I couldn't get it done there. I thought I would have to wait ... read more

Why is a guy with a belly button so strange?

here is how my whole belly button experience started, not really that exciting of a story but interesting nonetheless. About 3 days after Christmas 1999 I had been itching for a piercing. While I was joking around with my friends that day, I said "I'll get my belly pierced." Never hearing of a guy with this done, they live sheltered lives afterall, they were making bets on if I'd actually get it done. I put it to the back of my mind, but about a week later, I was near my piercing shop (Hellion House) and that craving came to ... read more

~My Navel Piercing~

wanted to get my belly button pierced for a long time. Last summer when i was 15 I began begging my mom to let me get it down. After about a month of begging we went to a studio where my neighbor had gone. When I got there they told me I had to be 16 even WITH a parent. I was sooo disappointed but i decided to wait. When I finally did turn 16 we called that same place back and they informed us they were no longer piercing minors at all. They did suggest another studio but when ... read more

~~I am so glad I got it done!~~

some experience!!!! Hi! My name is Gwen, and I am 14 years old. I got my belly button pierced on September 4th 1999. I had really wanted my navel pierced, ever since 4th grade. My friend Amanda (hi hoochie!!) got hers done while she was at the beach, without me, which pissed me off. I was going to get mine done at the beach when she wasn't with me, but I didn't because she said she would be mad at me. So that pissed me off. Oh well, back to the piercing. After I found out that Amanda got hers ... read more

I finally got my belly button pierced!

of all, let me tell yall a little bit about myself. My name's Erin and I'm from SC. I'm 15 years old and I've wanted my belly button pierced for about 3 years now. It all started back when a friend of mine got her's done and I loved it. I loved it so much that I decided I wanted mine done. Well, I got all excited and then my parents told me that I could not get it pierced. In SC you have to have a birth certificate, and ID and a valid Driver's lisence # so I couldn't ... read more

My lol ol' 14 year-old Navel

t, let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm 14 years old and the only piercing I had before navel was a double ear piercing. I play the guitar and sing in my little rock band, chute. I have brown hair and blue eyes and i'm about six feet (dont laugh, it's not my fault). I love body modification, and I want to get my tongue pierced, and I want a tatoo of my name written in chinese on my back (like amya from the REAL WORLD Hawaii), and a taurian sign on my ankle There were many things ... read more

Krystal's Navel Ring ~ December 27th, 1999

le over an hour ago, I was really nervous, waiting for that needle to be put through... I'd read almost every experience on BME (on navel piercing), and I had been wanting to go through with it for a while now. I just turned 16, and a few months ago I had asked my mom if I could do it. Of course, she said no... But then I asked again, and she didn't give me a straight answer, she just said, "They're cute". She kept sending me mixed signals, I think to maybe just shut me up, so I wouldn't ... read more

I can't believe I did it

a few weeks of All-star cheerleading practice I got to meet lots of people from different town, but there was this one chick who had her belly button and tongue pierced. My first thought was "wow, how cool" Now this chick was like me..athletic but not the super skinny six pack type of girl so I thought to myself if she can do it why can't I to top it all of my conceited skinny woosy cousin had it pierced so that really made me think "Man I can do this." I immediately started what I called a "BELLY FUND" ... read more

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